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Meet Edward Foresman of Activcore Physical Therapy and Performance in Cherry Creek

Today we’d like to introduce you to Edward Foresman.

Edward, let’s start with your story. We’d love to hear how you got started and how the journey has been so far.
We began as a small clinic-within-a-clinic sharing a roof with Cherry Creek Wellness Center. At that time in 2015, we began to face some harsh realities in the field of physical therapy. Namely, 1) insurance companies were beginning to reimburse less per visit across the board and 2) this trend was not going to change any time soon. We realized if we wanted to uphold a standard of care and really put our patients’ healthcare needs first, we would need to change our model. I was the only out-of-network provider in the clinic but I offered a specialty service, more comprehensive care, and more time for each patient. I began to utilize a Norwegian therapeutic exercise device called Redcord for treating my patients along with all my other tools and skills including manual therapy, and dry needling. After being freed from the yolk of insurance-mediated standards, I felt liberated to utilize my entire skill set to enhance the health and wellness of each client. I also began offering more personal access to myself. If one of my patients experienced a flare-up in his/her symptoms, I would know right away and be able to send them solutions via text or email. I’ve even been on facetime calls while I’m away on vacation so I can check in on my clients. Where traditional physical therapy focuses on getting someone to the point where they are “good enough” to do day to day tasks, I work with my clients to excel beyond these ordinary goals. Many individuals experiencing debilitating pain never allow themselves to explore what activities or pursuits they can explore if their pain was abolished. Once it is, their health and well-being can be taken to a whole new level! That’s when the real fun can begin but most people don’t realize they need a guide through this process to avoid reinjury and end up back at square one. A year after opening we added two more therapists to the practice who were fed up with being captive to the traditional model of physical therapy. The only marketing we did was based on word-of-mouth referrals and we grew by leaps and bounds. Currently, we have ten providers in our Cherry Creek location and we continue to grow steadily. Our plan is to establish another 3-5 centers in the Denver metro area in the next few years based on the growing demand for our services.

Great, so let’s dig a little deeper into the story – has it been an easy path overall and if not, what were the challenges you’ve had to overcome?
Our first struggles came from within our own ranks as fellow practitioners were incredulous to believe anyone would come to an out-of-network practice. Once they saw how clients appreciated and valued our service and expertise their attitudes changed. As we’ve grown, we’ve been challenged to educate the community. Most people are unaware you don’t need a physician’s prescription to come in for physical therapy in the state of Colorado. We can also order x-rays and MRIs. Most are also unaware physical therapists now emerge from graduate school with a doctorate degree and can treat a wide range of conditions including TMJ dysfunction, pelvic floor dysfunction, vertigo and incontinence in addition to orthopedic diagnoses such as lower back issues, hernated discs, spinal stenosis, rotator cuff issues, and many others painful conditions. We can also work with people who want to avoid an injury by assessing their bodies to determine where inefficiencies or dysfunctions are lurking under the surface. Most injuries are injuries of attrition or degeneration as opposed to a single event. Since most active people have limited time to exercise, little attention is paid to improving deficiencies but this is crucial to living a sustainable, active lifestyle.

Activcore Physical Therapy and Performance – what should we know? What do you guys do best? What sets you apart from the competition?
All of our providers are trained to use the Redcord device and employ a treatment rationale called Neurac which stands for “neuromuscular activation”. This can be used with a 20-year-old runner as easily as with a 90-year-old grandma. It allows you to tailor exercises to highly specific levels and intensities. We also have therapists with diverse specialties. We have some providers who specialize in helping golfers refine their bodies to enhance swing mechanics to others who work with individuals suffering from incontinence. We have built our team specifically to help individuals in our community who require specialized knowledge and skills. All providers are highly trained and skilled in treating and resolving orthopedic conditions from head to toe. We are also highly collaborative. Before noon today, I already spoke with two teammates about new ideas and approaches for our unique clients. We also use technology such as blood flow restriction which is mostly used with professional athletes to speed recovery and strength while putting less compression and tissue damage on working joints. In short, we have skill, determination, and commitment and cutting edge resources to help anyone who walks in our door to be active for life.

What moment in your career do you look back most fondly on?
Dr. Ed Foresman’s first encounter with physical therapy began when his younger brother, Andrew, suffered a broken leg and with the injury, his hopes of a baseball career faded. Ed watched as Andrew slowly regained his strength and along with it his confidence and motivation. Through hard work and grit, Andrew was able to play baseball again, crediting PT for his success.

With determination and focus, Ed pursued a career in PT as his true calling, seeking mentorship and instruction from the best clinicians he could find since age 19. Watching friends and family struggle with chronic pain, he has helped many affected by the Opioid crisis alleviate their pain and regain their lives through natural treatments. He remains committed to his vision of providing the most progressive and evidence-based care possible. This commitment first led him to pursue his doctorate, followed by a residency at Temple University, then finally to ACTIVCORE where he is able to continue his pursuit of excellence. As a lover of the outdoors and an avid athlete, he recognizes the importance of being active for life and what it means to help others reach their goals.

Ed is now the Center Director and VP of Research & Development at ACTIVCORE located in Denver, Colorado. Mentored by exemplary practitioners for several years, he has a strong ethical commitment to providing the best possible solutions to clinical problems. He finds working in a cash-based, one-on-one physical therapy model to be an ideal environment with the utmost potential to improve the quality of life for people in the Cherry Creek community.

What has been the proudest moment of your career so far?
My mother passed away due to health complications stemming from a failed lumbar spine surgery. My proudest moments occur when we are able to help our clients out of chronic daily pain when they’ve been told the only option left is invasive, risky surgery. Fortunately these occasions happen every week at our center!

Contact Info:

  • Address: 425 South Cherry Street Penthouse Floor Denver, CO 80246
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  • Phone: (303) 536 5360
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