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Conversations with Jazzy P

Today we’d like to introduce you to Jazzy P.

Hi Jazzy, thanks for sharing your story with us. To start, maybe you can tell our readers some of your backstories.
Growing up I always had a creative outlet of some sort. I grew up in Cedar Rapids, Iowa and I spent most of my adolescent years in performing arts. I always knew I would follow some road that would bring my creativity out of me. In college, I majored in sociology. Something about the way communities interact with each other is fascinating to me. How can every human live a life that we know nothing about but somehow we unify? But still, stay separated? How do we all have the same basics but none of us have the same experiences? Questions like this run through my mind, thanks to my ADHD.

As I was growing into a woman and exploring all of the wild nights (well, as wild as Iowa would allow.) I was also singing at open mics with my high school guitar club teacher. As I grew up I toyed with love, got my heart broken, and broke a few hearts myself. Although we give heartbreak such a negative undertone- heartbreak is what opened doors of opportunity. I remember the first song I ever wrote. I was working at a headshop in Iowa City and my co-workers convinced me to try and write some lyrics to a YouTube beat.

Well of course love-struck by my fantasies, I wrote my first song ‘Circles’. The tune is about an ongoing cycle with someone who denies the whole thing exists at all. Circles turned into much more. I continued to write music and play around in a notebook full of all my feelings. It was the only thing that made me feel safe in my head from all of the scary thoughts. We all have them… right? I went on and wrote a few more songs, and then the unimaginable happened.

I was taking a stroll down Iowa Ave and noticed a sign on my favorite bar that read: BLUE MOOSE: CLOSING SOON. I was sad about this because some of my favorite and worst memories lived at this bar. I felt as though I was losing a piece of my college experience. Although I was sad to see Blue Moose go, a new spot was in the works. Some time went by and I distracted myself by holding ‘circle meetings’ where I would bring local creators to the same room to create together.

Like I said before, I love communities. Maintaining my creative outlets, I tried modeling out. I was out with my friend taking some photos and ended up on the roof of my once favorite spot in the city. I noticed a new sign was placed on the windows. EL RAYS LIVE AND DIVE NOW HIRING. I was ecstatic. A new bar in Iowa City and not to mention LIVE MUSIC?! So what did I do? I walked in there, chin up, with no hesitation, and asked them for a chance to bring artists into this new spot. I had experience singing at open mics with my teacher I mentioned above and insisted that they give me a chance.

Thanks to the kind gentleman from TN that was there that day. I had my dream opportunity. I was going to be the host of ‘Writer’s Circle.’ At this point I was pretty committed to writing music, I released a few songs on SoundCloud and was working with my engineer quite often. Being the host of this open mic opened my eyes to what my passion was. Bringing people together by celebrating their creative outlets.

After a year at ElRays and trying to host open mics with covid rules – my time was up. I had an EP released and a new love interest that ended up hurting even more than the one that inspired circles. Over that year at El Rays I started asking myself questions that I wonder about other people. What makes me tick? What makes me feel alive? What does health look like to me? What do I want out of love? What do I desire in life? What kind of woman am I at 40?

I only found these answers through poster boards. I would write the question in the middle of the poster board and answer them little by little until there was no space left to write. The one that stood out most to me was “What makes me feel most alive?” Suddenly everything started to make sense as I wrote about, expression. Fashion, Music, Painting, and Film. These were trends among each board. I’ve always been a natural at connecting with people. That’s how the ‘Circle Meetings’ were born in the first place.

So the next question came to light and instead of a poster board – I hung up a clear shower curtain on a blank wall in my apartment and used dry-erase markers to write any and every idea I had, at any given moment. In the middle of it wrote: ‘HOW CAN I BRING PEOPLE TOGETHER THROUGH THEIR EXPRESSIONS?’ Looking back it all seems like it was right in front of my face. What kind of event celebrate fashion, music, art & film? Easy. A festival.

I thought to myself of a moment when someone important to me said. “The only thing that can ever stop you is you”. This was one of those moments that you have no reason to remember but for some reason, it’s vivid and it is like it happened yesterday. ME?! THROWING A FESTIVAL??? I’m going to need a lot more shower curtains and sticky notes. I started doing research and realized that hundreds of thousands of people gather for this kind of event.

Why can’t we still come together but a portion of it can go toward a good cause? Does something like this already exist? Maybe I will just apply and work for one. There were a few that supported mental health but not on the scale that I envisioned in my head. Embracing my newfound entrepreneurial spirit – I came up with a name. TUNEZDAY. Knowing that I still had so much to do and another 1,000 questions/per minute. I decided to make my first-ever 5-year plan.

This was at the end of 2020. Plenty of time to sit in the house and answer questions right? I learned everything I could about being the businesswoman I needed to be to make this massive project come to life. I still am learning how to be that woman. Fast forward a few books, a change in majors to business administration, and another broken heart. I am beyond inspired. I moved to Denver on January 1st, 2022, a dream of mine because of the creativity this city holds.

A dream to work at Meow Wolf in some sort of creative directing role and plenty of rejections. I settled for the first job I could find in Denver, just to get my feet on the ground so I can go back to planning, and fast. I was a creative recruiter a year ago. I was miserable. Working in a corporate office that honestly, worked against my morals – I stayed because my team was so supportive and welcoming to Colorado. It was hard for me to leave because they were my new friends.

