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Denver’s Most Inspiring Stories

The heart of our mission at VoyageDenver is to find the amazing souls that breathe life into our city. In the recent weeks, we’ve had the privilege to connect with some of the Denver’s finest artists, creatives, entrepreneurs and rabble rousers and we can’t begin to express how impressed we are with the city’s incredibly deep talent pool. Check out Denver’s rising stars below.

Brookelynn Bliss

In high school, I was accidentally put into a photography class. I ended up falling in love with that class and knew that’s what I wanted to do for a living. After high school, I went to RMCAD and got my bachelor’s in photography. I got several photography jobs. I worked for Life touch for a while, then took photos of RVs, then took photos of youth sports, etc. I learned a lot at all these jobs but I knew that I could do better. I am now my own boss and work full-time as a freelance photographer. I get to be more hands-on with my work and I get to do what I love every day! Read more>>

Andrea Dratch

Have you ever had a standing ovation and the sensation that you just entertained the whole crowd? That first happened to me in kindergarten and the only prop I had at the time was a metal rocking horse. From that moment on, I knew I was destined to entertain people. Growing up I managed to indulge myself in anything theater orientated, which landed me at Montana State University where I studied film directing, writing, and acting. After two years, I realized that ultimately my goal was to focus my career on acting in New York City. I made that my reality as I was accepted and graduated from the American Academy of Dramatic Arts. Read more>>

Skye Barker Maa

My arts-entrepreneur journey began in 2012. My 3-year-old son had expressed an interest in learning piano, but after a lengthy search, I discovered that most teachers in my neighborhood considered him too young. Regardless, they all had waitlists of 30+ students and wanted to teach in the home. But I wanted something more than the average living room music lesson. I wanted him to see other students playing different instruments. I wanted it to be social. And I wanted the flexibility to introduce music in ways that appealed to all his senses. In defining what I wanted for my son, I discovered a desire to bring this experience to other families who wanted the same for their children. I started Neighborhood Music in my basement in three makeshift studios. Within six months, we had 8 teachers and 75 students, and within a year, we had 150 students flowing through our home each week! Shortly after beginning Neighborhood Music, we started a children’s theatre company and were producing fully realized plays in our backyard with sets, full tech, costumes, and a cardboard stage. Read more>>

Kira Goff

I began my photography journey while I was still in college in 2010. Immediately falling in love with photographing people, I knew it’s what I wanted to do full-time. Through a LOT of hustle, dedication, and education, I was finally able to go full-time with it in 2019 and am absolutely loving it! The next step in my career is that I actually just opened my own natural light photo studio & small event space that I’m thrilled to get to share with the creative community here in Colorado Springs. It’s called KINDLE Photo Studio & Event Space and is located right downtown on N Tejon street. It is such a dream come true to finally have a space to use as a creative outlet both for me and other local photographers! Read more>>

Amy Parsons

I’ve always wanted to do something on my own, and 20 years ago, if you told me I’d be running a startup that imports artisan products from Italy, I wouldn’t have believed you! Let’s rewind, I went to Colorado State University for undergrad and University of Colorado for law school. I started out at a private practice at a law firm in Denver and continued my connection with CSU as they were one of my clients. I eventually left private practice to be the full-time legal counsel to the university, which set off a whole career there I never saw coming. As the COO of the Fort Collins campus, I oversaw construction on the football stadium, creation of a campus in Mexico and so many big projects. I then moved in the Executive Vice Chancellor role and was responsible for the CSU Denver campus. Working at the university, got me excited about creating new big ventures. I loved seeing the seed of an idea start from nothing and grow into something super impactful. I was always thriving on the challenge of thinking of something new that had never been done before. Read more>>

Syah B.

