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Conversations with the Inspiring Kathleen Male

Today we’d like to introduce you to Kathleen Male.

So, before we jump into specific questions about the business, why don’t you give us some details about you and your story.
Buckle up, this probably won’t be short. I have been engulfed in a Real Estate family pretty much all my life. I always had a calling to help people in whatever way I can and it’s a bonus that I adore walking through homes and being an advocate for my clients. A little over two years ago, I moved to Colorado with my fiancé and I knew I was ready to start a new chapter. I was doing my intuitive readings for clients one month and realized that practically everyone I had read for was a Realtor. I kid you not. That’s just how the universe works sometimes. It was basically a big slap in the face reminder for me to go for it, do something I had been wanting to do for a while now. I signed up for my classes the next day and haven’t looked back. I am now a REALTOR at West and Main Homes while continuing my other Spiritual Business, Connected Element.

I started Connected Element in a much different way. As a small child, I saw things beyond this physical plane and sort of shut it off like many intuitive children do at that age. In my early 20’s, when I was practicing yoga heavily, I started to open it up again. At the time, I was fighting off a mystery autoimmune issue. I found myself moving through western medicine techniques for relief and ended up discovering Reiki. I knew I needed some of that in my life! I started taking classes and became a Traditional Usui Reiki Master. I was practicing religiously but still on the hunt for something more. I finally found myself at this gem of a place called White Light Crystals, Books and Angels. And just like that, my Oden Reiki Journey began. My autoimmune issues cleared up and my psychic/intuitive abilities became heightened. The Oden Reiki energy work was unlike anything I have ever experienced! Lauralei Bradley, co-owner of the store and the woman who channeled the Oden Reiki/spiritual teachings, guided me along the path that led me to where I am today; REALTOR/recognized Energy healer and Intuitive channeled Reader.

Overall, has it been relatively smooth? If not, what were some of the struggles along the way?
Definitely not. There have been quite a few struggles. I would say some of the bigger ones for me and my work are the questions “Can I do this full time? Will this work? How do I make this work? “I think the only way to get past that is to do what you need to do every day to get to where you want to be. I started my work on the side and did that along with my corporate photography job for a while. I was able to do it as much as I could then bring it into more of a full -time picture and gain flexibility in the careers I’ve chosen. I am very consistent and persistent.

I am a huge believer in mindset. Through my work with Lauralei, I have come to understand that we are constantly using our subconscious minds. Like energy attracts like energy—what you put out about you is what other people are subconsciously picking up about you. Whatever you need to do to get to a better place for yourself and your mindset, do that. Because honestly if I don’t stay positive, then things just go sideways. It’s a consistent practice and I’ve found affirmations to be helpful along with being conscious of what I’m putting out. It sounds cliché but seriously just believe in your ability to do whatever it is you want to do and then take steps to get there.

Obviously being an intuitive channeled reader, I get a lot of eye rolls because I do a sort of “woo woo” biz but I attract people who need help from me and that’s what matters. Not everyone is going to love what I do, and that’s okay. Not everyone is going to want to chat with me at an open house and that’s okay too.

I also think everyone should get a mentor. Lauralei Bradley and Stacie Staub are two of mine. Mentors are vital to success because they have been through it all themselves. They have the wisdom, the expertise and the experience. You must ask questions and do the work but having good mentors exponentially helps the process. I could go on but I think that’s enough for now.

And if you’re a young woman and you need some more advice: Be so good at your job, know everything you need to know about it. If they won’t work with you only because you are young then you probably don’t want to work with them anyways.

We’d love to hear more about your work and what you are currently focused on. What else should we know?
I am a REALTOR with West and Main Homes. I feel so blessed working for them and I strive to make sure I have all the knowledge and strategies I need to help my real estate clients. Their brand has a strong online presence and their marketing materials are eye catching and relevant. My clients love the materials I bring to the table and I’m always pumped to share them. West and Main is constantly providing new classes and guidance along the way. I love the whole process of this work and always give my clients the absolute best care throughout it. I think the mix of knowledge, strong online/print marketing, intuition and trust set me apart in the industry. I also really enjoy getting to know people and connecting with them. I try to make it as easy as I can because selling/buying real estate can be stressful. When I’m not Real estate-ing, I am helping people in a much different way.

I own a company called Connected Element and I specialize in intuitive channeled readings, Oden Reiki Energy healings and teach spiritual classes. My readings are unique in the sense that I don’t just read cards for people, I slip into a trance state and work through the areas of their life from there which is much different than a Tarot Reading. My energy healing work isn’t your traditional Usui Reiki either but that could be too long to explain here. People can catch more info about it on my website! I think overall, I’m most at ease when I’m helping people in whatever ways they need it now. That’s what makes my soul shine in my businesses.


  • Intuitive Channeled Reading (30 mins, phone or in person) $65
  • Oden Reiki Healing (around 30-45 min) $65
  • Oden Reiki Healing on Amethyst Biomat (30-45min) $90
  • Private Past Life Regression Session $130

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Professional Photo taken by Merne Judson the Third. Outdoor pic taken by Paul Peck, Crystal amethyst pic taken by Paul Peck

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