Toward the end of my time in this office- I would spend many days with tear-filled eyes., until May 1st 2022-the director of the office (knowing I was looking for new roles) came to me and said something I will intentionally never forget. “You either need to give up your dream of TUNEZDAY and put everything you have into this role – or you need to give up this role and put everything you have into TUNEZDAY.”

That day he gave me 15 days to find a new role. I understood. I would’ve done the same thing. I then started going through profiles on LinkedIn of industry leaders. I messaged them asking for insight, met with a few, and had some responses but always continued asking questions. I would go back to their first job and study their paths. How did they get to where they are now? What kind of entry-level roles even exist out there relevant to immersive art and museums?

On the 15th day I was turning in my laptop and on the train ride home- I received a call that would change the course of the next 3 months. I was offered a role at an immersive museum on 16th Street Mall. I was happy to hear about this since my interview was so unique. In my interview, I walked around the civic center with my future CEO and he asked me questions about my dreams. I felt safe to be Jazmine in those moments and to be excited out loud about my ideas. Nonetheless, by being myself I was offered a position as the Marketing Manager for a software company.

Not just any software – one that allows you to walk around in AR and interact with NFTs. Thanks, universe! I am grateful for this role because this was the tip of the iceberg. I discovered my work ethic, my grit, my intentionality, and my accountability. I was in over my head, to be frank. I needed more training to be the head of a department at a start-up. It didn’t end up working out but I am forever grateful for this because my CEO reminded me often, that TUNEZDAY is achievable and it can happen sooner and bigger than expected. I constantly think of this kind of conversation. I believe they are what shaped me to be the way that I am.

After I left the museum – I attended an NFT event that I debated for hours not going to and I walked across the street to a studio and took a similar approach to El Rays. “Hi, I’m Jazzy P. I like what you’re doing here, I’ve been looking for a studio to record at here in Denver.” One thing led to another and they hired me as the studio manager where I can send musicians to chase their passion.

At an event at the studio- I met a designer who introduced me to the fashion world. Loved it and felt right at home on my first runway. At this point, I started listening to myself. I put on my big girl pants and I started an LLC. I did the damn thing! We’re all probably thinking – finally! Present day – I hosted my first successful TUNEZDAY event. It was a fashion show, mixed with a concert, while there was a live painter and vendors out the door. It was a great turnout.

Now a month later I am preparing for a TUNEZDAY event in the spring. How does a grocery store sound for a venue? I see the future of what these can turn into, but I have been reminding myself that – this journey has no rights and wrongs. Thus far I never would’ve expected it to go the way it has. I pull inspiration from everywhere. I take notes on my phone of any idea that pops into my head and then I figure out what little pieces go into making it happen.

I surround myself with other creative Individuals that know how to get shit done and honestly I stopped telling myself no. I say yes to every idea. Nothing is too big to accomplish as long as there is routine and discipline to back it. I have said this throughout my entire journey of discovering TUNEZDAY and I will continue to use it as my mantra.

Life is long. Just like this story! And this is just the beginning.

I’m sure you wouldn’t say it’s been obstacle free, but so far would you say the journey has been a fairly smooth road?
I struggle with mental health disorders that root in childhood trauma. I have learned to remind myself that my brain is just playing tricks on me and I am on the right path. I grew up in a very abusive environment and surrounded by negative forces that felt as though I would never overcome them. I was almost killed at the age of 6 being beaten so badly it led my family to leave and into homelessness at a secret women’s domestic abuse shelter.

I struggle with loud noises, feel overstimulated, and have a nervous tick that affects my physical appearance. Some of the closest people to me don’t know about my experience thus far. I have lost people very close to me due t my mental health struggles. I am learning that I am not stuck, broken, or hard to love. Childhood trauma has fueled a big portion of the mission behind tunezday.

These events are meant to inspire people to feel completely human, embrace their creativity, and have a safe space to feel supported. I would like tunezday to become a fundraiser for a mental health foundation. I would like to open women’s shelters and support programs like Salvation Army. Some of these organizations – quite literally kept me alive as a child and I would like to throw events that can give back to what helped me become this person.

Thanks for sharing that. So, maybe next you can tell us a bit more about your work?
I own an Event Company that bridges the gap between Fashion, Art, Music, and Film. All while supporting communities that do not have a voice that deserves to be heard and seen. I specialize in turning a simple concert or show into a much more immersive experience.

In terms of your work and the industry, what are some of the changes you are expecting to see over the next five to ten years?
I see the industry getting more technical with advances in how we enjoy entertainment. AR/VR gives art a whole new feel by being able to walk around in the creativity. I believe events will become less populated in person with the opportunity to “attend” in your living room.

Fashion and Music are always evolving and repeating history at the same time. Each generation is faced with new apps and ways to connect. Marketing has changed immensely since mobile devices are like computers at our fingertips. Imagine what it will be like when holograms are real.


  • $500 A Personalized TUNEZDAY Event
  • $100 Ghost Writing (lyrics)
  • $50 Consultation Call for your party

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