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Life and Work with Maia Ignatz

Today we’d like to introduce you to Maia Ignatz.

Maia, can you briefly walk us through your story – how you started and how you got to where you are today.
I attended the University of Colorado, Boulder and received a B.A. in Integrative Physiology. After graduating, I was interested in attending the Boulder College of Massage Therapy, but my parents urged me to get to work with my degree. I worked in physical therapy as a Physical Therapy Aide for about a year and a half, until I suffered a serious back injury from a cliff/waterfall jumping accident. I had compression fractures of L1 and L2 and was out of work and in a back brace 24/7 for three months. When I returned to work, I worked as a Dental Assistant and decided to apply to Dental Hygiene school, only to find out that CU Denver had terminated their Hygiene program indefinitely. So, I took that as the opportunity to finally attend the Boulder College of Massage Therapy (BCMT).

Before I graduated from BCMT, I knew that I wanted to start a private practice and work for myself. I found a wonderful healing space to rent and started leasing that space about a month before my graduation. I graduated from BCMT with honors and went straight to work, slowly building my practice through word of mouth and a run with Groupon. I sold over 400 massages through Groupon that were to be completed over the next 12 months. I learned a great number of lessons about running a small business all on my own, drawing healthy boundaries, and what I would like to continue to do and not continue to do in the future of my business. I also had the opportunity to work on over 400 unique, individual people and gained priceless knowledge and hands-on experience in a very short period of time. Just three months after starting my business, my office mate decided to move to another state and she asked if would like to purchase her business, Massage Boulder. And so, I did. After I completed all of the Groupon sessions, I was able to focus on what really I wanted my business to be. As the Groupon people faded out, my true Massage Boulder people grew in number gradually, but consistently to the point where after just two years of practice, I already had a solid business going! Since May of 2010, I have committed countless hours to providing exceptional bodywork, building a great website – offering online scheduling, and continuing to grow my knowledge through continuing education and maintaining Board Certification in Therapeutic Massage and Bodywork. I have my dream job, dream business, and I have the honor and pleasure of working with some of the most inspiring and greatest people I know.

Has it been a smooth road?
I can honestly say that the road has been mostly smooth, but there have been a few bumps along the way. My first struggle was when I told my parents that I had found a great healing space and that I had signed a lease before I could actually start work, as I had not yet graduated and received my certification. My father asked me how I was going to pay rent if I could not yet work and when I had no clients. While he was coming from a place of concern and simply did not want to see me get into a financial struggle, this was not helpful and was slightly discouraging. But, I knew what I wanted and I knew that I would figure it out. And I did. One of the biggest struggles that I have had was with the Groupon. I had to draw very strong boundaries to keep myself sane and respected. I had to be sure to not overwork, as almost all 400+ people wanted their massage “now.” I quickly learned how to manage my time, my business, and the Groupon customers with their demands, emails, and phone calls. Setting up an online scheduler was a life-saver. I also, train and compete as a professional off-road triathlete, so balancing my training, racing, and business comes with the need to be very organized and reliable both for myself and for the people that I work with. I have also had a few injuries from my sport that have resulted in challenges with my normal way of doing work. I have had two bad falls while trail running that resulted in badly abraded and cut up hands. But, I figured out that I could still work if I wore nitrile gloves and my clients had no complaints.

In July 2017, I seriously injured my knee while running and racing in Victoria BC. I came back from Canada and worked for five weeks, hopping around and standing on one leg. I had surgery mid-August and was out of work for over three months, but my amazing clients were right there waiting for my return. When I was finally given the oaky by my surgeon to go back to work, my schedule was as full as it ever was, and so was my heart. I love what I do and I am so grateful to get to work with such wonderful people! My advice to other women starting their journey would be to follow your heart and be sure that your actions are in alignment with your goals. Do not procrastinate, if you want something, get after it! Also, be sure to check in and be grateful for the good things and the struggles, you will learn from everything if you pay attention and are willing to grow.

Please tell us more about your work, what you are currently focused on and most proud of.
I am a licensed and nationally board certified Massage Therapist. I specialize in providing the best bodywork that I can for each client every time that they come in to see me. I do not believe in being complacent or doing routine work. I strive to provide the very best bodywork every time I step up to my table. I do my work with integrity and humility. I aim to learn something from every massage session, and I am constantly integrating my experience into my work. I have a comprehensive education with a degree in Integrative Physiology and certificate from the Boulder College of Massage Therapy, and being an athlete gives me great insight into the needs and desires of most of the people that I work with. Boulder is a very active town, even those who do not consider themselves athletes, pretty much are athletes. I have skills, knowledge, and some talent that make my work unique. I have a thorough understanding of anatomy, physiology, biomechanics, and a number of different massage techniques. It is my goal to meet each individual person’s massage therapy and bodywork needs, from ultimate relaxation and healing to treatment and performance oriented massage. I help educate people so that they can be empowered to participate in their personal wellness. I work with a keen intuitive sense and deliver the nurturing bodywork that meets the needs of each person using, but not limited to the following massage therapy and bodywork techniques: CranioSacral Therapy, Deep Tissue, Myofascial Techniques, Trigger Point Therapy, Contemporary Cupping Methods, Neuromuscular, Orthopedic, Sports, TMJD (temporomandibular joint dysfunction) specific massage, Swedish massage, and Reiki.

What advice would you give to someone at the start of her career?
First, do not procrastinate. Get out there, follow your “calling” and don’t let anything stop you. There will be struggles, but if you know in your heart what you want you can succeed. Second, do your work with integrity and create an experience for your clients or customers that you would like to experience if you were in their place, coming to you for service or product. Aim to be extraordinary in your profession or craft every day.

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