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Inspiring Stories from Fort Collins

The heart of our mission at VoyageDenver is to find the amazing souls that breathe life into our city. In the recent weeks we’ve had the privilege to connect with some of Denver’s finest artists, creatives, entrepreneurs and rabble rousers and we can’t begin to express how impressed we are with our city’s incredibly deep talent pool. Check out Fort Collins’ rising stars below.

Gregory Mayse

I rode my grandfather’s horses when I was young. I played Cowboys and Indians. I watched Gunsmoke, John Wayne westerns and the original TV show The Wild, Wild West. So it is no wonder that I finally circled back to my love for the Old West. Nowadays, I travel to photograph reenactors dressed in authentic western clothing and gear from the 1800’s and early 1900’s and paint from these references. A couple of times a year, I spend a long weekend either at a 15,000-acre ranch in South Dakota or a reconstructed western town in Kansas. These cherished times are filled with horses, wranglers, cattle, dogs, mules, wagons, stagecoaches, cowboys, cowgirls, Native Americans, mountain men, prairie families and even shady snake oil salesmen. In a typical four day photoshoot, myself and several other artists guide these reenactors in simple-to-complex scenes. I feel much like I am directing scenes on a movie set. You may start your day with a basic setup of a cowboy on his horse eyeing the sunrise and then find yourself shooting a full-on fight scene that starts with six cowboys in a saloon that spills out into the street. Read more>>

Do Palma

I was raised in Venezuela, graduated from Pomona College, taught elementary school in the inner city of Chicago, then later received a graduate degree in urban and regional planning from the University of Colorado. I am a fiber artist. Starting with the quilting medium, my designs reflect my commitment to social and political issues. I incorporate a variety of fiber art techniques, including the application of photography and printmaking methods to my work. My art is inspired by politics, travel, the western landscape, and my relationships with family and friends. I am grateful to them, and to the many artists, visual and literary, living and not, whose work influences mine, both intentionally and inadvertently. Read more>>

Autumn Burn

In the beginning… there were song ideas. The earth cooled, dinosaurs died, the monkeys came out of the trees and picked up a guitar. They broke some branches off some trees for drumsticks and bam – Autumn Burn was formed. Our goal is to save the race from destruction by our hypnotic grooves. ~Matt Matt Durnil – Drums Mikus Shoemaker – Bass Eric Romero – Vocals / Guitar. Read more>>

Ian Dory

FoCo Organics is a family business story. It began with deciding to get into the industrial hemp business after experiencing exceptional results from taking CBD for inflammation and my wife’s on-going lupus battle. Our vision was to introduce and bring forth a product line with transparency and integrity in every step of the process. Jessica Dory, my wife and FoCo Organics’ CEO is the vision behind it all. She brings with her tenacity, organization, and a true love of healing to our family business. Our founding members, Jessica, Jon, James, Bryce, and myself, run operations and help breathe technical life into the vision of FoCo Organics. Our goal is simple and we have a saying that encompasses why we are in business, “heal more people.” We say that at the end of each weekly Operations meeting. Read more>>

Tiffany and Lauren Helton

Lauren Storeby and Tiffany Helton are accomplished restaurateurs in Northern Colorado. Tiffany Co-Founded Stuft Burger bar and Lonesome Buck Brewery. Lauren Storeby Co-Founded Snack Attack Specialty Sandwiches and Brews. Together they have over 20 years of experience in the restaurant industry. They are both strong female leaders in a typically male-dominated industry. They have both managed to create successful restaurants by curating the guest experience, creating a sellable product and mastering online marketing. They are mentors and leaders in the industry and community. During the Covid restaurant shutdowns Lauren and Tiffany really wanted to give back to the restaurant community and share all of their knowledge to help other restaurateurs thrive. This is when Online Restaurant Academy was born. Read more>>

Anna Bilderback

I started out as a 1st grader going door to door selling my mom’s painting’s. I just knew that I loved them and that I made people happy when I would come by. I continued learning and growing artistically by watching my mom, I realized my love for art was much deeper. I went to interior design school following a career with the Gallery of Neiman Marcus, an experimental Gallery in Seattle, WA. After design school I traveled and visited all of the art galleries and museums possible so that I could continue on with more knowledge of the arts. Living in NYC and SF were huge learning experiences, I was constantly at MOMA and the Metropolitan museum of art. Read more>>

Tim Veilleux

Ever since I was nine years old, I loved playing the guitar. My passion for the guitar ignited a curiosity with lutherie, the art of instrument making. After graduating from the University of Northern Colorado, I enrolled in the Fine Woodworking program at Red Rocks Community College. Read more>>

Ben Treat

I started animating about six years ago, as a hobby, a way to express creativity. When my family moved to New Zealand, we ran into some financial trouble, so I tried to pitch in making little stop motion animations through Fiver. I decided to start posting my animations online, and they quickly began to get views and opportunities began arriving. Today I have worked for multiple large brands such as Hermès and Amazon. Read more>>

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