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Conversations with the Inspiring Erin “Bird” Schemenski

Thanks for sharing your story with us Erin. So, let’s start at the beginning and we can move on from there.
My Reiki journey started just after college with some life-changing experiences as I was digging deeper into my wisdom, intuition, and meditations. In 2014, I began blogging and sharing my own understandings of the world with friends online. My message really resonated with some of my audience and the feedback was touching. However, my journey took a detour and I drifted far from myself when I stopped writing, meditating, and remaining positive. Eventually, I was dreaming of a different life.  So I graduated college and left for Denver in Spring of 2017.

Low and behold I tore my ACL within the first two weeks of being in Denver. I decided to go back to Philadelphia for surgery. Two days before my flight I attended the Reiki Level 1 and 2 seminar taught by Amy Mazeki in Parker, Colorado. I experienced beautiful moments of anxiety, relief, healing, and seeing myself walk perfectly again. I had a sense of calmness and reassurance about embarking on my new healing journey. It’s funny how Reiki works to bring healing when you need it most!

Months later, after practicing Reiki healing on myself, I eventually found my way back to Denver and decided to go for the Master Reiki Level Attunement and it all started to unfold. Ideas sparking like rapid fire. I came to bigger and better realizations that have brought me to where I am today. I found my major life goal: I knew that I wanted to merge Eastern and Western medicine together.

Under that huge umbrella goal, I decided to set up other big goals to foster my new journey of purpose. I started planning for my Bachelor’s in Nursing by taking prerequisite classes, getting certified to work alongside nurses, and finding a Reiki team that was working in hospitals. I was hired at the University of Colorado Hospital on the Bone Marrow Transplant unit and began training to administer Reiki to cancer patients as a volunteer! These were all little goals that have accumulated to help reach my bigger ideas!

Little goals kept adding up: I bought a massage table on a whim to develop a professional feel and invite clients to donation-based sessions. Clients enjoyed their sessions so much they encouraged me to charge more for my time and energy! I couldn’t believe it yet the push to grow kept coming. I could have chosen to ignore it or keep testing it out and really immerse myself in it! I began to open myself to all the opportunities.

Reiki truly aligns with my values of integrity and practicing energy healing to benefit people for their best and highest well-being. I began advertising through Instagram and using it as a blog. I started getting questions with major interest in Reiki and booking clients. My gratitude and mindfulness posts were getting more reactions just like my blog from 2014. I’ve come to realize that I cannot let go of this opportunity again to share my voice and talents on public platform. This fed my drive to continue to develop a more professional standpoint and create tools for my business. I’m naturally inclined to continue growing with it, the rewards keep coming, and it feels good.

Currently, I continue to set small goals for myself to help accumulate tools and victories for my business. I am still on the path to nursing while working as a Reiki Practitioner as The Mindful Bird. My Reiki role is still part-time on my agenda but each step I take brings me closer to expanding and flourishing.

Has it been a smooth road?
Let me just say that sacrifice is real! It has not been a smooth road. Healing the Self and remaining motivated on the path requires so much self-discipline which is something I used to lack! I give a lot of credit to the concept “nothing worth having comes easy”. I also believe we are dealt a hand in life and it’s up to us to really acquire learning from the lessons we face in our challenges of the hand we play. Plus the human body and technology are so vast that we are capable of accomplishing a lot more than we believe.

Tearing my ACL within two weeks of moving across the country was extremely defeating. But inner knowing or intuition led me to believe that this setback was not pointless; it boiled down to healing my relationship with my family before I set out to be on my own in a different state. Yes, I saw it as a failure to have to leave Colorado so soon. However, with failure comes learning in another chance- another opportunity to grow. In my perspective, this is a choice. We can choose to attach whatever meaning we want to the instances in our life.

My two points of advice to women especially for those just beginning a journey are: If it feels right, support that within yourself because you actually have to believe in what you’re doing and what feels good! Trust what you know because “when you know, you know”. Secondly, set goals! Dream big and make it a goal. Support that big dream with smaller, tangible goals so you feel the benefits and rewards of whatever “accomplishment” means to you.

So let’s switch gears a bit and go into The Mindful Bird Reiki story. Tell us more about the business.
I specialize in the intuitive ability to see, hear, feel, and interpret energy. I have known this since before I started learning about Reiki but I have fostered this ability through Reiki healing as my specialty.

Reiki is an ancient Japanese method of administering “universal life force” energy which is something we all have within us. The ability to administer Reiki is acquired through meditations and attunement to the energy. The practice of Reiki involves the light placing of hands on the body, or over the body, to balance, shift, strengthen, and/or restore energy throughout the body. Reiki travels through the connecting energy systems in the body of the client and flows from the energy centers in the palms of the hands of the practitioner.

In my sessions the client and I set an intention to heal. The client then lays on the massage table and the Reiki begins as I act as a conduit for the flow of the energy. I can scan the client and see where the Reiki is attempting to heal along the chakra centers and meridian channels. Following the energy session, the client and I discuss similar sensations we both could feel and observe and how the session can aid in their self-healing. However, Reiki Practitioners are not doctors and cannot provide medical advice, yet it is highly used in conjunction with medical treatments. Overall, coming from my own experiences: when we have someone in our life to help guide us in conquering what feels difficult to overcome, it seems as if the challenge is not so insurmountable as before.  That’s what I want to provide with Reiki.

I am most proud of truly believing in my ability to read energy for people. I am happy to provide a space where they can get in touch with and process underlying thoughts and emotions stored as energy in the body.  The more experience I gain with clients and Reiki, the more my clients and I begin sharing similar sensations during their time on the table and that’s empowering to both of us.

What do you feel are the biggest barriers today to female leadership, in your industry or generally?
Some of the largest barriers I see in female leadership is confidence but also being genuine.

It is known that women have been and still can be put down by society and male-dominated work forces. This suppression does not foster a positive space for women to express their talents and growth. Therefore, confidence is much harder for women to have when we do not feel supported by the environment around us. In turn, women can become ruthless and lack ingenuity just to climb the social or work ladder of praise for their selves.

Sure, it’s a dog eat dog world out there, survival of the fittest. But to really grow in consciousness and team building for the better, we must support each other with encouragement, reassurance, and being our truest selves. Great leaders connect with those of all levels and understand personal boundaries.


  • Reiki 30 Minute Session In Person- $35
  • Reiki 45 Minute Session In Person- $60
  • Reiki 30 Minute Session Long Distance- $27
  • Reiki 45 Minute Session Long Distance- $52

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  1. Amy Leary

    September 9, 2019 at 9:48 pm

    What an inspiring story! I have friends who have healed themselves with the power of Reiki. I love that Erin is integrating this holistic approach in with traditional medicine which often overlooks natural avenues of healing. Thanks Erin for sharing this!

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