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Life and Work with Kelly Frank

Today we’d like to introduce you to Kelly Frank.

Kelly, let’s start with your story. We’d love to hear how you got started and how the journey has been so far.
VIDYA Formulated Hemp Therapy came to be because a group of individuals were searching for something more and found each other. We all come from different backgrounds, experiences and lifestyles but the common thread we all share is we knowing firsthand is the value of the plant and the impact it has made on our families and friends. In fact, the name VIDYA was not chosen by accident. VIDYA is actually a Sanskrit word that means knowledge and clarity and that is precisely our mission. We want to grow the hemp marketplace by educating new consumers of the benefits of alternative medicine. In our own families, we have seen a 43-year-old wife with spinal cancer eliminate morphine from extensive list of prescription drugs, an 11-year-old daughter be able to rest easy, anxiety-free at night, a 50-year-old dad recover from a significant motorcycle injury only utilizing opioids for two days after surgery, a 7-year-old son recover from an ongoing rash overnight and many more incredible experiences.

VIDYA was started with purpose and intention. It is a compilation of personal aspiration to inspire others to break a habit and try something new. When we are young, we are trained to do things a certain way, and that becomes a habit. It takes much longer to break or change paths, after something becomes so ingrained into our daily lifestyles, for so many years. As we grow, we become skeptical of things we don’t know about or understand and become more and more set in our ways, less risk-averse and less willing to just try new things. It’s not until, we get to that breaking point that we say, ok, I’ll try anything at this point. We want to inspire others through knowledge and education not to get to that breaking point.

At VIDYA, hemp is our passion. We love being a part of something that has helped many find alternative natural relief from everyday health concerns. All our hemp, as well as our final products, go through independent third-party lab testing, so our customers can be sure they’re receiving safe, consistent, high-quality products every time. VIDYA allows customers to enjoy the purity of the plant without the risk.

VIDYA is a practice and commitment to us, anyone and everyone. It’s about taking charge of our own health and wellbeing first so that we can be great moms, dads, grandparents, spouses, children and more. It’s about not waiting until we get to our breaking point. We all have aches and pains, whether it is from sitting at a desk all day, wrangling kids, old sports injuries, new sports injuries, and maybe just admitting, dammit, we are getting older. VIDYA is not just another brand, it is a lifestyle; something to commit to wholeheartedly; something that is honest, safe and provides relief to our everyday crazy routines; something that allow us all to be perfect, imperfect. Nobody ever got to where they are alone, we could all use a little VIDYA in our lives.

Any advice for other women, particularly young women who are just starting their journey?
Stay strong, nobody ever got to where they are alone. It’s all about leveraging your connections, building new relationships and finding great strategic partners. One of the top reasons startups fail is they don’t have the right team. People are your most important asset, both internally and externally. Listen to your customer, they are the market. Make sure you aren’t just tackling a problem that is interesting to solve but rather one that serves the market and your potential customers. Last piece of advice, money doesn’t solve problems. Don’t get me wrong it helps but the best ideas come when you have to be creative. Lack of money fuels some of the most creative and innovative ideas and partnerships. And remember persistence and patience, everything will take longer and be harder than you think but when you accomplish it, it is the best feeling in the world.

Please tell us about VIDYA Formulated Hemp Therapy.
VIDYA’s mission is to deliver honest, reliable, safe and effective hemp formulated products while sharing our knowledge to improve lives naturally and responsibly. Knowledge of what’s in your hemp extract products is step one, proper use and dosing is step two, and healthy living in the future.

Our VIDYA formulated hemp joint and muscle product line was developed through years of research and testing of hemp extracts and their impact on the human endocannabinoid system. VIDYA proprietary formulas deliver a powerful, full/broad spectrum, whole plant hemp therapy rich in active and essential plant extracts and formulated with essential ancient remedies to deliver whole body recovery. VIDYA allows customers to enjoy the purity of the plant without the risk. What makes our approach unique is it is not just a product but a program: a 30-day regimen because hemp therapy is a lifestyle. VIDYA hemp is formulated to support the ancient human physiological system that underlies and supports all the other systems, to promote balance, or homeostasis, among them. VIDYA has leaned hard into our generations of experience to select a multiple-path program approach. We present three different modalities—icy and soothing topicals, and a tincture for under the tongue. The topical applications, on the outside, introduce therapeutic molecules for entry through the skin at the targeted point. The ice provides immediate soothing relief via the cool sensation, while the balm, rubbed in vigorously enough to generate heat, supports deepest penetration. The sublingual application introduces therapeutic molecules directly into the blood stream, so that they can support the body wherever there is a need, not limited to the targeted site, to help ensure homeostasis throughout, maximizing relief. The daily program approach provides consistency and a regimen to follow. For maximum efficacy, hemp, similar to vitamins requires daily maintenance. It is a commitment to a healthy lifestyle; it is not a one and done approach. However, like taking your vitamins, it’s easy.

Are there any apps, books, podcasts or other resources that you’ve benefited from using?
My favorite book to this day is called, Growing a Business, by Paul Hawkins, co-founder of Smith and Hawkins. It is a simple title but packed full of validation for small business owners. Anyone that wants to turn their dream into reality should read this book. It’s not a how-to book but more of a validation tool for small business owners to know they are not crazy. What I love is his honesty. Running a business isn’t like reading a textbook. There are ups and downs and twists and turns you never thought you would be able to do. It’s not easy but we learn and grow. Patience and persistence… I read it every now and again to get inspiration and remember why I am doing this and why it is achievable.


  • VIDYA 30 Day Program Pack $199.99
  • VIDYA ICE $49.99
  • VIDYA Balm Stick $59.99
  • VIDYA Extract Oil $119.99
  • VIDYA Topical 2 Pack $99.99

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