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Conversations with the Inspiring Tiffany Stanfield

Today we’d like to introduce you to Tiffany Stanfield.

Thanks for sharing your story with us Tiffany. So, let’s start at the beginning and we can move on from there.
I began my journey of wellness through yoga, to what soon became self-discovery and a driving force in healing through nutritionally focused living. By practicing self-awareness within my own body, I discovered a new form of communication to practice with my clients on a daily basis. I developed a hands-on bodywork technique that I call Yoga Massage Therapy, my practice combines hands-on stretching with deep-pressure point work to lengthen and strengthen muscles. Between nutritional coaching and YMT, I have developed a business that allows me to work with individuals unique needs to facilitate internal and external healing. I love helping people, by bringing awareness to their own body and mind to feed their life needs.

I started off teaching normal yoga classes, where I realized people missed out on being touched. To be moved into a pose and feel what you are actually supposed to be doing and feeling is mind-blowing for some. Shortly after teaching more hands-on assisting classes I developed a one hour sequence that I jokingly call Lazy man yoga. The client does minimal work other than breathing work and communicating the desire for more or less stretching, while I move the body in yogic poses with hands-on pressure techniques. As I began working in private settings for clients, I was able to share my passion for nutrition that led me to cook privately for clients and coaching on clean eating. The nutritional coaching led me to my first consulting gig with colorado law enforcement back in 2016, I moved to Denver short term and coached over 1500 police officers in 18 months.

During this part of my journey, I realized the one thing I lacked the most was the follow-up, I wanted to know how my clients were doing, if they found a new way to live better and stronger and if they needed assistance to continue. This was when I launched Wholesome Living 365 in Jan. of 2018 while I was living in Indiana. I partnered with a private concierge doctor and handled some of his autoimmune patients helping them get diet and exercise connected for better healing results. In November of 2018, I decided to take two months off and travel with my 3-year-old. We packed whatever could fit in my jeep and off we went. Traveling from Indiana to Colorado to California, this was a time to reflect on the work I was creating and what my plan moving forward in life was going to be.

The day after Christmas, I packed up the car and drove 16 hours from Newport Beach, California to Denver, Colorado where I had arranged to rent an Airbnb for an additional three weeks. By January 14th, I decided that maybe I should reconsider driving back to Indiana and stay in Denver. Although I have been operating my business for almost 7.5 years, relocating to Denver (January of 2019) was truly a complete restart and it scared me. I had set a goal that I would stay in Denver if I could make 20 clients in two weeks. I was able to make 15 clients and decided to move from the Airbnb I was renting to a new home where I had space to take more clients. I have now been able to make a small name for myself and my mobile practice. I found my greatest ways to network in the strangest of ways. I first grew my business by reaching out to professional athletes which gave me the immediate business to afford my time to network and meet other working professionals and grow my client list. In the beginning, I reached out to realtors and other social developing professionals for “power coffees” where I would share my passion and get to know their consumers and ask for help in meeting potential clients or other great networkers. This summer, I dedicated my free time to golf tournaments and other active living events to offer stretch demos to potential clients.

When growing any business, it is never something I believe can be done alone especially when its “people’s business”, the greatest lessons I have learned as an entrepreneur is learning to be my best self-advocate, staying organized and staying mentally present and clear for the client. My business is a very intimate one at that, clients share their lives with me and trust me to help them and guide them along the way to reach their goals, healing, and ultimately pain-free living. It is not only my business but my livelihood that I am able to pour my passion into, there is nothing greater than being able to hear “I feel so much better” multiple times a day, my work is my daily dose of affirmations.

We’re always bombarded by how great it is to pursue your passion, etc. – but we’ve spoken with enough people to know that it’s not always easy. Overall, would you say things have been easy for you?
It has been far from a smooth road. Nothing worthwhile ever comes easy, but I have learned to listen to myself, answer for my own needs and provide to my clients the way I would want to if roles were reversed. I started going to happy hours and events and talked to anyone I could, I would get to know the clients in my area and see how I could possibly offer a service that would meet their demands. Offering something unique that no one has ever heard of has been the biggest struggle, how can you describe something that has never been seen? I developed a strong elevator pitch that was short and sweet and left room for questions. There is a fine line of talking too much and not enough as well as the specific words one can choose, such as saying “like” or “um” too much, you must portray ultimate confidence when selling your business, I role played in my head and out loud at times how I could better describe my work. I collected business cards with which I then composed emails to send to potential clients with a video demo of yoga massage therapy and a pdf of my other services and pricing.

When I go to the stores or out walking or out with friends, I practice greeting people and being intentional. There is something to be said about practicing good energy. What you put out the universe, you will receive tenfold. June of this year was when I lost a majority of my clients due to travel and the season of sports ending half of my clients left town, I was thinking clearly and only staring at the new path I had created. It was then I realized I needed to think outside of the box and find clients that were not professional athletes but still athletes. The next question I asked myself was “who is my ideal client” the answer was simple, a client who can afford the time to themselves, who was timely and valued their body comfort. It dawned on me then “GOLFERS”, golfers value body movement, they are never late to a Tee time and they will make time to be a better golfer.

Staying creative and clever is a constant practice and a growing business requires everything you have to keep it going. Devotion to your passion and purpose will fuel success.

What do you do, what do you specialize in, what are you known for, etc. What are you most proud of? What sets you apart from others?
Tiffany Blake Stanfield is a trained professional in Scientific Holistic Health. Utilizing her skills in
nutrition/lifestyle coaching and hands-on bodywork she helps clients cultivate a sustainable lifestyle through motivation, education, and result-driven methods.

Services Offered:
Nutritional Coaching
• Focusing on a “Whole Body Wellness approach”; you will address exercise/activity, diet, sleep, and mental/emotional needs. Helping facilitate a plan for your individual needs and reestablish homeostasis in the body. Offering extended services in meal prep and cooking for clients.
Lifestyle Coaching
• Helping clients learn to utilize their own, personal resources to help unlock their greatest potential for success. Resolving unhealthy habitual patterns, all the while facilitating self-empowerment.
Yoga Therapy
• This is a result-driven hands-on method combining stretching and pressure point massage therapy for the best of both worlds. Clients can expect a complete postural analysis, with improvement in alignment and soft tissue release. The theory behind developing this method was to facilitate lengthening and strengthening muscles to hold proper form to remove stress from the spinal structure.

I specialize in helping clients work through the following ailments.

• Physical Discomfort
• Chronic Pain
• Athletic Recovery & Performance
• Surgical Recovery
• Prenatal Work
• Lower Back Pain
• Joint Pain
• Spinal Stenosis
• Bulging Discs
• Scoliosis
• Muscular Injuries
• Plantar Fasciitis
• & more

Nutritional Needs

• Breaking Poor
• Behavior & Patterns
• Weight Loss
• Hormonal Issues
• Metabolic Disorders
• Autoimmune & Inflammation
• Mood, Anxiety, & Depression

What do you feel are the biggest barriers today to female leadership, in your industry or generally?
I find that anyone will have Barriers when they do not practice fueling their own fire. I feel that in today’s society women need to reflect masculine and feminine characteristics, not coming off too aggressive or dominating but confident and assertive. Commanding a room with your energy is something any successful entrepreneur knows how to do, especially when you are starting out and you are not known, the best practice is the dance between confidence and humility.


  • Yoga massage therapy is $125/hr
  • Coaching sessions for nutrition and lifestyle start at $100/hr

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