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Inspiring Stories from Englewood

The heart of our mission at VoyageDenver is to find the amazing souls that breathe life into our city. In the recent weeks we’ve had the privilege to connect with some of Denver’s finest artists, creatives, entrepreneurs and rabble rousers and we can’t begin to express how impressed we are with our city’s incredibly deep talent pool. Check out Englewood’s rising stars below.

Kate Tsimakhoutsava

If start from the very beginning, then it probably all started with a movie “Chocolat” 2000. Watched it much later than the year of release. It was during or just in the year of my admission to study at the university as a psychologist. And to be honest, I don’t remember the whole movie very well. But the only thing that I got out of it and that was with me all the time is that I want to open a unique place. With the main idea that when a guest comes, you choose a dessert exclusively for him: for his psychotype, mood, or life situation. I loved this idea so much! But all this was not about desserts, but about psychology. And over time, this idea went deep into me after my decision not to connect my life with psychology. But it was always with me! And to be honest, I realized this only now. I spent more than 10 years in restaurant industry. And love the idea to open my own place. But it never was about desserts and pastry/confectionery sphere. Restaurant – maybe, bar – for sure. But not desserts! And now, thinking about it all deeper, I understand that that distant idea took its power and began to be realized.  Read more>>

Laura Collins

I grew up in MA, went to school for a degree in hospitality management and a minor in communications. After college went onto school for esthetics (skincare) and Integrative Nutrition since my dream was to own my own wellness spa, I wanted to understand the front and back of the house thoroughly. After completing school, I moved to CO where I worked various jobs to just get started. I at that point had started my own online health coaching business supporting clients create and live a balanced lifestyle, meal prep, workouts, gut health (which was a great combination with my esthetics background as well).  I eventually settled into a management and lead esthetician position at a wonderful wellness studio where I worked for 8 years. During this time, I started pivoting my online coaching to more business development – I ended up having conversations around people’s passions, and then they just not knowing where to take it. I would sit down with them and map out a big vision game plan for what they truly desired from their work then from there we’d break it up into tangible tasks to start moving the needle to get to that point. Soon enough I’d realize this was truly my own passion.  Read more>>

Noah Ungar

I love helping people and I want to help you! I am a nurse who serves the community and a Real Estate agent who ADVOCATES for you.  Read more>>

Tyrice Hudspeth

Tyrice and Tevin started off as friends in middles school, had similar things in common coming from a single parent home. We related towards one another and formed a bond later in life , Tyrice is a barber and Tevin become friend, family and client. Tevin was starting a smoke shop/ convenience store at the time we both shared how the business world was different and how tough it is to get help from our peers. We soon came together and strategize a plan that can shape up things bring the city what’s now! Trending and can become a hot topic so we put our heads together and we said let’s go into business together! So we started UGB BILLIONAIRE SMOKE! Read More>>

Jessica Austin

I started Mrs. Fancy Plants because of my love of plants! I am an entrepreneur and avid plant collector, so I thought I would marry the two and open a plant shop! I opened Mrs. Fancy Plants to share that love of plants with my local community. The goal in opening my shop was to be able to offer quality, curated houseplants and florals to my fellow plant lovers in the South Denver/Denver Tech Center at an affordable price. There is a really rad plant shop circuit in Denver, but not much down South, so that was a big driver in opening my plant shop. Probably one of my favorite things about my job is researching and learning what the latest plant trends are and getting to share that with my customers. It brings me so much joy when excited customers send me emails or messages with pictures of the plants they’ve bought from me that are growing and thriving!. Read more>>

Melissa Estudillo

I am a photographer, videographer, dancer, and up incoming clothing company owner. I take pictures and videos for Good Vibe CBD for about 2 years and I also work freelance gigs such as family portraits, wedding videos, etc. I’ve been taking photos for about 5 years and videos for about 4 years. You can find my portfolio at I manage GVM Studios and I also teach a few dance classes there. I teach Beginner Hip-hop and Beginner Heels on Wednesday evenings and Tween Hip-hop on Tuesday evenings. I have loved dancing all my life but started officially training about 4 years ago. I am in the process of getting my own clothing company named SUS Street up and going. SUS Street stands for sustainable streetwear and is made from pre-loved clothing items that are reworked into something new. Read more>>

Rhiannon McVey

My story doesn’t begin with a passion for entreprenuership or marketing like other business owners probably have experienced. I didn’t realize how much I loved the digital space until I was in college getting a completely different degree. My introduction to social media began in my small, studio apartment my freshman year of college. I was missing home, feeling alone, and needed a way to connect with my community while also being creative. I decided to start a blog where I wrote about my thoughts, shared things I was learning about being on my own, and occasionally documenting my outfits and posting them online. As time went on, that blog turned into a lifestyle brand called “Peace and Blessings”, and I still use that phrase often when I’m saying goodbye to my close friends. A small blog turned into social media platforms, a YouTube channel, and a love for all things social. I was obsessed with creating graphics, learning how to get my posts in front of more eyes, and exploring my web design capabilities. As college came to a close, I had helped many others start their own websites and answer social media questions while also “influencing” my followers and peers on whatever felt relevant for me to post that day. Read more>>

Amy Lerch

I graduated from an Aveda cosmetology school with a desire to use my creativity to transform hair. I studied under a master stylist and started building a client base. Continuing to build after several years my mentor and I opened our first salon near Cherry Creek. Together we grew our salon over many years to over 40 employees. 14 years later it was time for me to venture out on my own. In 2017, Peace. Love. Hair became a reality, an 8 chair salon to develop and inspire stylists in a luxury boutique space. I have trained extensively with many brands: Kerastase, Oribe, Bellami Hair, Hair talk, Brazillian Blow-Out, UNITE, Kevin Murphy, TIGI, Masters of Balayage. Read more>>

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