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Exploring Life & Business with Jae Manifest of Ryyse Creations

Today we’d like to introduce you to Jae Manifest.

Hi Jae, so excited to have you with us today. What can you tell us about your story?
Hi name is Jae, I am an artist, educator, and entrepreneur from Aurora, Colorado. I work mainly in 2D art in the form of drawing, painting, and photography, I am inspired by nature and the things within it. Art has been a part of my life for as long as I can remember. I have always loved creating and exploring but it hasn’t always been my main focus. I spent more than half of my life dedicating it to sports, specifically football. Of course, like most kids, I thought all my hard work would take me to the NFL so I put so much energy into trying to become the best player I could be.

Ultimately, after high school I had the choice of accepting a scholarship to art school or to play football. In the end I chose to play football. I faced many obstacles in college trying to excel at football. Slowly I realized this wasn’t my path and began to transfer my passion and time into creativity . I realized most of my coaches weren’t really fully invested in me, so I began investing in myself.

In 2016, I started creating again. I started drawing more, picked up painting again, and upgraded my camera from one I was given as a gift when I was young. A Little while later, I broke that camera while I was shooting and had to upgrade again. After a lot of discovery and adversity. I decided to solidify and encompass everything I had been working on by coming up with Ryyse (rise) Creations. Ryyse Creations is some I created to allow myself to do everything that I’m passionate about; art, helping people, and learning.

Would you say it’s been a smooth road, and if not what are some of the biggest challenges you’ve faced along the way?
It hasn’t been a smooth road at all, it never really is. There were a lot of ups and downs. I went through a lot of questioning myself but ultimately all the things I went through to discover myself and eventually my path, it was all worth it. I had a lot of people tell me from a very young age that art couldn’t make money and that I needed a “practical” job. That is a part of what led me to play football for so long. I went through my own self doubt when it came to what I was doing and what I was focusing on. People would question all the time why I wasn’t using my degree and why I wasn’t focusing on doing something other than art. No one ever realized I had a bigger plan. Most of the struggles came from within. I often let others doubt stop me without realizing it. You will go through so many struggles and it is how you react to it that matters. I learned the path isn’t always clear and don’t the negative things people say make you doubt your own vision.

Appreciate you sharing that. What should we know about Ryyse Creations?
Ryyse(rise) Creations is a visual artwork and lifestyle brand that acts like a non profit. It embodies the idea of connectivity. The purpose of Ryyse is to reconnect, I want to inspire people to create and pursue the best quality of life by encouraging people to reconnect with nature, themselves, and each other. I want to communicate the connection between all beings through visual art, outreach and education.

Artistically I specialize art that is inspired by nature. I mainly work with graphite, colored pencil, acrylic paint, and photography. If I had to categorize my art, I would say it is naturalistic surrealism. I enjoy drawing animals and almost any other thing from nature. With photography I specialize in nature, travel, and fashion photography. I just dropped a very limited sticker pack as well as my website in April. As I work to have the education and outreach sector grow. I currently offer a blog and a podcast that is coming soon in May called “Manifest’s Digest” I will have conversations that feature myself and guests to talk about different issues that involve the environment, youth, and mental health.

I am best known for my stickers and my photography. I really love stickers and creating sticker designs as well as taking pictures. What sets me apart as an artist is my concepts and how much depth and details I hide in my art. I often leave hidden messages. With photography I believe I cultivate a very fun, positive, and high energy environment during my photoshoots that allows my clients to be comfortable and relax. This is important because the vibe of the shoot often correlates to the results. As a company Ryyse is unique because it is more than art, it is a mind state, a lifestyle and a community.

I am proud that money isn’t my main focus at all. For me it’s all about the impact I make. I hope to impact even more people in the future. I am most proud about my message. Ryyse is a brand that thinks about the collective and most companies don’t stand for that. I am active in the community and very transparent about advocating for what’s right no matter the setting.

Ryyse is still building, I’m working hard on creating art to build the education and outreach departments of Ryyse creations. My current services are merchandise, commissions, and photography. For education we offer blog post and a podcast coming in May. I also offers ways to interact the community. I have a collaborations section on website that highlights community service opportunities, other brands and people to work with as well as an interactive community called the “Ryyse Family”. It Allows you to interact with a community. You post things your doing in the community through the hashtags #ryyse #ryysefamily #weryyseandcreate. People who are a part of the Ryyse family. strive to be the best version of themselves everyday, keep going when things get hard, explore nature respectfully, and speak for those who can’t or won’t speak for themselves. If this sounds like you get involved in the Ryyse community and tag us. You could get featured on the Ryyse Website. I hope to collaborate with many more creatives in art designs as well as photography. I hope to work with more organizations and people doing awesome things to help their communities.

We’d love to hear about any fond memories you have from when you were growing up?
My favorite childhood memory is really just all the different times I got to explore nature and how appreciative I was of everything, how amazed I was. Everything was so new and amazing. I try to live like that now to get the most joy of life. I work with children. and I have learned a lot from working with them.That’s where my best memories as a kid come from, all of the joy I got out of the smallest things, those times as a kid are what really matter to me. You are never too old to live that way


  • Currently I charge $100 an hour for photography
  • For my art commissions $60 minimum

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