I’m originally from Little Rock, AR. My high school was Little Rock Central High School. Central is a historical landmark as the site of the first southern school to be integrated by a group of black students known as “The Little Rock Nine.” Around 10th grade, I attended a 2-day field trip that turned out to be a social justice camp for teenagers. That experience was so impactful, it encouraged me to come out as queer. I went on to volunteer in future years and even begin a student club focused on bringing what we learned to our school. My senior year, I lead my first training for school faculty and staff and could feel the impact it had in that moment. I went on to volunteer for social justice summer camps and learn to facilitate critical conversations. Through these experiences, I got to witness how people actually change. I began to understand the impact of empathy and connection needed to allow us to acknowledge our humanity and the inequities others may face. I brought these critical conversations during my time at University of Memphis, facilitating dialogue groups around social justice issues for students. Read more>>

Britta Deeds

I started beauty school in 2018 after deciding I wanted to wrap up my time in the restaurant industry. I have always loved art and I felt like nails would really interest me. Which they did! I started out in a salon environment and quickly realized that I wanted to create a space of my own for my clients. Since the beginning, offering a safe space for my clients has been my number one priority. I wanted Hi Fancy to be very inclusive and that will always be a so important to me. I moved to my own space this summer and it has been absolutely wonderful. I have an amazing client base. I love being surrounded by such special humans. They really lift me up and encourage me. My books are currently closed and I feel so fortunate to have so many wonderful people who want to hold hands with me! In the next year, I would like to focus on the next level for Hi Fancy. I would love to get into education. I had a really wonderful teacher, Andrea Haefele (IG: @atouchofnails) and she definitely inspires me. Read more>>

Jennifer Lesea-Ames

I’m a former fitness trainer and triathlete turned jewelry designer and metalsmith, owner of Jen Lesea Designs, and the owner of Silver Peak Studio, Boulder County’s newest jewelry school. When COVID-19 hit in March 2020, all my art shows canceled and most of my planned revenue vanished. I’m not new to pivoting and adapting, so I thought, “how can I help jewelers keep creating and career jewelers such as myself stay in business?” In May 2020, I decided to apply for the Martha Kate Thomas Grant through Boulder County Arts Alliance in order to create a boutique-style jewelry studio where jewelers can rent the studio in a cost-effective manner on an hourly basis. I was awarded the grant in June 2020 and since then, I have hit the ground running! Additionally, I reached out to several very talented metalsmith jewelry instructors, and together, we offer jewelry workshops for those who want to expand their skill set in the world of jewelry making. Read more>>

Denarice WilsoN

I started out a little kid with a BIG dream. Since a kid, I was always overly passionate about my talents in sports, art, and music and lived a life journey trying to turn dreams into reality. In my reality I grew up getting into tons of trouble due to my attitude, behavior, lack of focus in school but outside of Art and creative writing school didn’t hold my interest. To help me out my grandma suggested I go to the Denver School Of The Art so I can be a creative genius but I came up with excuses that got me out of going no one really pushed me to be great I felt, I was okay with settling for good at the time. Music and Art has always been a part of my daily 24 hours I was meant to have a writing utensil in my hand. As a kid I was very honest, blunt, and once again passionate about my feelings, due to feeling the pressure of being the oldest kid in the house felt like the same role as the father of the because my father wasn’t around, we knew him, had a distance relationship with him but he wasn’t very present in our life. Read more>>

Ken Jimenez

Born In Oakland Ca in 1968. Became a Hip Hop dancer, and became a professional dancer in the 1980s. Toured the country performing with likes of Madonna, Snoop dog, Bobby Mcfarin, E-40, Envouge, MC Hammer. Opened my first performing arts studio Motion Underground, in Boulder Colorado in 1999. The First Hip Hop training center in the state of Colorado. Received a multi-cultural award for the program. Produced a dozen dancers who went off to work with, Michael Jackson, Janet Jackson, Pink, Brittney Spears, Chris Brown, and more. Became an entertainment consultant for the Denver Nuggets, Created the first Hip Hop dance crew to perform their called MOB SQUAD. Produced halftime showcases for them for, Debbie Gibson, Young MC, Vanilla Ice, Mc Hammer, and more for over a decade. Read more>>

