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Conversations with the Inspiring Taylor Perry

Today we’d like to introduce you to Taylor Perry.

Taylor, please share your story with us. How did you get to where you are today?
Where do I even begin?! For starters, I moved to Colorado from New York in 2012, the day after my 21st birthday. I will try to make a long story short, but I tend to not be so great at that! I love to share my story because I know how many people can probably relate to! I had left all my friends and family about 2,000 miles away and while I fell in love with the mountains, I was lacking community and support. I have an amazing husband but totally needed that female support system, that I had with my mom, sisters, and best friends back home… but missed here.

I entered the fitness community after many failed “diets”, trying all the fads, and really not knowing where to begin after I had gained about 40-50 pounds after moving and no longer having those regular friendships as “mirrors” if you will. I would hike all the time with my husband, but I would be lagging behind him, super embarrassed that I felt so out of it even during short treks. He loves the outdoors and is a big reason why I do too, so I would make excuses not to go so that I didn’t feel out of shape. I certainly don’t believe there is any perfect weight, shape, or size, but I do personally feel my best when I feel strong and confident and not in pain, uncomfortable, and out of breath when walking in my mid-20’s!

I honestly joined a fitness community from an Instagram post. I had no intention of being a coach and sharing my story to inspire others to be healthier as well. I got my wedding photos back in August of 2016, and just remember crying and not wanting to share any of them with the world. I realized how much I stopped taking care of myself – the only meals I made were comfort meals and vegetables were rarely seen on anything… except for some pizza toppings!

I ended up joining an online girl tribe of women sharing their struggles, their successes, encouraging one another, motivating each other to crush their goals, and checking in with workouts and healthy recipes. I found a community of strangers on the internet, but they became my family! It was almost by accident. I just wanted to do a work out program and lose weight but ended up finding exactly what I was lacking. I slowly but surely changed not just my physical body but overcame anxiety, joint aches and pains, digestive issues, and most importantly, my negative mindset.

I can’t stress enough how much fitness changed my mind more than it changed my body. Every day, every workout, every pound lost, everything deposited into my confidence bucket every single day. I knew I had to pay this forward to everyone I could, and I decided I would be a coach who shared this opportunity with everyone I knew, and to the new friends, I connected with on social media as well.

It started out as simply extra accountability. If I was a coach, I had to actually show up and share my story, right?! I ended up being able to support my full-time income while I was working 9-5 in a bank. While that was a great job, it just wasn’t fulfilling. I was so sick of showing up every day spending all day in a place that drained me rather than filled me up. It earned my husband and me not only two tropical vacations through the company I’m partnered with, but the ability to travel so many times throughout the year to connect with my coaching family, the income to pay off my vehicle and upgrade, and it truly filled my cup daily and continues to do so!

I left my corporate bank career in January of 2019 to be a full-time coach, and I wake up every day truly grateful that I get to play a small part in other people making those same healthy, positive changes that helped me find myself again. Income, travel, vacations, all those things aside… this opportunity changes people’s lives. I am genuinely proud to be a part of such an encouraging and supportive community that welcomes EVERYONE. It is simply my mission to live a healthy and fulfilling life, and I feel that if I can encourage just one person to do what I have done, it has been well worth it. How blessed am I that it’s my job to stay active, feed my soul, and help other people to make healthy changes and feel confident and happy too?!

Great, so let’s dig a little deeper into the story – has it been an easy path overall and if not, what were the challenges you’ve had to overcome?
It’s definitely not been easy. Honestly though, what is easy in life?! There is always judgment when you put yourself out there and share any of your struggles. I believe the most incredible things come after some of the most difficult.

In this social media world, it’s so easy to compare yourself to other people. I’ve often asked myself what the heck I think I’m doing trying to make a difference in people’s lives when I am no one special. I didn’t get a college degree. I worked in restaurants and retail for many years, and I never felt like I had anything special to share. I never thought my story could have an impact on anyone else.

