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Community Highlights: Meet Brenda Martinez of Soul Deep Life

Today we’d like to introduce you to Brenda Martinez.

Alright, so thank you so much for sharing your story and insight with our readers. To kick things off, can you tell us a bit about how you got started?
All of my life, I’ve just “known” things, yet it wasn’t until in my early 40’s, when I took my second degree Reiki certification class, that I learned it had a formal name, “Claircognizance” (The ability for a person to acquire psychic knowledge without knowing how or why they knew it.). Up until then, I thought everyone just knew things. Reiki has taken me on a journey of discovery, it has brought me to an understanding that I have more psychic gifts than I knew. It also helped me discover that I wanted to own my own business to help others find their magical path too. Over eight years ago, it became my reality.

Along the journey to becoming a certified Reiki Master Teacher, I, thanks to the help of my Reiki Master Teacher, dove deep into the world of Abraham-Hicks and the law of attraction. This has led me to investigate my shadows, to go deep into self-growth, and to expand my limited view of the world and the metaphysical world in general. I now have a deep understanding of universal laws, how they impact my life and the lives of my clients. With this, I have grown to incorporate many new modalities in my practice as a healer and coach, and I continue to add more with each passing year.

So much of what I get to do for a living is because of the support and love of my amazing husband (a magical love story for another time) and the love and support of my family and friends. They truly are the wind beneath my wings!

I’m on a quest to discover and learn as much as I can to help others find healing at the deepest soul level. It’s my calling and my passion, and it’s all wrapped up into a business that feeds my heart and soul as much as it feeds the heart and soul of my clients. In the words of my mentor, “For me, for you, for us!”

I feel blessed and grateful that this is my life.

Alright, so let’s dig a little deeper into the story – has it been an easy path overall and if not, what were the challenges you’ve had to overcome?
Being raised in a religious manor, I felt a lot of stigma and dogma around what I’d chosen to do for a living. I had to work through my own conflicting beliefs and wade through the perceived or real judgments of others around the unconventional modalities I’d chosen to do in my business. At first, I only let a few select people in my life know all the details about my business. Slowly I showed more and more of the true me and my true business to others, always unsure and somewhat intimidated by the reactions and questions they might have.

This was until a few years ago when I took a good hard look back at the amazing people, I’ve been able to serve. It dawned on me that by hiding a part of me, I was hiding something that could be beneficial to so many others. Since that time, my business has grown and continues to grow.

I came out of the “Psychic closet” and have stepped unapologetically into my authenticity. I believe in doing this, I am giving others with gifts such as mine, a lighted path to do the same.

No one should ever be afraid to be who they are. It’s when we are being our most authentic selves that we impact the world in the most magical ways!

Thanks for sharing that. So, maybe next you can tell us a bit more about your business?
My business is an ever-growing, evolving endeavor to uplift, empower and to teach my clients so that they may grow to believe that they are able to heal themselves within the light of love and acceptance. I have a list of modalities to help them do this. I am a Certified Reiki Master Teacher; I teach all levels of Reiki. I also read the Akashic records as a level three certified Soul Realignment practitioner. I am a 13 sign Mystical Astrologist. I also read oracle cards and have created the modality of Emotional Body Readings and Clearings (think assisted shadow work) I bring all of this together as a Spiritual Advisor – think coaching but with the added benefit of combining these modalities to bring a deeper level of healing.

I do my best to meet my clients with heart, with acceptance and an understanding that we are all here just doing our best to be who we are and striving to be more than we are in the moment. We all have baggage, be it personal, ancestral, or past life. Through my work, I get to help others discover their path to another level of greatness, whatever that might look like for them.

My work brings diversity, flexibility, and freedom in so many different forms. Many of my clients have become personal friends, and I guess that’s something that makes me stand out, the ability to not only be a business but a business that connects to the soul of the person with their greatness and heart. I’m proud that I get to lead with love. My brand is me, authentically evolving and growing alongside the clients I’m so blessed to serve.

I also have a second, part-time business with a friend and business partner. It’s called Free Spirits Astrology. In this business, we are committed to introduce the world to a form of Astrology that is not only making a huge impact in our clients’ lives but has the potential to change how the world sees Astrology. It’s far from Mainstream, includes 13 signs and a few other goodies, done through the True Sidereal system, but is so much more than that.  We are unique in that you get us both reading the chart to help our clients understand a bigger purpose for their incarnation in this lifetime. It’s based on the placements in the actual sky, is amazingly accurate and helps our clients see that the lives they designed in their charts can be a guide map to their whole lives.

We are both deeply versed in Astrology, but more than that we are two psychic women who believe in a heart led business to serve our client’s needs. And we happen to get to use our gifts alongside the solid star codes of Astrology. It’s a Win Win for everyone!

Who else deserves credit in your story?
I have a long list of people who have helped me become the person I am today. It’s been a lifetime of growth, but I’ll start with my Reiki Teacher Barbara Kajun Scott, she gave me the Reiki/Law of Attraction foundation I needed to build my business from. She was a great example of what doing what you love for a business can look like.

Of course, my husband Toby Martinez, who through his love, acceptance, encouragement, and letting my light shine bright has given me the strength to grow bigger than I’d ever dreamed possible. He’s been my biggest supporter and fan.

My friend Courtney Dematteo, who was my friend and coach long before she became the actual badass coach she is today. She encouraged me to do my business in a business way but allowed me to be my quirky self along with it. She helped me with a business plan, but more than that, she has and continues to give me the best advice and pours her wisdom and love out to me freely. She is a gentle soul who leads by example and accomplishes things with 2 small children that boggle my mind! Her friendship means the world to me. Her business impacts many. Her value is immense to me and to many others!

My friend Dawn Abens Lissy is another incredible mentor and friend. She knows strategy, she owns and has owned some incredibly successful businesses and shares her wisdom with me as a friend and an incredible woman. She inspires me in so many ways! I’ve watched her grow within herself, watched her support those she loves in the most amazing ways, and seeing her live out her dream of owning a Ferrari was such a joy to experience! She allows me to drive with her in her dream for Ferrari therapy, and it is nothing less than magic! She is nothing less than Magic!!

My friend Catherine Bobo Chavez, and Astrology business partner who has the most amazing psychic gifts, but when we met didn’t know how to show them to the world. Through our friendship and mutual love of Astrology, we have forged a bond. We are growing alongside one another; growing personally and separately together as we grow our business. Where she is weak, I am strong, where I am weak, she is strong, and it’s a flow that serves us both well.

My friend Kari Simson Smoote is a client who became a friend, and her modality of CTC therapy has helped me by showing me the places my trauma was holding me back. Her soft, unassuming nature is that of an angel, and her work and friendship has shaped my life in little ways she herself probably doesn’t even know.

My current Mentor Melanie Ann Layer, who doesn’t even know my name, is an online genius with a heart of gold whose programs I am eating up now. She is my next friend in the making. She’ll learn about me and this later…

There are countless others, friends, family – so many I could go on for days. I’m truly blessed to be surrounded by magnificent loving and gifted people.

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