Beyond the Trope Podcast

Once upon a time, in a galaxy that’s right here, Giles and Michelle met at a writers’ conference and started a critique group together. It was like the Fellowship of the Ring, but for words. After two years of critiquing and working together on writing novels and short stories, they and another writer friend, Emer, founded Beyond the Trope Podcast to talk about nerdy writer things to more people than just their other critique partners. Since then, they’ve interviewed as many creative people as they can find. Emer has moved on to other projects, but Giles and Michelle (and Giles’ wife Emmy) continue to discuss the experiences, struggles, and celebrations of creatives from all corners of the globe. Read more>>

Brandon Schrichten

I have no formal training/schooling for my career and I am self-taught in all my creative endeavors, including film editing. My interest in video editing started as a teenager making skateboard videos. I was homeschooled and that gave me the skills to be a self-starter and teacher. At 15 years old, I ended up buying a 2nd generation iMac with Final Cut Pro 3. I read the entire manual, cover to cover, to learn how to use the program. I have always been artistic, so I naturally became really creative and proficient with editing. As the years progressed, I honed my skills, knowledge, and creative voice to lead me where I am today. Read more>>

Banthom House

We first met as cast members in a fall 2019 production of Once the musical at Miners Alley Playhouse in Golden, Colorado. During the show, we had a special connection and discussed forming a band to continue playing together. Unfortunately, this idea took a backseat to other commitments and it was sidelined until 2020 when the pandemic struck. The traditional arts world shut down and we each found ourselves with fewer gigs and more free time.  In the summer of 2020, we began playing Irish music sets and outdoor concerts to unsuspecting audiences. Our initial setlists were taken from the pre-show we had previously performed together during Once. We named our newly-formed group Banthom House, playing in public parks and busking along the Pearl Street Mall in Boulder. Over the past year, our band has picked up steam. Miners Alley Playhouse invited us to return and play two livestream shows. We also played new venues including the Buffalo Rose, Clancy’s Irish Pub, Spirit Hound Distillers, and the Jamestown Mercantile, to name a few. Read more>>

Zoe Field

Growing up my Nonno was a hairstylist. I grew up watching him work and it sparked my curiosity for the industry. I loved the connection that he had with his clients; they seemed more like his good friends. I went to cosmetology school at Paul Mitchell in North Haven, Connecticut, and felt at home for the first time in my young adult life. After graduating I moved to Boston and started my career. I spent 2 years getting my feet wet in Boston before I moved to Boulder, Colorado to further my career. I have been a cosmetologist for over 10 years now and I’m grateful I still feel passionately about my career. I found my home at Twig Salon and was given endless possibilities for growth. I trained junior stylists in haircutting and found my love for sharing my knowledge. When the pandemic hit, my career came to a screeching halt. After two months of being at home, I opened my own business in a private salon suite. Owning my business has been a wild ride and I couldn’t have done without the support from all of my loyal clients. Read more>>

Alissa Davies

I have been an artist since I was little, drawing fashion designs in my bedroom and immersing myself in my Waldorf education. I have two artistic and supportive parents who encouraged me to pursue art. I went to Smith College and majored in studio art, while also getting to spend an informative junior year at The School of the Art Institute of Chicago. There I was able to partake in 3-D classes and art therapy classes, two genres that have influenced my work today. When I became pregnant in 2012 with my son my art exploded open. Up until then, I had tentatively trended towards abstract work, always feeling like I had to follow “art rules” and try to make my work more representational and approachable. I had a myriad of feelings becoming pregnant. Although the pregnancy was planned, my excitement was mixed with deep grief, anger, and confusion. Art became my therapy and it guided me towards greater acceptance of the next stage of my life. Read more>>


