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Inspiring Stories from Boulder

The heart of our mission at VoyageDenver is to find the amazing souls that breathe life into our city. In the recent weeks we’ve had the privilege to connect with some of Denver’s finest artists, creatives, entrepreneurs and rabble rousers and we can’t begin to express how impressed we are with our city’s incredibly deep talent pool. Check out Boulder’s rising stars below.

Josh Uhl

I grew up in Wisconsin and quickly found a passion for the mountains at a young age. My affinity for the outdoors led me to photography and filmmaking. Spending time outside with a camera in my hand was the only thing that really made sense to me. I moved to Colorado in 2014 with a few friends in the business and figured out how to make it work. I have spent my time in the west making documentaries, creating brand films and chasing a balance between meaningful work and play. That balance is really something that has become increasingly more important to me through the years. Read more>>

Maruta Kalnins

I lived in Nepal with my family for many years. I taught English as a second language and literary Tibetan to overseas college students. When we moved back to the US, I knew I would need both a way to make money and an excuse to get back to the place that so much felt like home, so I bought some jewelry, some textiles in hopes I could sell them. The first few years, I drove around Colorado, selling wholesale at shows and interesting looking shops in out of the way places. Eventually, I walked into a bead store in Boulder. Read more>>

Ross Stoner

My parents bought me a camcorder for Christmas when I was probably 13 or 14. I would make mountain bike videos with my friends. It wasn’t until I was 21 that I realized that creating videos was something that I wanted to do professionally. After checking out several film schools in Colorado, I enrolled in the Colorado Film School in Aurora. There I met a couple of teachers there would change my life. Learning the basics like understanding how aperture, iso and shutter speeds work together and knowing your role on set were critical to my success today. After three semesters, my mother had gotten sick so I took a semester off from school and focused on family and shooting videos. During that time, work had picked up so much that I was able to quit my part-time job and focus on creating videos full time. Read more>>

Diana Sabreen

The Big Dream is a creation that brings together 20 years of my professional experience. I previously worked as a photographer for my primary career, and have always intertwined that with social and socially conscious endeavors. I have a project, Shoot Cameras Not Guns, that teaches photography as a tool for social change and empowerment in conflict areas. I’ve also been teaching rock climbing and guiding people through the mountains for a long time, as well as integrating outdoor education with Corporate Team Building and Leadership Development. Add in that I’m a lifelong performer of dance, theater, and original music, a Burning Man regular, and a constant world traveler, and it all adds up perfectly to create The Big Dream! Read more>>

Lauren Casino

I always loved taking photos of scenery and documenting my own life/travels. In 2013, my husband (boyfriend at the time) went to boot camp for the Marine Corps, and we didn’t have any communication other than letters for over three months. During those months, I truly realized how much I loved simply looking at photos. I completely cherished all of the photos we had together over the years and was so glad that I captured many moments between us so I had those moments to look back on while we couldn’t physically be together. It might sound a little silly, but having tons of photos of us together really helped me get through the difficulty of the distance. Read more>>

Kirsty York

Blackbird Ink is a woman-owned and operated Tattoo shop in Lafayette, CO. Woman in the tattoo industry are not always treated the best. After years of working under not the nicest of male shop owners, our owner Kirsty York, decided to open her own shop. She wanted to create a more welcoming environment than your average street shop. Read more>>

Stephen Cowan

Two years ago, Stephen was at the height of his ten years career in enterprise software sales and yet he felt unfulfilled. He was hungry to make an impact on our community, society and world. He started this company to help people fill the nutrient gaps in their diet and empower them to rise to today’s challenges. (Insta @stvcow) Beyond Microgreens is rooted in nature and backed in science. An 18 months old startup with a big vision: establish a foundation for environmental and social change while empowering people to live up to their best health standards. We do this through using Microgreens in all of our products. Read more>>

Brenna Dee

I was incredibly fortunate to grow up in a small town in the mountains of Colorado where the stars are incredibly bright. The massage part of my story began ten years ago in Crestone, where I completed my initial training. I remember telling people that the program would provide a great foundation for a future in the healing arts. At eighteen years old, I had no idea how right I was. For the last decade, I have been practicing massage in different settings and different styles. I have taken the opportunity to embrace every bit of continuing education that has come my way and now work in a style that is a blend of all that I have learned before. A typical massage with me is nourishing and challenging, helping each body to open up to less restricted ways of moving. Read more>>

Madison Cheshire

My path to midwifery feels deeply inspired by young children and new families. In my early 20’s I was a nanny and I most loved caring for infants. Even before the birth journey was in my awareness, I could feel the tenderness and magic of the postpartum period in a new families life and I felt called to support my community through it.  I’ll never forget what sparked my interest in birthwork. One of the moms I did childcare for told me I would make a good doula. I hadn’t even heard of a doula at that point. I hadn’t given even a thought to childbirth (as most women in western culture don’t until they become pregnant). When this mother told me that newborns are capable of crawling up their mother’s body’ and latching onto the breast entirely unassisted, it was like a star exploded inside me. I was awed, fascinated, compelled to learn more. Read more>>

Shani Vargo

I am a second-generation American of Greek descent and food is very central to my family’s culture. I’ve been cooking and baking since I can remember and grew up hearing my dad speak very fondly of his memories of his father’s love for food and family. My grandfather worked as a bread baker after immigrating to the United States and my father’s fondest childhood memories were getting up early to deliver bread with him on Saturday mornings.  My cooking has only been a hobby for the past couple of decades because I did a career in the Army. After I retired from the Army, I promptly grew bored and decided to go to grad school. A year into grad school, I had to take a hiatus for a year because my son developed cancer. Today he is 100% in remission thanks to diligent research into children’s cancers over the years 65 and the downright heroic work of the staff in the ER and the oncology ward at Children’s Hospital. Read more>>

Alexandra Davis

If someone had told my younger self that I would grow up to become an acupuncturist and Chinese herbalist, I wouldn’t have believed them (or even know what they were talking about). My story is one of surprising and challenging life circumstances and obstacles that led me to a very purposeful and gratifying path. At age 15, as my friends were blossoming and feeling youthful, energetic and full of life’s possibilities, I was beginning to experience painful, scary and inexplicable physical symptoms that I had never had before. My teens were a miserable time for me. Read more>>

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