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Jolie Rodriguez

My passion for photography came to be when as a young mother of 4 my husband died suddenly. We were lost and looking for something to make us whole again. Little did I know that booking our family pictures would put us on the path of healing. The pictures from that day showed me that we were still a family, we were strong and we could move forward. Read more>>


Chelsea Ellis

By taking some time to do something I have always loved, blogging, I began to value my time with my kids more. All areas of my life began to fill with color. I love waking up in the morning and feeling so much purpose, I have four wonderful children that are at this age, still reliant on, and look up to their mom. I hope to show them that while they are my priority, I have other things cooking. Read more>>


Kristen (Kaypee) Pratt

I had no clue who I really was. I spent most of my life fighting a battle and I had never had the chance to ask myself what life, my life, was about. What did I want to do with my life going forward? What did I even like to do? I had the choice to make my life whatever I wanted it to be, so I started doing things to find out who I was and what I like. Read more>>

Courtney Wilson

There is where my passion for adventure grew climbing over 100 mountains and learning more about life than I could’ve ever imagined. I always had a passion to adventure out West, but that was part of my wildest dreams. I graduated college last May and set my sights on a life out to Colorado. Finally, this past October, I landed the job of my dreams. Read more>>

Yesenia Casas

My plan was to get my license and eventually leave my job, however before I ever made it that far, my job decided to let me go! It was really a mutual separation if you ask me and I can’t say I was bothered by it. I walked out of that place and never looked back. I studied really hard and passed my real estate test on the first try. Read more>>

Andrea Escobar

Food had always been a huge part of my life, cooking was always a game to me, it was fun and exciting, it brought out the creativity that my manic side encouraged. During this time of my life, I also found cannabis-the beautiful, healing herb that allowed me to achieve a new level of wellbeing. Read more>>

Eileen Thomas

I took my test on a scantron with a pencil. I’m old school, yet still hungry, constantly evolving my career. My resume and technical background is impossible to find and anyone that works with me can attest to how passionate I am about using my skillset and engineering background to enable others to do the best work they’ve ever done in their career. Read more>>

Lauren Mims

I would work on experiential projects with Google and General Motors which instilled a love for exciting, memorable moments for the public. When I decided to move to Denver, I wanted to bring that passion with me. So I landed a job with Outdoor Sportsman Group and quickly worked my way up to social media specialist/manager for 20+ properties in TV, print, and web. Read more>>

Lucy Beaugard

After college, I started my lifestyle business which I’m still actively maintaining. Though after almost a decade of capturing other people’s happiness, I felt complacent — if that makes sense? I’ve accepted that my personality doesn’t leave much room for complacency. I’ve always done better with the unknown and forced challenges. Read more>>

Emily Klipp

Now I focus my time on coaching and managing our current team of seven as the business rapidly expands. I head up the client and retention side of the company ensuring that all social media packages are fulfilled, our clients receive the best customer experience and we’re delivering on results. Read more>>

Cassy Brule

I wanted to create something that could help individuals feel confident and healthy inside and out. My love of fitness, fashion and educating others are the fundamental principles of Squats and Stilettos. It hasn’t been an easy path, educating myself and creating something from scratch by myself, but it was worth it. I am able to be me and help others. Read more>>

Meghin Kiernan

While I love being a veterinary student, I found I needed a creative outlet. After planning my wedding, I started my blog: Muse by Meghin Rose. This has allowed me to share my interests and express myself in a world outside of medicine. Here, I showcase my love of travel, overdressing, home decor, and cooking. Read more>>

Rachel Mulenga

I always thought starting a fashion blog consisted of having the perfect camera and lots of clothes in your closet. However, I started my Instagram page by taking my own pictures with my iPhone and really being creative with the clothes I already had. I received overwhelming support from my followers which motivated me to launch my fashion blog. Read more>>

Laci Hageman

With the occasional hair tutorial for fun. A YouTube channel that is similarly dedicated to health and beauty, makeup and hair tutorials as well as some fitness. An Instagram that is mainly focused on makeup, and a TikTok which is another catch-all! That was mainly my creative outlet but has been the biggest leg up towards my internet fame goals! Read more>>


Victoria Robinson

I spent years working for a corporate salon but was being drawn to the flexibility and possibilities that cultivate from being an independent hairstylist. While I was so honored to receive the Customer Service Award two years in a row out of 20 salons, I was craving that “next level” or “what’s next”, that is when my family and I decided it was time. Read more>>

Lindsie Zagiba

Coincidentally out of boredom, I started cooking. The more I cooked, the more I realized how much I enjoyed it and that I was pretty good at it too. I was a stay at home Mom at the time, with a 1-year-old, and money was tight. This is when I learned how to make healthy, delicious dinners without spending a lot and figured, why not share this with others and help them too. This led me to working with the Food Bank of Central and Eastern North Carolina. Read more>>


Lisa Herrera

Watching a video one day sparked an interest in making a cake. I watched a how-to video on YouTube and created a simple little cake. This ignited a passion inside of me and I spent countless hours learning and absorbing all that I could about baking and cake decorating. First making cakes for family and friends, which helped me to eventually have a budding home-based business. Read more>>

Westminster & Thornton

Alexi Rajala

Before I launched my blog, I worked in accounting. Early last year, there was a point that I was overworking myself so much that I couldn’t recognize myself anymore. With the support of my husband, I decided to leave my job and find some inspiration in life. At the time I had no idea what that inspiration was. Read more>>

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