Born Calvin (CJ) Fankhauser, Recet spent the first 5 years of his life in Plano, Texas. Thereon, he was raised in his hometown; Aurora, Colorado. Between his parents’ wide array of listening preferences, some of his earliest musical influences range between Gnarls Barkley, Seal, Maroon 5, Supertramp, Rush, Tool, Smashing Pumpkins, Devin Townsend, & Nerve. At the age of 8, Recet had his first experiences as a musician, playing alto saxophone in an extracurricular school band. At the age of 9, he experienced holding a pair of sticks behind a drum set for the first time, & it was that moment forth that he knew music would be his life. While attending middle school, he was mentored by multiple teachers, both at his school & in private lessons. Through this school music program, he acquired a wealth of knowledge & inspiration from experiences in Symphonic & Jazz bands, all while attending out-of-state drum camps, where he studied similar standardized styles of music, plus less academically-conventional genres like Metal, Fusion, & EDM. Read more>>

El Javi

I grew up in Mexico City, a city with so much culture and influences. My parents always had music on in the house. All kinds of music, from classical, jazz, rock, traditional Mexican, and everything in between. To me, that’s where my musical journey began, by falling in love with music and all of its sounds. Then at 12 when I picked up the guitar, I started playing all the music that I listened to. I became inspired by all these musicians. I wanted to do the same.  It took me many years of study to find my voice with the instrument, I learned how to play many music styles but it wasn’t until I discovered flamenco when I was able to compose my own music. I was able to find my own “style”. A fusion of all the music I learned throughout the years. Now to me, music is the way I connect with the divine and with the world. My mission has been to be able to communicate and tell a story with music, no words, no lyrics. Just letting the music speak for itself. And the guitar is the speaker. Read more>>

Megan Morris

I started making jewelry 18 yrs. ago after taking a silver-making workshop. I fell in love with designing and creating my own pieces. My husband was in the Air Force so starting a storefront was never an opportunity, as we moved every few years. When he got out, and we settled in Colorado, I decided it was time to make my dream a reality! I always loved the idea of bringing together artists, of all different mediums, under one roof. This past March, I was finally able to open Meraki Springs. Meraki is a word that I kept hearing while living in Europe. It’s a Greek word meaning ” To do something with soul, creativity or love; to put something of yourself in your work”. I felt that name to be fitting, as it is definitely something that I strive for here at the shop. Read more>>

Anastasia Romero

I’ve been a Hairdresser for 10 years, owning my own studio for almost 3 years. I am a mother of an 11-year-old young man Joaquin (11) and a beautiful little girl Jenesis (4). And this past year also becoming a provider to my 2 small nephews after losing one of my biggest supporters to cancer, My sister Andrea (32). Though my hands can full I am very much help together by my wonder Mother and husband. Without them, my business wouldn’t be where it stands today.  My love and passion for hair is still very much my calling, as providing services to make people feel good about themselves keeps me wanting more. Read more>>

Cara LeFebvre

I graduated from the Kansas City Art Institute in 2008 with a major in writing and a minor in photography, meaning I basically studied creative story-telling. I didn’t realize it at the time, but that’s been my mission all of my life. Since then, I’ve built a photography business focused on story-telling – I’ve shot children, families, and weddings before picking up some editorial and commercial work. I love working with non-profits, small business owners, artists, and my focus right now is on corporate lifestyle and events. I’ve been in business for about five years. Read more>>

Matthew Lay

So, I remember sort of always being drawn to art and creating things even when I was little. My first “masterpieces” I can remember were crayon drawings of Tyrannosaurus rex or a catapult I had assembled and glued together using toothpicks, rubber bands, and a plastic spoon. When I got older, I realized I had a knack for drawing in particular and that presented itself into drawing many different movie characters and creatures that a teenage kid is often infatuated with. It wasn’t until high school that I even attempted to pick up a paintbrush. That moment was a big step forward for me. Up until that point, I remember having such a fear of painting. It’s pretty humorous looking back now but I would think, “What if I mess up?” or “How could I ever fix it?” Those were the thoughts that made me shudder while I white-knuckled my eraser and quickly returned to drawing whatever I was currently working on. Once I made the plunge, I quickly discovered there is a beautiful freedom in painting and I’m forever grateful of that high school class that pushed and encouraged me to try it. Read more>>

