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Inspiring Stories from Boulder

The heart of our mission at VoyageDenver is to find the amazing souls that breathe life into our city. In the recent weeks we’ve had the privilege to connect with some of Denver’s finest artists, creatives, entrepreneurs and rabble rousers and we can’t begin to express how impressed we are with our city’s incredibly deep talent pool. Check out Boulder’s rising stars below.

Daniel Orth

My journey has been one from the depths of terrifying, black hell PTSD to the luminous rainbow bridge of transcendence and it feels like just the beginning… I’ve been on a holistic healing path since about age 18 when I took up yoga and meditation 23 years ago. I’ve been on a snake-like path of healing CPTSD ever since… And I’m still on it.  Arriving literally by accident in Boulder, CO in 2006, things began percolate… And, negativity along with egoic arrogance brought in the healing crisis… over and over and over and over and let’s just say to the nth power. That means I’ve had exponential opportunities to humble myself, be vulnerable, soften my heart and Be Present with myself and others. The opportunities continue. And continue. And continue. AND sometimes finally change a pattern “yay!” Read more>>

William Adams

I am the artist and founder of Relic Fine Jewelry. My interest in metal fabrication and jewelry design started around 2014 while I was attending community college. After spending a bit over a year becoming more and more fascinated with gemstones and jewelry, I was directed by a close friend to check out a school called the Gemological Institute of America. I visited the school in Carlsbad California and quickly fell in love. I knew that I had to go to this school if I wanted to make a career out of jewelry and gemstones. Over the following summer, I worked and saved money to make this dream a reality. I applied for a scholarship and was blessed with a full ride to the gemology program! Through trusting in the universes and following my heart’s compass, I was steered in a direction that changed my life for the best! Since then, I have expanded my skill sets at other training facilities like GRS and the New Approach School for Jewellers. Learning new techniques from masters using state-of-the-art tools has allowed me to progress at a great speed!. Read more>>

Lisa Steinkamp

I spent a career in the corporate world of marketing and was lucky enough to work on some pretty great brands including Disney, The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf, and Baskin-Robbins. But I always knew I wanted to create something on my own. Natural food has always been a personal interest of mine, so when we relocated to Boulder from Los Angeles, I immediately put a stake in the ground and decided to just go for it and start my own business in the natural food space. Boulder is such a hub for the industry, and there are so many resources and support for food entrepreneurs, I was immediately inspired.  Granola was a natural first step for me because I had been making it for years. My husband is a serious granola fan and eats it almost every day, so I spent years looking for brands with cleaner ingredients and less sugar, without much luck. They were all pretty much sugar and oats. Not what granola was meant to be. So, I started making my own, adding more healthy ingredients like raw coconut, nuts, and seeds, then sweeting it with honey and maple syrup.  Read more>>

Roni Slavit

Growing up I always had health problems and no matter how many doctors I would see or how many tests I would take there never seemed to be a solution. I would be told again and again to “I’m not exactly sure what is going on here, but take this pill and hopefully it will help”. Being at such a young age my family and I felt nervous taking all of these drugs without much of an answer so we looked towards a more natural holistic approach. After finding a functional medicine doctor and naturopath these health problems slowly began to get better. My practitioners at the time were able to figure out the root cause of my symptoms, diagnose me with multiple autoimmune conditions that explained to a T what I was feeling, and put me on a protocol that would lower inflammation and clear my body in an all-natural way. I was introduced to different herbs, supplements, nutritional protocols, meditation, and lifestyle practices that truly changed my life for the better.  Read more>>

Sharon Kalenzi

I am an African mom, married with two boys and two dogs. I have lived in Boulder County over 17years. I spent the first half of my life in Uganda surrounded by large family. Having moved from a culture where hair is treasured very much and easily available, it was a shock for me having to travel hours to find a hair salon that could care for my type of hair.  Like many people of color, I tried to do my own hair but quickly realized this was not one of my strongest abilities. Later when we had boys who just need simple haircuts, I run into the same availability problem. Many times, having to drive them an hour away to Aurora for a simple Fade. In a selfish effort to fix this problem for myself, my family, and friends, I opened up a Multi-Cultural Hair salon here in Lafayette. We have been open for a little over a month and are receiving very warm welcomes from our community.  Read more>>

