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Inspiring Denver Stories

The heart of our mission at VoyageDenver is to find the amazing souls that breathe life into our city. In the recent weeks we’ve had the privilege to connect with some of Denver’s finest artists, creatives, entrepreneurs and rabble rousers and we can’t begin to express how impressed we are with our city’s incredibly deep talent pool. Check out Denver’s rising stars below.

Chase and Melissa Devitt

We met while attending culinary school in 2006 at Le Cordon Bleu, Las Vegas. Deciding it was time for a change, we relocated to Boulder a few years later where we both worked a few different local restaurants. Later hearing the call of the mountains as most do in Colorado we relocated to Vail. Read more>>

Charlotte Morgan

I graduated from the University of Colorado with a degree in Philosophy, ready to pursue a career in law. This is what I always thought that I wanted, but found myself unable to commit to a law school and feeling “stuck” and confused. At the age of 23, my mental and physical health began to decline. I was told that I had ADHD, depression, and anxiety. Read more>>

Grace Simmering

Looking back, it’s clear that interior design has always been my calling. My parents allowed me to decorate (and redecorate) my room many times over as a child, and I may have been the only freshman at my university who coordinated a fully designed dorm room with their roommate. Read more>>

Carla Pallares

I was born and raised along the beaches of Texas and Florida growing up so I was a beach bum as long as I could remember. Growing up in a South American household where my mom was the creative one and my dad was the business one, I thankfully grew up with a little bit of both. Read more>>

Jennifer O’Connell

When I started practicing law, I was in a small firm with a lot of cases, but not a lot of experience. In the first few years, I was thrown in the deep end and learned to swim but just staying afloat. I wanted to carve out something better for myself, so I looked for mentors with more experience than the partners at my firm had. Read more>>

Sierra Morrisette

I started as a hairstylist in North Carolina in 2011. Moshi salon in Chapel Hill was my landing ground and I apprenticed under my boss Catlin Hettel at the beginning of my career. I always had a knack for styling and was interested in the editorial and fashion community immediately when I got into cosmetology. Read more>>

Leo Rydel

My obsession with movies, comics, games, and music came at a very young age. When I was younger, I used to go through my Dad’s massive movie collection. I’d wait until my parents were sleep and then sneak movies into my room at a very low volume. Read more>>

Brad Nicol

I began photography shortly after high school. Enrolled at a local community college, I found my way into a black and white film photography course. The next year I took a photography trip with the instructor and members of the class to Italy and France. Read more>>

Terence Rogers

An idea to create a breakfast food truck in Boston, MA. To fund this project I began to host pop-up dinners out of my apartment at the time a few times a month. The food truck never happened but folks really did enjoy the dinners and from there they started to hire me to cook for private events and TBD Foods was born. Read more>>

Holly Loff

I am a Colorado native and spent a lot of time as a kid running around in the woods with other neighborhood kids, where I developed an appreciation for nature. In middle school, I visited a mine that had been listed as an EPA Superfund site with my environmental club. Read more>>

Jenna McKinlay

I’m Jenna! I was born and raised in Denver, Colorado which is pretty rare these days. I would have never guessed that I would end up starting my own business when I was 27 years old, let alone a graphic design and printing business. Although maybe my paper making class taken in Boulder. Read more>>

Duncan Clauss

After graduating CU Boulder in 2007, at the start of the resurgence of small and independent breweries around the country I was inspired to open Aspen Brewing Company. At the time, Boulder had 4 or 5 breweries, Denver had 7 or 8 and many mountain towns throughout the state had their own brewpub. Read more>>

Daniel Fickle

I tried all the team sports growing up and disliked every single one of them. Then one day, I was introduced to skateboarding. The freedom, creativity and rebelliousness flipped my world and it immediately became my identity through my teen years. Read more>>

Trevor Hughes

About a year after landing my “dream job” I realized something was wrong. The job was fine, other’s seemed to be getting along ok and were for the most part happy to be there. Something was stirring inside of me, however. I was reunited with a lifetime love of photography. Read more>>

Robert Gratiot

My father had a real job, but he was also a serious painter. As a boy, I would watch him paint, and he would give me lessons. Painting was such a part of my family that, when I switched to an art major my senior year of college, my parents just said: “Bobby. Read more>>

Natalia Wobst

There was not much doubt that language and culture would factor some way into my life after college. My mother was a high school teacher of Russian. My father was a professor of anthropology. We spoke German at home and I had ten years of Russian language instruction by the time I graduated. Read more>>

Sani Field

I moved from California to Colorado in 2010. My boyfriend (who is now my husband) got into grad school at CU Boulder, and I was in the process of finishing up my Masters in Education online, so it felt like a great time to start a career in education in Boulder. Read more>>

Erin Persaud

In April 2017, I was finally cleaning out my closet post-pregnancies and nursing. I had a bunch of nursing bras, and others from before babies that were just taking up room in the drawer, but no longer fit well. One of my friends kept posting on social media about an organization. Read more>>