Brian McBroom

I’ve always loved to keep an expressive wardrobe and am obsessed with retro pop culture. Back in 2012, you could only find what I wanted to wear at second-hand stores. I wanted to change that! So, I tooled and kitted my first mold- the visor shades and then quickly put the profits from visor shade sales into fanny packs and hats. I invested all my cash flow into product which meant I didn’t have enough money for a website or a booth at markets and festivals. Needing to figure out a way to sell my fresh gear, I decided to purchase a foldable table and set up under the street lamps. So yeah, the first official place B fresh was sold was on the street corner outside of packed venues. After a few nights out and some serious sales (or so I thought at the time), I learned I needed to purchase a peddler’s license. So, I did, and I popped my table up outside of Broncos games, Rockies games, concerts at the Fillmore- you name it! Anywhere a few thousand people would be congregated in a public space, there I was. Eventually, I had enough profit to purchase booths at makers markets. Then festivals. Read more>>

Javion Blake

Growing up in Jamaica, it was a painful watching fresh fruits going to waste after sellers at the local farmers’ markets discard leftover produce. These vendors were not equipped with the cold storage required to store the produce for the next week’s market, and neither did they have an innovative approach that could extend the shelf life. Imaging witnessing this food waste while concurrently hearing discussions of national unemployment being out of control. As a child, I never accepted this had to be the reality. I believe for many years that these wasted foods were valuable and through unlocking those values, we could employ many in the sustainable agriculture sector. We don’t have to imagine now because we can now act and make that world the new reality. Read more>>

Francis LeGasse Jr.

Our story started because of the impact Brian Turner, my business partner, and I saw with our families. My maternal grandfather had Parkinson’s and my paternal grandfather had Dementia. Brian’s grandmother had aging challenges and he saw the difficulty with his mother being out of state. We wanted to make an impact and bring some youthful creativity to the industry. Our motto has always been to push the envelope and never settle for the status quo. If we don’t impact the way we age today then tomorrow will just be the same! We must improve the aging experience of everyone. Brian and I met while at the University of Michigan on the Track & Field team. Both Brian and I are extremely competitive and are always up for the challenge. It is a blessing to have this mindset because of the challenges we face daily. We are blessed with an incredible team that continues to promote a positive and inclusive aging experience for our older adults. Read more>>

Josh Grenz

After years of homebrewing, my wife and I decided to open up Verboten Brewing early 2013 with an emphasis of being innovative and using spices, fruits, and barrel-aging as niche to the northern Colorado craft brewing community. As a Northern Colorado native, I wanted to open in Loveland and eventually have a downtown location, and in 2016 we expanded and moved into our current location at 127 E 5th Street, Loveland CO. We are known for our unique styles and barrel aging in which most of our awards and medals have been in those categories. Read more>>

Old Barrel Tea Company

Old Barrel Tea Co was established in the mountain town of Ruidoso, NM in 2015. We are a family-owned business and the matriarch of our tea family is a three-time cancer survivor, so our business mission is to share a wellness-oriented lifestyle in the communities we’re in. We blend our own loose-leaf tea in Albuquerque, NM and produce a variety of wellness products including honey, essential oils and herbs, and spices. Read more>>

Vanessa Barcus

The idea for Talisman started when I used to own a clothing store in LoHi, called Goldyn. We sold a lot of jewelry as well, and after a while figured it made sense to start our own line. Back then it was a very different collection – just little basics and things – and I hired a bench jeweler to help with production because I was busy running the shop. When I decided to close the store in 2018, I finally had the time to take up metalsmithing myself, and that’s when I got heavily into casting. Now the collection consists of more sculptural, statement pieces in solid, recycled 14k, as well as the classics that we started with. It continues to evolve as my art and craftsmanship evolves, which is fun! Read more>>

