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Inspiring Colorado Springs Stories

The heart of our mission at VoyageDenver is to find the amazing souls that breathe life into our city. In the recent weeks we’ve had the privilege to connect with some of Denver’s finest artists, creatives, entrepreneurs and rabble rousers and we can’t begin to express how impressed we are with our city’s incredibly deep talent pool. Check out Colorado Springs’s rising stars below.

Kirsti Logan

There’s no such thing as a short story in my life. Hi. My name is Kirsti Logan and I am the owner of Sleepy Turtle Coffee Co in Colorado Springs, Co; a mobile coffee shop located in the heart of a 1974 VW Van. Ever since I was a little kid I would dream of being a business owner. My friends used to make fun of me and call me “Chef Kirsti”. When I was around ten I came up with the name “the Sleepy Turtle” and it just stuck. I was born in Denver, but grew up on the beaches of Florida. My dad rocked a VW Bus or a “hippy van” as we called it. He used to drive me and my friends around town and encouraged all our crazy antics. I remember him and I sitting in the VW watching the sunrise on the beach, drinking coffee from our favorite beachside shop. We would go early and watch the waves come in, and if we were lucky we would see dolphins, sharks, or turtles. We learned a lot about each other over the years, and that kind of stuck with me. Anytime I go to a new place, I search for three things. The best restaurants, bars, and coffee houses. Read more>>

Gray Warrior

In all Honesty, I just said ‘Fuck it’. After working in higher education for 10+ years I had finally had enough. My high anxiety regarding recruitment and the never ending fires I had to put out made me clench my jaw so much it gave me countless migraines. I was done. I was unhappy and it really affected my work. More importantly, it affected the relationships I had with people and even the view of the world around me. I felt stranded and alone on my island of anxiety. The day I gave my supervisor my two weeks’ notice was the best I had felt in a long time. It was scary but I finally felt free of my shackles. Free to explore my passion and to finally do what I want to do. I understood the risks but I didn’t care. I knew that if I really wanted to make this happen I’d have to work hard and stay strong through the ebbs and flows of entrepreneurship. Given all of this I knew deep down that this is what I really wanted in life. I had always gone the safe route when looking for jobs. Read more>>

Ellen Kerchner

My journey to starting a cut flower farm has been a circuitous one. It started and ended right here in Colorado Springs, CO. I grew up in the foothills of Cheyenne Mountain developing deep ties to the Colorado Rockies. My sense of curiosity and adventure grew through family wilderness trips in Colorado’s diverse ecosystems. A degree in conservation biology helped me understand ecosystem dynamics and begin to develop ideas of how to make a positive impact on our world. In particular, I focused on pollination biology to understand how climate change could impact pollinator communities in Colorado’s wildflower capital, Crested Butte. This work made it clear that we must immediately make changes to the way we interact with the natural world, but I didn’t yet know how. A background in rodeo and horse packing Ied me to work on ranches in WY and CA practicing regenerative agriculture. Read more>>

Dillon Lara

I went to school for web design and development back in 2010. First gig I landed was for an ecommerce company but wanted to work on more projects at one time so left to working for a couple of different Marketing/Creative agencies as a lead web developer and eventually web development manager and project manager. I’ve always had an itch to do my own thing or build something from the ground up and push it as far as I could so in December of 2020, I left my comfy salaried gig to become a freelance web developer and ecommerce consultant on side while building a startup focused on helping the food truck industry. Read more>>

Nina Lee

My parents owned a bar/restaurant in Colorado Springs and there I got my first experience with the industry when I was just a kid. While I was attending college, where I met my now-husband and business partner, I bartended. After college and throughout my career, I still worked events and part-time shifts in the industry. It was great networking, fast-paced, creative and the money was always good. My husband got his master’s in Hawaii and after a 5 yr. amazing experience, we decided it was time to settle down and start planting our roots- as they say. Both being natives to Colorado we decided to move back. Our first stop was Colorado Springs, where my mom lives. At that time, she was still working at her bar/restaurant and wanted out. She sold us the business and we created new a concept. We wanted to curate a space with both of our experiences. My husband, just like myself had an entire career in the industry as well. There came 503W. It is an Asian fusion concept with great beers and cocktails. Read more>>

Eric Drew

Since before I could drive, I’ve been obsessed with cars and having them looking their best. Having owned a few sports cars over the years and my inability to find someone to detail my own vehicles to my level of satisfaction, I decided to start educating myself on own how to get the results I was looking for. Working my business with a few scrub brushes, some towels, and a polisher, I’ve been able to reinvest in myself and now operate commercial equipment capable of tackling the dirtiest of interiors and applying some of the best ceramic coatings on the market. We’ve evolved from a business that tries to serve as many clients as we could to instead focusing on one client a week. This allows us to take as much time as required to detail that vehicle up to our standards without the pressure of deadlines or moving onto the next client. Read more>>

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