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Inspiring Denver Stories

The heart of our mission at VoyageDenver is to find the amazing souls that breathe life into our city. In the recent weeks we’ve had the privilege to connect with some of Denver’s finest artists, creatives, entrepreneurs and rabble rousers and we can’t begin to express how impressed we are with our city’s incredibly deep talent pool. Check out Denver’s rising stars below.

Jennifer Lowry

Jennifer started out in the financial arena working in the retirement planning, as well as the mortgage industry. Although she enjoyed working with numbers and assisting clients with their investments she was continually drawn to her creative side. In 2008, she pursued this passion for Interior Design and Staging. Her skill sets from the financial industry has since carried over to her interior project managing services with a clear understanding of real estate values and budgets. Read more>>

Tanner Harris

I’ve been a professional pilot for almost 20 years. I started my career as a Naval Aviator and currently fly for a major airline here in Denver – although the future of that career path looks uncertain due to COVID-19. The idea of starting my own business began back in 2015. At the time, I was stationed in Oklahoma City with the US Navy and the use of personal drones was becoming more prevalent and affordable. Read more>>

Nicole Contos

I have always wanted helping people to be a major part of my life. It began in my childhood, assisting with my dad’s special education class and in the activities department at the nursing home where my mom worked. I also began heading down the entrepreneur path at a young age, making and selling beaded jewelry at craft shows alongside my family. Read more>>

Rian Kerrane

Working as a university professor has provided a focus that fuels my adventure travel bug. I travel incessantly around the US, and worked additionally in Mexico, Austria, Latvia, Germany, Italy with and almost annually to Ireland. Most of this travel is spurned by exhibitions, residencies, and conferences that relate to my creative research in the visual arts. Read more>>

Andi Whiskey

I started photography back in 2010 and have been running a marketing agency for over a decade, and eventually decided to merge the two ideas. I now use content strategy and creation to tell brand’s stories to help them grow loyal customer bases and topline revenue. I have seven years of experience running my own e-commerce business, as well, and that gives us an edge on helping e-commerce businesses with their content strategies. Read more>>

Louie Ree

Drawing has been a passion of mine since I was very young. In my country, art is often discouraged, because it isn’t a good way of making a living. We were taught that girls should grow up to manage a home and focus on finding a good husband. Knowing I had less opportunities I was constantly trying to prove to my family that I could use art to make my dreams come true. Art wasn’t my only dream, I came to the United States ten years ago to find the freedom and opportunity with my art. Read more>>

Angie Warren, Julie Curtis Van Zijl and Heather Garcia

Associates III will celebrate our 50th year in business in 2021. Based in Denver from the very start, our first projects were in Summit County and, from there, we expanded to work in the mountain resort areas of Vail, Aspen and beyond. As we honed our craft, our team designed interiors for boutique hospitality projects, spas, and multi-family projects on the way to realizing our true affinity for designing custom interiors for residential single-family homes. Read more>>

Michelle Knoebel

I’m Michelle! My friends call me Mich or Chelle. I hail from the Keystone State of Pennsylvania and grew up in a small town called Middletown, near Hershey. I relocated to Denver in 2007 after meeting a handsome, young lad in a pop-punk band. Shortly after the move, I pursued a career in Cosmetology. I feel as if I owe a lot of my creative flare to my parents. They’ve always had a knack for the arts. My mother would craft and sew til her fingers bled, while my dad was the handiest handy-man you’ve ever met. Read more>>

Stephanie Gripne

When I was 16 years old I announced that I was going to become a carpenter, and my dad said, “why not architect”, and I retorted, “what about wildlife biologist?” My dad, who had a background in business finance and accounting, and had a skill of saving companies replied, “You have a mind for business. You should go make money and that way you could have influence to improve the environment.” Read more>>

Josh Morre

Bluprint started in 2018 as a passion project, to play music outside of the genre we were playing in other groups. It quickly spawned into our full time gig and now we exclusively focus on Bluprint as far as music projects go. Our goal has always been to play music that we love, in hopes that we connect with fans that love it too! Myself, Taylor (drummer) and Tyler (Bass) have been playing music together on and off for over a decade. Read more>>

Stephanie Wachman

My whole career I worked as a Corporate Executive in Business and Product Development. I travelled a lot – coast to coast on a weekly basis. I was doing all this traveling and had young kids that I missed terribly and I’ll never forget sitting in a hotel room in Tucson Arizona eating a Whole Foods Salad out of a paper container and thinking, “this stink, I need a change”. While I was eating and feeling sorry for myself, I started flipping through channels and came upon a show called, “Billy The Exterminator”. Read more>>

Sherry Ott

At 36 years old, I quit my corporate IT job in 2006 and said goodbye to blackberries (no smart phones yet in 2006!), meetings, and New York City. My original intention was to simply take a career break and come back after a year and determine next steps. I traveled around the world to 23 countries, finding a new exciting world outside of my office walls. I captured all of this on my little website My eyes were opened to possibilities and the beauty of simplicity; I didn’t want to go back to my old corporate existence. Read more>>