Confidence Omenai

I started off hosting weekly poetry open mics in Tulsa and teaching poetry in local high schools 15 years ago. In 2013, I was a single parent of four, slam coach, and teaching artist. I was living in Tulsa, Oklahoma at the time with big dreams about building a new life somewhere else. I earned my associate’s in June of 2020 from Arapahoe Community College. In October of 2020, I obtained my insurance licenses in CO, OK, TX, GA, NM, and KY. In December of 2020, I earned my bachelor’s degree from Oklahoma State University. If this seems like a lot for one mom raising two children mid-pandemic, you’re correct. I drove myself right into burnout where I spent a large portion of 2021. These days I have taken a page from Auntie Maxine and reclaimed my time. Less is more. Read more>>

Lisa Blake

I’m (Lisa) a freelance magazine writer and editor and I write a lot of copy for ski resorts. So, when COVID hit, business slowed waaay down for me and, like everyone else, we were home hanging out with our dog and spending more family time together. My five-year-old son Braxton and I were talking about how important pets are and how they’re a BIG part of so many families. We have a 12-year-old pug named Mojo and he goes everywhere with us — rafting, camping, road trips, he cruises around on the paddleboard — he’s the best.  And I thought, “we should write a children’s book about loving your dog and sharing life with our pets.” My son came up with the name – How to Love Your Pug — and it just spiraled from there. Read more>>

Julie Pomerantz

As a Colorado native, I grew up a highly competitive athlete with a deep love of the outdoors. I left Colorado to attend college at Princeton University where I earned my B.A. in Psychology with a focus in Sports Psychology. I played 4 years of Division I soccer at Princeton and was the team captain my senior year. After college, my love of the mountains called me back to Breckenridge, Colorado where I earned my EMT certificate and was hired by the Breckenridge Ski Patrol. This was a dream job for me. Every day was spent outdoors, filled with challenge and I was in a position to help people in some of their most intense times of need. After a back injury left me unable to ski or do any real physical activity (temporarily) I discovered yoga with the help of one of my doctors. I am eternally grateful for her recommendation of yoga! It changed my life as I continued to practice yoga every morning at 5 am for over 20 years. Read more>>

Tori Higdon

After attempting to go to college I realized my true path was as a creative in the hair world. I grew up watching my mom be a successful hairstylist and it lit my fire pretty early on. After 14 years in the business and over half of that as a self-employed stylist behind the chair, I knew I’d ended up where I always wanted to be. Read more>>

Rachel Crosby

My love of art began at a young age. I was constantly doodling on the side of my homework, drawing the cover of Disney movies, or seeing how fast I could draw people from memory. I would fill up sketchbooks of anything and everything, from still-life to portraits. I learned about surrealism, cubism, pop art, and other popular art styles in middle school, and in 6th grade, I picked up a paintbrush. I’ve always resonated with the quote by Pablo Picasso, “Every child is an artist. The problem is how to remain an artist once they grow up.” Over the years I would only paint when “necessary”, for school projects or just when I had spare time. It wasn’t until college that the use of art would become so essential in my life. I used art as a tool to heal, express, and communicate what I deemed important. It was then, I discovered other people had admiration (outside of my family) for my art. Read more>>

Gina Lee Feng

During the pandemic, I had lots of free time so I was gardening and doing some home refreshes to keep busy while searching for second-hand decor I found there wasn’t much locally so I bought a few things out of state from reselling apps and upped my thrifting. Then of course I had to sell my old stuff so I started an Instagram page, added some hashtags and then it kinda took on a life of its own. Read more>>

Kurt Myer

Ever since I was young, I have been collecting toys and other collectibles from Marvel toys to Hot Wheels. Collecting has played a significant role in my life, until now I have been very passionate about it. In 2020, I decided to transform my passion into a small business, and that is when I started Collector’s Quest PH. This business platform has given me the opportunity to distribute collectibles such as action figures, sports cards, and other sought-after collectibles to other hobbyist in the Philippines. Read more>>

