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Inspiring Denver Stories

The heart of our mission at VoyageDenver is to find the amazing souls that breathe life into our city. In the recent weeks we’ve had the privilege to connect with some of Denver’s finest artists, creatives, entrepreneurs and rabble rousers and we can’t begin to express how impressed we are with our city’s incredibly deep talent pool. Check out Denver’s rising stars below.

Shenna Jean

I’m Shenna Jean 👋🏼 I’m a Vision Advisor who helps individuals and teams shift mindsets, align on a vision and create a strategic plan that gets results by using tools based on neuroscience, personal development, and yoga. I moved back down to Denver this past May, after spending the last decade in the best mountain towns of Colorado (Vail & Aspen). I worked in corporate retail for close to 20 years, learning from some of the best brands in the game on what to do (and what not to do) when it comes to creating a successful company and culture of people development. I’m a nut when it comes to personal growth and has been studying it for myself for well over a decade. I’m super passionate about helping people level up, both personally and professionally, and I have created a company that helps individuals and company teams do just that. Taking what I’ve learned from the corporate world and mixing it from what I’ve experienced in the world of personal development has gotten me to where I’m at today. Read more>>

Brittany Iriart

In my life, I’ve taken big risks, I’ve fallen on my face, I’ve gotten back up, and I’ve started over many times – and I regret none of it. I was raised on a cattle ranch in a small city in Utah. I enjoyed all the benefits of growing up in a small community with hundreds of acres to play on, but at the end of my senior year in high school, I was ready for a new journey. I found myself talking to military recruiters and ultimately enlisted in the U.S. Navy. I’ll never forget how scared I was when I got on that plane headed to bootcamp. I knew that my life was going to change forever, and it did. During my four-year enlistment, I traveled the world and I made friendships that have sustained the hardships of time, and I also learned about hard work and discipline. It was an experience that was very challenging, but one I wouldn’t trade for anything. Upon completing my military enlistment, I used my G.I. Bill to obtain my bachelor’s degree in criminal justice and my master’s degree in criminology. Read more>>

Hadley Mick

My family and I moved to Colorado (Broomfield) when I was in 6th grade. I went to middle school and high school in Broomfield and then left for college at Arizona State University, where I studied public relations. After graduating, I moved to Sweden, an English copywriter at a Swedish marketing/advertising agency. After doing that for two years, I wanted to get back to the U.S. and shift my career focus. I ended up moving to Saint Louis, MO and worked for Enterprise in the fleet management division. I still KNEW that I had more to offer than talking on the phone all day, so I shifted my career focus again and moved back home – to Colorado. Because my sister is also in real estate, real estate had always been something that intrigued me. I knew that being able to be face-to-face with clients and help them with one of the biggest financial transactions of their lives was something that lit a fire in me. Also, coming from an intense customer service background, thanks to Enterprise, I knew that I could wholeheartedly help people find their dream home and do it with sincerity and honesty. Read more>>

Alison Repp

I was a therapist in private practice for about five years, and I absolutely loved the work I was doing, but my intuition kept getting louder, telling me I needed to do something bigger than helping people on a one-on-one basis. So after having my second baby in 2018, I decided to close my practice and take the leap. I spent 18 months trying to figure out what this “bigger” thing I was supposed to be doing was, and I went down a few different paths that, in retrospect, weren’t right for me. Then COVID hit, and all of my aspirations went out the window, which ended up being a huge blessing because once I let go of all of the ways I was trying to “make” things happen, I suddenly found myself creating the Let Go & Find Flow Mindset Bootcamp. It was the most flow I’ve ever been in, so even though it was a lot of hard work, it didn’t even feel hard. I no longer wanted to identify as a therapist because there is a stigma that therapists “only focus on the past” and that was never me. So I decided to call myself a Mindset Mentor because it simply resonated more. I had previously facilitated trainings for corporations and had been asked to speak at a few events, so I knew I loved speaking. Read more>>

Nick Newhart

My design career started when I was a drawing and painting major at the University of North Texas. I was studying art and the different avenues of art that I could apply my skills I practiced growing up. I really enjoyed technical drawing, architecture, and precision. I was attracted to design immediately. It was my way to practice drawing but with a purpose. I was also heavily interested in illustration as an outlet to showcase my thoughts and ideas. Design and art are two different things, in my opinion. Art is subjective and might have a direct or indirect interpretation. Design is conveying a message as clearly as possible. So the two things I was interested in learning, I thought at the time, fought each other. Only come to find out years later they actually complement each other very well. I went forward with graphic design as my best option for continuing to explore both avenues – design and art. After putting a fair amount of work and effort into graphic design, I started out at an advertising agency called Proterra Advertising. It was a small agency with a close group of people knocking out project after project. Read more>>

Andre DuBose

I was introduced to music in elementary school when I started to learn percussion. Throughout my academic life, my musical interests grew through the marching band. I went to IUP (Indiana University of Pennsylvania) to study music, where I found out that I enjoy performing and want to make a career. After school, I moved across the country to Lake Havasu, Arizona with my wife, where we both started playing in a band named “Kevin Jaxon and the Midnight Sun.” We were considered the “youngsters” being fresh out of school and everyone else being at least 15 years older than us. We played various venues and casinos and, after a few years, moved to Denver, where my wife got a job as an elementary music teacher. My first band in Denver was called “Moonlight Bloom,” a 70’s style psychedelic rock trio featuring guitar bass and drums. We played various venues around Denver and even went on a few tours. They are still putting out music, but we parted ways at the end of 2018 so I could try other opportunities. Read more>>

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