Anna Beyerle

I started Anchored Creative Studio in 2016 on the precipice of a big life change. I was moving cities and had just handed in my notice as a marketing manager. I’d worked in nonprofits my entire adult career, and had sensed a disconnect in the marketing work of these passionate, often bootstrapped organizations. Read more>>

Courtney Schellenger and Taylor Cohn

We have been the best of friends since 7th grade and have always had a love for ice cream. A couple of years after graduating college, we came up with the crazy idea to start our own mobile, custom ice cream sandwich business. We wanted to bring a little more sweetness to the streets of Denver. Read more>>

Kayla Ferguson

In 2015, I left my corporate Hollywood job to travel the world. From 2015-2016, I visited 26 countries from Tokyo, Japan to Macchu Picchu, Peru, ultimately landing back in Denver, my hometown. In January 2019, I was really missing immersion into different cultures and was really wanting to connect with the Denver community. Read more>>

Amy Lisojo

As long as I can remember I’ve been obsessed with clothes and footwear. I taught myself to screen print. I would develop screens in my attic. I started making t-shirts to match my sneakers. I put a few of my designs on eBay and they sold! I was amped and there was no turning back. Read more>>

Jamie Downing

My journey starts from the moment I picked up my first instrument, from playing trombone in marching band to being a bassist and pianist in various bands throughout high school. 2013 is when I really fell in love with electronic music, the first show I went to believe it or not was “Bingo Players”. Read more>>

Becky Natenberg

My journey was a bit non-traditional in that it took me a while to land where I am today. I have always been drawn towards helping others. When I was a child, I used to set up my chalkboard and “teach” my “students” whatever I decided the daily lesson was. Read more>>

Rebekah Sorkin

I completed my master’s degree in Social Work at the University of Denver with advanced certification in Trauma Studies. Over the years, I have worked in various inpatient, outpatient, residential and in-home settings, working with individuals, families. Read more>>

Paulette and Daniel Mason

After leaving a family business in 2016 where we had the typical payment processing experience, Daniel was inspired to start a different kind of merchant service company. About a year later, I decided to retire from teaching and join him. Read more>>

Alexia Barreiro

I’ve always been a creative. My parents often encouraged drawing, painting, and other forms of art because they themselves were artists in one way or the other. My mother would always let me help her piece together poster designs for girl scouts and other after school activities. Read more>>

Julius Hinton and Connor Dube

Mile High Mentors was created because we know that no one has had true success in their life without the help of a mentor. We try to bridge the gap between the growing professional millennials and the experience boomer generations by highlighting common grounds and unique perspective. Read more>>

Dianna Conover

My story is a little different than that of a traditional entrepreneur. I always said that I was not the type of person to own my own business but here we are! My story started in the corporate world working in Human Resources with a dream of climbing the corporate ladder. Read more>>

Jon Yacovetta

I’m a Denver native and have been in real estate for two years. Before real estate, I was an educator. I was the head baseball coach at George Washington High School from 2008-2017, and held various positions at a Title I charter school in Park Hill called Venture Prep. Read more>>

Billy Wynne

I started my career with Operation Smile, an international charity that provides reconstructive surgery to children in developing countries. In addition to being an inspiring service opportunity, it was an in-depth orientation to health care services. Read more>>

Emily Davis

I am a perfect product of both my parents – their business acumen and philanthropy. My Dad was the third generation to run his family’s manufacturing business in Wisconsin. My mom has always immersed our family in philanthropy of both time and money. Read more>>

Alliance Cooper

I started rapping at the tender age of nine after my oldest sister amber, of four, wrote a rhyme for me. After loving the attention that I got from people such as adults being surprised by the words I was saying it sparked a fire in me. I grew up in northeast Denver, Colorado is better known as the Eastside. Read more>>

Charles Duke

Cooking and what you eat is now a lifestyle statement. Beyond the quality, taste, and new flavors, home cooks increasingly must also be assured that the foods with which they cook support their health and the health of the environment. Read more>>

Kim Putnam

I started out studying Art History and after I finished my Master’s degree I decided I wanted to actually try my hand at making art, that was twenty-three years ago. Since then I’ve become a professional artist, went back to graduate school a second time and got my Masters of Fine Art (MFA). Read more>>

James Davis

My adventure into woodworking started back when I was 12 and I built a rickety table from plywood and 2×4’s so that I could make model cars. My father was a mechanical engineer and I grew up helping him do all manner of home improvement projects that I had no idea were even possible. Read more>>

G.M. Karas

I am an artist who has been refining their techniques and style in the visual arts over the course of the last decade. Originating in photography, my passion evolved while attending Columbia College in Chicago to include painting, film and fashion. Read more>>

Justin Wiedman

Growing up in New Jersey where marijuana is illegal, it was nearly impossible to express my interest in becoming a cannabis influencer and making a positive impact to help change the negative stigma surrounding such an amazing plant. Read more>>

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