Lauren and Jessica Dally

In the beginning of COVID times, we really wanted to create something where we could create community, and serve our existing community. Since we have a long love of coffee, it seemed the best plan to open a coffee shop in the heart of Aurora where we could create relationships, grab a cup of coffee, and serve our community. By creating a local coffee shop to come to, it creates the warm and inviting space that people could meet friends, family, or even make new friends. But, furthermore, we get to create and serve amazing coffee and support local brands in the process as well, by providing fair-priced products and goods. Read more>>

Sarah Miller

It all began back in middle school, like most hairstylists I started out by using the kitchen scissors and all my friend’s hair suffered the consequence for many years. The stellar home hair just kept on from there and the idea of going to beauty school never left. I ended up graduating high school early so I was able to jump right into beauty school at 17. My first salon I worked at introduced me to hair extensions and I just fell in love with how much instant change it could provide someone. I worked for a salon for the next 5 years then opened up a tiny studio with a great friend. It was my first taste of owning my own business and I was hooked. This move gave me the ability to really start honing in my skills with extensions and color. Read more>>

Niki Bornes

In November of 2017, I lost my soul kitty, Tecwyn. He was a senior with kidney and thyroid disease, so I knew it was coming, but nonetheless, I was completely devastated. I’m not sure I’ve ever felt a loss so acutely. I felt like I’d lost my best friend and closest family member. Once he passed away, his sister Arrianna was an only-kitty. I’d been thinking of fostering for many years but with two cats, I didn’t think I’d have the space. After letting myself heal for a few months, I wanted a way to honor Tecwyn, so I contacted Rocky Mountain Feline Rescue about fostering an adult cat. That’s how Ruthie walked into my life. She was my first foster, and I ended up adopting her. Three years later, I’ve fostered well over 100 kittens and cats and a few pups too. Read more>>

Christopher & Bashir Page-Sanders

NU-World Contemporary Danse Theatre was founded in 2006 by Christopher Page-Sanders in St. Louis, Missouri. But in 2016, it was re-established in Denver, Colorado, under the artistic direction of Christopher and Bashir Muhammad Page-Sanders. The story of our re-emergence is a simple one. We had recently retired from the Cleo Parker Robinson Dance Ensemble (as performing artists), and we knew that in the future, we would want to expand our voices as choreographers, educators, and directors. We knew that we had something to say, something to offer the world artistically, and we knew that there were universal stories to tell together. In 2016, our friend, Terrell Davis, the Artistic Director of Davis Contemporary Dance Company, was looking for another company to be the guest dance company for their upcoming concert. This company would present two ballets and share the stage with Davis Contemporary Dance Company at no cost. He called, and we answered. Thus, our journey to our re-birth began. Read more>>

Federica Frezza

I was raised in Ethiopia, with my wonderful parents and two siblings. My parents have always been great entrepreneurs, and have always instilled great business ethics to us kids. I graduated high school in Ethiopia, then went to Boston University for my first year of college, and transferred to Italy to finish my business degree in Milan, at the Bocconi University of Milan. At a young age of 23, I moved to Playa Del Carmen, Mexico, where I opened my own company of imported Italian goods and opened a retail store to sell all of the Italian products. I was also the distributor of these Italian products to hotels and restaurants in the Rivera Maya. I met my husband shortly after I moved there. We got married in 2010, He is also Italian. How funny, to meet your Italian soul mate on the other side of the world? He was born and raised in Denver. We decided to join forces and open up a bakery together, supplying all the restaurants and hotels with our fresh Italian bread. Read more>>

Marcus Brown

Marcus Brown is an intuitive healer and spiritual teacher with heart, grit, and wisdom beyond his years. With his practical explanations of complex metaphysical knowledge, need for raw authenticity and a desire to shed light in dark places, Marcus has become an internationally recognized expert within his field. Living through adversity and having claircognitive access to spiritual truth at an early age, Marcus was just seven years old when he was taken from his family and entered the foster care system. His resilient ability to listen to Spirit helped him focus on aging out of the system with a college degree in Metaphysics and a passion to help others heal who’ve experienced the negative effects of abandonment and trauma. Read more>>

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