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Conversations with the Inspiring Natalie Levy

Today we’d like to introduce you to Natalie Levy.

Thanks for sharing your story with us Natalie. So, let’s start at the beginning and we can move on from there.
Sure. I started a women’s empowerment business, She’s Independent, about five months ago.

My background includes many male-dominated environments from engineering coursework to trading derivatives to enterprise technology sales and investing. Over the course of my professional life having experienced a lack of organic mentorship and support, I developed a passion for demonstrating my full potential professionally in addition to developing others. Even when overworked, I felt proudest of moments I was able to demonstrate success, whether as top enterprise software sales person or in terms of contributing positively to a company culture.

I left my role in private equity based out of San Francisco in late 2018. I had plans to take some time off for myself and to see about transitioning into a role that was more aligned with my core values.

Then, I unexpectedly lost my mother to suicide.

I ended up moving to Denver where I had my closest girl friends and where I knew I would be immersed in a healthier lifestyle and mindset.

I spent months working through the trauma and healing and then became further inspired around investing in women’s empowerment. Not just for younger women this time but for women of all ages, in any stage of life. This wasn’t an issue just impacting young women in the workforce, but it was an ongoing need. Women later in life feeling valued in a society where aging is no longer revered as it once was.

In terms of where we are today with She’s Independent, we are bootstrapped (I am self-funding), our lean growth as we launch and build our community. We are actively engaged in empowerment events locally whether it be trying new experiences or hearing from professionals for inspiration or to expand our minds. We are holding regular webinars across various aspects of professional and personal learning and development and offering workshops and 1:1 consulting across content from healing from trauma to confidence building and launching a business.

We are early in our revenue journey but ready to scale up. We receive extremely possible feedback from participants and have big plans for the future.

Has it been a smooth road?
So many tough days.

Getting off the ground was one of the hardest parts. “Just build it,” my close girl friend, a serial entrepreneur herself, said to me. But I’d never built a website. Who cares? I built it.

There were so many days where I felt overwhelmed. There’s so much to do, what do I do next? How do I solve this? But that’s part of the fun. Growth. Movement. Acceleration. Building something you are passion aligned with.

I worked basically the entirety of last weekend. I hadn’t done that in a while. But it felt kind of great. I moved the needle on some internal projects I really wanted to improve upon like our website layout and landing pages.

I think my biggest piece of advice to young women would be asking them to self reflect. If you can align your role and day-to-day with projects and a career that you are proud of and one that you can grow in, you can’t go wrong. Why live to work when you can experience so much more in life?

I am also a huge advocate of understanding and investing in your financial security. This allows you to truly make decisions for yourself and prioritize your interests.

So many people seem to overlook their finances. If you have a company 401(k) or better yet, one with matching, MAX IT OUT! Have credit card debt? PAY IT OFF. Interest kills you.

So let’s switch gears a bit and go into She’s Independent story. Tell us more about the business.
The business is aimed at empowering women in all stages of life.

We offer mentorship and professional services to address needs both personally and professionally.

The journey of empowerment and investing in oneself is a lifelong venture. You may be looking to heal from an abusive relationship or loss, looking to develop confidence and skills at various points in your professional life, or may be looking for amazing women to develop meaningful relationships with later in life. We love the idea of delivering mentorship and inspiration to individuals in these various stages while also connecting women across multiple generations within our community.

We have a Denver empowerment event happening this Wednesday and a webinar happening Thursday morning. Here are both links below:

We aren’t charging for either event but individuals attending the climbing event pay the standard fee to visit the gym. It is detailed on the invite and confirmation.

What do you feel are the biggest barriers today to female leadership, in your industry or generally?
I think barriers start at a young age.

Boys are taught to fend for themselves. Girls are catered to and given things.

Whether it be establishing confidence to ask for things and learn that “no” is okay, body and personal confidence given the ongoing negative feedback from the media and social influences today, building an understanding around investing in personal finances, or just being supported to take risks, women have so much to learn on their journey if they want to achieve professional and financial equality in-line with their male counterparts.

Within organizations, there is inherent bias in terms of promotion and mentorship. Without meaning to, HR teams and executives often pay men more and hire them into senior roles. Men apply to roles they want even where they lack qualifications. Women apply when they feel they are 100% qualified. Harvard Business Review states that women ask for more money as often as men, but the wage gap is still very real. Maybe it’s the confidence or tactics used when asking. We’d like to change this.


  • We offer membership to our community ranging from $20-45/ month. Membership includes webinars, events, and interactive e-learning experiences.
  • We are launching professional services and consulting through workshops and 1:1 mentorship as well. We are also offering corporate partnerships.

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I took myself or with friend Tiff Wilson

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