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Meet Amon Jaimoon of Jai Senior Services Concierge in Stapleton

Today we’d like to introduce you to Amon Jaimoon.

Amon, let’s start with your story. We’d love to hear how you got started and how the journey has been so far.
Ten years ago, I moved from Houston to Denver, because I was going through a hard time in my life. Recently divorced, I was lost. I did not know what to do. I had no job, no career and no goal in life. My good friend’s sister who lived in Denver, told me to move to Denver and offered me a caregiver job to help her private client.

The client was 80 years old and she needed a caregiver to go with her to her vacation home in Aspen for seven days. I took a job and I was thinking this was only for a week. While I was taking care of her, I realized I was really enjoying spending time with her and was very comfortable taking care her. I felt like she was my grandmother. Despite the differences between nationality, language and the culture, we got along very well.

She shared with me her wisdoms and shared her stories of when she was young. I learned a lot about life from being her caregiver for the seven days. When I was young, I was very close to my grandparents and I think because of that It was very natural for me to have her in my care. I loved to spending time with her.

After that first caregiver job, I made some good connections. A Social Worker friend and my client’s daughter referred me to more clients. I could not take care of everyone. I told my friends and my clients. I wanted to help everyone, but I can’t work 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

When my friends and my clients suggested I start my own senior services business, I knew right away that I can make this business happen. I had a growing list of clients and I had made friends with people who needed work. Yes! I can create job for them. I was so excited about it. Plus, my background prior to coming to Denver was in Hospitality Management and I like to work with people. I knew that my business would provide good care that comes with a good customer service. I had all the visions of how to make this sustainable business.

I went all in. I took a Certified Nursing Assistant class just to learn about health because I was going to start my business. In addition, I took more classes that helped me with my business. I started as a hands-on caregiver so I could learn more about being an excellent caregiver and to take care of people. I have worked from the bottom all the way up, every position in this business. I learned them all.

I am very lucky I have made great connections and have met great people. My friend introduced me to a business consulting. He has been working with me since I started Jai Senior Services business. He has been helping me from the beginning; established the LLC, came up with the business name, developed business goals and so much more with NO CHARGE! He has been my consulting for years and he never wanted to get paid. I feel very fortunate and so blessed to have met him.

I started Jai Senior Services Concierges seven years ago. I have lots of referrals from my previous clients and their friends and family. All my caregivers are people who have been referred to by friends and families. I do not like hire a caregiver from outside of my network. I think that one of the keys to being successful is having good and kind people working with you. Maintaining a good network is another major key to success!

After several years of working with older adults and their friends and family, I made some important observations. I saw a lot of issues and problems as some people struggled with being able to afford to pay for the care their loved one needed. Some of my clients could no longer afford to pay for one-on-one service because of the daily number of hours of care needed. Too often, the client’s health quickly deteriorated. Then she or he had to move into a less than adequate facility where the client health’s became even worse. In some cases, a family member will become the full-time caregiver for their loved ones. They need a break. They burn out. I understand how they feel because I was a hands-on caregiver. We all need time to take care of ourselves and to rejuvenate. I wanted to help them, so I decided to buy a home and turned it into a small Assisted Living Residence to help my clients who need 24-hour care and those who need respite care.


Because of the success of my first assisted home, I came to understand my clients’ needs and the care that they deserve. I then decided to open another Assisted Living Residence in Castle Rock that would be double the size of my first residence. I knew it was a big risk. But I don’t allow thoughts of what if something happens or if I would fail to stop from going after my goals. I do believe everything is possible. I have the vision and skills to build a business. In the past seven years, I have been through many bumps in the road. But that has helped me to grow.

I know I am where I am now because I love to take care of people and to help them. I want to say I have passion, but I think it is more than passion. You have to have love, to care for, to share, to respect and to understand people such that while we are different, we all need the same help and support when we are aging. When you try to understand others, where they come from, what they have been through, then you will have no expectations or less expectation towards them. You will learn to respect the differences.

My business is not just a business. It is not the service that you need one time and you are done. Like when you need the light to be fixed. Then when you get it fixed, you are good to go. Life is not a light you just fix. We cannot provide a one-time service and just go. It is more than just the service. It is a life that we are taking care of.

I have a lot of respect for my clients and the people who I work with. I have a great team of caregivers. I treat them better than I expect to be treated. I believe that bonding can’t be bought with money. Without them, I would not be where I am now.

I like to create and work on something that is meaningful. Something that I and others can be proud of. Making a difference in someone’s life, that is my goal. The greatest goal is to do for others. One thing I have learned from my business and from all my previous clients is that money is not everything for me because when your life ends, you cannot take it with you.

The wisdoms, the story after story that I learned from my older adult clients, has helped me to understand different perspectives on life. I feel very lucky every time I think about all of them.

Great, so let’s dig a little deeper into the story – has it been an easy path overall and if not, what were the challenges you’ve had to overcome?
Not….When I have to deal with the client or client’s family who can not accept the changes or dealing with Alzheimer or Dementia can be a challenge as well. I have to manage many concierges when we have 24 hours care and finding the good employee is not easy sometimes. Also, when we lose client, when we work with someone for a while and they pass away that is hard. The business goes up and down but you have to stay on the top of it.

Jai Senior Services Concierge – what should we know? What do you guys do best? What sets you apart from the competition?
It is our passion. Jai has the passion to serve older adults, care partners to enhance purpose, choice and desires to support current needs and maintain independent living. We provide the Senior concierge services to individuals in most living situations, Respite Care, Residential Assisted living, Care Coordination and Consulting. We help you focus on taking care of day-to-day activities, your busy schedule and take care of the thing that you can’t do.

We are known for being a very trustworthy and reliable company.

I proud of my company that as a company we can help, care and to make a difference in someone life. Also, as a company, we create job and we help the community growths.

What sets us apart from others?
My company is a family and friends owned. I use Everyone Matter management. I treat everyone like my family. As an owner, I work very close with all of my clients and I still a hand on caregiver when comes the time it needs. We treat every client with the utmost care, respect, and discretion.

What moment in your career do you look back most fondly on?
I want to share one of my favorite stories. It makes me feel great every time I think of it. One of my future clients was having a lot of trouble getting the care she needed in her own home. She used to kick out a lot of caregivers and her Social Worker had to change so many home care services until she found my company. We were the only company that were able to work with the client. Many years passed and eventually, she had to sell her house because she was running out of money to pay for her care. She had dementia. She had no family in Denver and her only brother lives in San Diego. We were the only family for her, and we took great care of her.

When my client’s Social Worker told me that my client needed to move to a facility, I knew it would be really hard for her because she had dementia and she was not an easy client. Everyone who as part of her care team did want them to put her in an Alzheimer’s facility. Because I had a home for her, they moved her into my house.

I remember the first day she was at my Assisted Living Residence. My client was playing cards. She stopped and she told me, “Hey, I have never seen all these pictures and furniture before.” I responded, “These are yours. We moved stuff around and we rearranged the furniture and that is why it looks different.” and I smiled. She responded back, “Oh I see.’” and she continued playing her card game. Since that day she never asked where she is or said she wanted to go home because she thought my home is her home. We took care of her until she passed away with us there in our home at the age of 98. I was very happy I could make her feel like she was always in her home.

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  1. Dory Tropia

    May 20, 2019 at 7:46 pm

    I was one of her caregiver and I saw the difference in her home care and other facilities. How she cares for her client with love and respect. And I also got the chance to take care of that lady with dementia who live in her homecare. They like Grandma and granddaughter. They were sweet and only Amon can please that lady.. You will never go wrong with Amon. Highly recommended.

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