My advice for other women who feel that same way, and don’t know if it’s worth persevering when things get tough, is what I tell myself every time I question my path or wonder why I haven’t hit all my goals yet: those dreams and goals that are in your heart are there for a REASON! You did not struggle and fight to get this far, to only get this far. You are where you are for a reason, and that matters. It wasn’t by accident. You decided to start on this journey. Do it. Fight for it. If not for you, do it for all the other women out there who don’t think their dreams are within reach. They are. You are worth it. I’m so excited for you.

What should we know about Online Fitness Coach, leader of Fearless & Free Coach Community? What do you guys do best? What sets you apart from the competition?
In a nutshell, I help women get set up with fitness programs that are quick and effective, and nutrition programs created by professionals that make being healthy simple and convenient. I always over-complicated about being healthy. There is so much information out there and a lot of quick fixes that may work short-term but simply aren’t sustainable. Not only do I help in the realm of fitness coaching, but I also mentor coaches who want to do what I’m doing, either part time or full time. It’s pretty rad if you ask me because this isn’t a 9-5 you have to dedicate 40 hours a week to. There are no set business hours, it’s ultimately your choice. And your potential, income- and otherwise, is limitless!

I truly am so proud of not just the overall organization that is made up of I think over 450,000 coaches… but my coach family in particular. I love that it’s not just me trying to lead on my own with no guidance or support. I lean heavily on my coaching sisterhood, the team I am on, even though we all live in different states across the country! The photos of the groups of us ladies are a mixture of my coach sisters, my upline, and our coaches. There are several teams being represented but we all come together to train, work together, celebrate, and of course, work out! Just another reason why I’m so proud of this company. Everyone is there to support each other and it creates such an incredible family culture, for anyone who wants it!

Some of us have never met in person yet, but I hope to change that soon! It’s common practice to name your team, which is the coaches that you personally partner up with and lead, and I thought long and hard about mine. I named my personal brand, Fearless & Free. The two things I feel can be gained from living life on purpose, not listening to the societal norms that tell us to hate our job Monday through Friday, wait for the weekend, hope for a 25 cent raise once a year, lather, rinse, repeat for 50 years. I finally feel free to be myself, unapologetically, and without fear. I have never, in my 27 years, come across another company or organization that encourages me to actually take care of myself. On a daily basis, my “job description” if you will is to stay active, eat right, feed my mind and soul with personal development (shout out to Rachel Hollis and Jen Sincero for bringing me out of so many mental ruts!), encourage others to dream big and be healthy, and share my story so that other people can see how different their lives can be. I never knew that this was something that even existed. In the world of network marketing, it’s easy to judge or assume they’re all the same. I will never bash another organization, but I will say I’ve seen a lot of them and I am genuinely proud to be partnered with the one I am.

At the end of the day, I feel like it is my responsibility to pay it forward, and to show people that if they want to quit their corporate jobs, dye their hair purple, (LOL… okay, maybe that’s just me) and follow their dreams, they should! And they CAN! And while the path I’ve chosen to do that may not be for everyone, it is for anyone who wants to. You have to work for it, but why wouldn’t you work hard for what you want?!

Do you have any advice for finding a mentor or networking in general? What has worked well for you?
It’s funny you ask that question. I’ve heard “find a mentor” so many times over the last two years being in the network marketing world. I thought that it meant I had to talk to one person that’s smarter than me, have meetings with them, and do what they say.

What I have learned is that your mentors can be people you don’t even know. I listen to so much valuable information from Jim Rohn and Tony Robbins and I will never get to speak to either of them. A mentor can be found in book pages and on YouTube channels. You can learn from the professionals, attend seminars, and have as many mentors as you want, I think!

Networking is so important! Social media is such an amazing place to connect with new people who share your struggles or have been through them and can share wisdom. It’s can be as simple as clicking follow and sending a message. I have been able to connect with people in other coach networks, outside of our family, (or “downline” – in technical terms) who share my goals and want to help each other stay accountable. It might take stepping out of your comfort zone or simply reaching out to someone you already trust to help you find those connections.

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