Janelle Holter

Some big-name businesses have these amazing genesis stories… I’ve listened to them on every entrepreneur podcast I’ve subscribed to.  The story of TVLA is an honest one: Colorado-grown, customer feedback focused, and dedicated to supporting your fitness journey.  In 2016, I was teaching 18 fitness classes per week between Boulder and Denver (Read that again folks. Yes, 18 workouts a week). I saw everything from total beginners to pro-athletes and they were often in the same class, working toward the same goal – a healthier version of “self”.  Simultaneously, I was leading multiple 200-hour Yoga Alliance teacher trainings and enrolling international yoga retreats. Through this combination of experiences, I gained some serious insight into the world of fitness accessory “woes” by just simply asking my students their honest feedback on the things they bought and used regularly. 

Verity Noble

Quick overview: 1 part serial-entrepreneur, 2 parts mum (she’s British, hence the spelling), 1 part zero-waste obsessive, 1 part vegan and 3 parts exuberant lover of life (think dancing ‘til dawn, singing – badly – out loud while mountain biking and the total absence of the embarrassment gene). Too many parts? Maybe for most people, but not this lady. Verity’s obsession with zero-waste has stealthily changed the habits of almost everyone she knows. She doesn’t jam with the word impossible. There’s always a way.  Career-wise, I’ve mostly been an entrepreneur. My first company put on events for thousands of young professionals – from week-long ski trips to one day events designed to build community and inclusivity. Then I took some time out to do an MBA and transition my focus from organizing people’s social lives to having a social impact.  Read more>>

Morgan Liphart

I am a poet and attorney living in Broomfield. Before moving to Colorado seven years ago, I lived in a small town in Northern Illinois named Byron. The move to Colorado has heavily influenced my work because it allowed me to gain perspective on my life and use that perspective to create meaningful poems. Through the move, I also discovered the healing power of the natural world that beautifully surrounds us in Colorado. The mountains, the trees, and the wildlife here all have something valuable to teach us about letting go, accepting life as it comes, and appreciating the small joys of life.  I’ve been writing since I was a little girl, but in the past few years, my work has really taken off and found a larger audience. My first poetry book, Barefoot and Running, was released in March of 2021. The book was fortunate to receive a wonderful response from readers in the Colorado community. My story is one of passion, hard work, and so much gratitude!.  Read more>>

Kate Kripke

I have always been drawn to kids and teens and perhaps the entry to my work as a maternal mental health specialist was through the door of the children of mothers. There was a time when what I wanted most was to work with kids and to focus my attention on adolescent development and mental health. I worked for Outward Bound both internationally (in South Africa) and in the US (New York City Outward Bound) where I focused on supporting young people to gain a sense of agency, self-worth, and empowerment- an early professional choice that set me up for the path towards founding the Postpartum Wellness Center/Boulder. After working for Outward Bound, I returned to school to get my Master’s in Social Work (Smith College School for Social Work) so that I could pursue a career in adolescent mental health. My first job out of school was to run a counseling program at an after-school center for kids in the Mission District of San Francisco. The kids refused to come and talk with me. The line of mothers was out the door.  Read more>>

Alfredo Muro

I was born in Lima, Peru, and grew up in a very artistic and musical family, with singers with beautiful voices and where I learned that “silence” was a way of listening and showing your respect and love for music. At the age of 9, I wake up with an unstoppable passion for the guitar. In 1971, together with my sister Connie Bieberach, we won the popular TV program, “Trampolin to Fame” and at the age of 13, I began to work professionally, and shortly after I achieved the highest award in an interscholastic group among more than 100 schools.MLater, I continued MY studies with three of the great masters of Peruvian guitar: Pepe Torres, Carlos Hayre, and Octavio Ticona assimilating from them the rich and varied harmony of Peruvian folklore. These experiences were complemented with studies in the United States with international teachers: Manuel Lopez Ramos (Argentina), Frank Costa (Chile), Joan Doan (USA), and Alfredo Escande (Uruguay). Read more>>

Gigi Douglas

My creative journey definitely began when I was younger and was inspired by my parents who were always trying to give me activities with “no rules” that I could really get lost in. As I got older, small arts and crafts slowly evolved into life-size paper mache monsters and theatrical performances complete with a cast of 10 friends and costume changes. By the time I was an “adult”, I had my eyes on warehouse size murals and multi-acre creative build projects.  Read more>>

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