Alex Guardia

I started to design and take photographs somewhere along my teens, but had been in the arts ever since I can remember. I was taught to paint by my mom at a very young age and in many ways, I believe that was where it all started. That first paint stroke eventually leads me to have my first sketchbook and that first sketchbook lead to my first photo and poster. At the time I was still living in Lima, Peru. Not necessarily understanding where I was going with it other than somehow finding some sort of outlet for expression. Read more>>

Justa Ward, Mike Alvarez and Andrea Knight

I’ve been cooking since I was eight years old. When most kids were playing with toys, I was watching Food Network and asking my mom for a KitchenAid Stand Mixer. Although always my passion, I enrolled in a four year university program with an art education major. Shortly into my first semester, I had an accident resulting in breaking my back in a couple of places. My main take away was that things can change in an instant. Read more>>

Lindsay Condon

For 15 years, I worked for Caption Colorado, the largest provider of realtime captioning in the nation, as the Vice President of Sales & Marketing. My customers included primarily local television stations, cable networks, colleges and universities, government agencies, and event centers across the country. Providing service and accessibility for the deaf and hard-of-hearing community, I have devoted most of my professional life to helping others. Read more>>

Avital Miller

Many people get curious what a former Microsoft Program Manager is doing being involved with healing. The truth is, it’s personal. Microsoft is a great company and I realized that career path was not for me. I soon became known as an Energizer Bunny with being a fitness director, yoga and fitness teacher trainer, running my own business, and teaching 25-30 classes a week! Then I started to have health issues with my hair falling out, fatigue, and muscles turning to fat. Read more>>

Bryn Kelley

I was born in Colorado, grew up in Denver and have always loved exploring in the mountains, specifically Steamboat Springs, with my family. We were very fortunate to grow up going to Argentina over the course of my childhood, primarily to fly fish. I now live most of the year there, with my Argentine partner, Nico, but venture back to Colorado whenever I can. At the moment, I am in Colorado, and seem to be living in perpetual summer. Read more>>

Kathleen Mullins

I grew up loving movies and film, and was always really fascinated by production and all the behind the scenes stuff. My interest really ramped up during college, and I decided to go to film school shortly after. I quickly fell in love with editing and everything post-production. I graduated with a Master’s in Cinema Production in 2013, and jumped right into freelancing. I worked mostly as a video editor, but picked up a fair amount of videography work as well. I sort of fell into corporate work, as I was living in Chicago at the time, and there’s a large number of companies and events in the city. Read more>>

Danielle Starr

I started my cosmetology career in 2007 at the Aveda Institute Denver. When I graduated, I didn’t really have any mentors or personal connections to the beauty industry. This I believe to be the main reason I bounced around so much for my first several years in the industry. I wasn’t completely aware of what all my options were or how to weigh all those options. I started at a commission salon, next went booth rental, then tried a couple barbershops, before ultimately working for two corporate salon environments. Read more>>

Polly Letofsky

In the summer of 1974, when I was a 12-year-old girl growing up in Minnesota, I saw an article in the newspaper about a man walking down an empty highway pulling a cart behind him. I leaned in to read the caption, and it said, “David Kunst, walking down Highway 6 in Colorado on his way home to Minnesota to become the first man to walk around the world.” That fascinated me. I realized that all this man was doing was putting one step in front of the other, and each small, seemingly insignificant step, when chained together. Read more>>

Jennifer Heimpel

I loved the details and I loved when that vision came to life. I was living in Los Angeles at the age of 23; a young soul filled with excitement. I was determined to survive in the most expensive city and find myself and my niche. So, I went through it all, from part-time jobs to temp jobs and getting fired all throughout my journey to find myself. Fast forward, I was the assistant to the Director of Events in the hospitality and entertainment. Read more>>

Ben Dodd, Jeff Woods and Nick Junker

What began in 2015, as a Vail Valley-based GoPro camera rental business has turned into a national award-winning video production company. And it’s all because we understand the power of storytelling to make a difference and motivate. There is no lack of good stories in the world, whether they make you laugh or cry. They might just to be for pleasure or you can gain lots of wisdom that can inspire another to take action or rethink their view of the world. Read more>>

Jim Stevens

I first began drawing and artwork in general when, as a child, I stole into my Grandmother’s studio and “borrowed” a piece of her charcoal and sketching paper. She was a brilliant watercolorist. She caught me. But instead of being angry, as I feared, she sat me down and taught me how to draw and paint. Years later, I had the opportunity to study with and help American master sculptor Ed Dwight with his 12 foot high bronze statue of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Read more>>

Theresa Cashman

My organizer roots actually started as a kid. I always liked having places to put things and it was comforting to know that my favorite stuffed animal had a “home” too. As a science teacher in my 20’s, I survived the insane hours and demands of teaching by being extremely organized. Science takes STUFF, both for demonstrations and experiments, and I had to be able to land my hands on any number of items daily, not to mention managing the paperwork that comes with having 188 students handle multiple sheets of paper every day. Read more>>


Jeromie Dorrance

Dateline was started by artist and curator Adam Milner and myself. I was sitting in Berlin feeling bummed out as my girlfriend had just broken up with me, and I was on Craigslist looking for apartments since I had to move back to the states. I messaged Adam randomly on Facebook and he mentioned that he was getting kicked out of his then current living situation. Literally, at the same moment. Read more>>

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