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Meet Bridget Molloy of Bridget’s Botanicals in Jefferson Park

Today we’d like to introduce you to Bridget Molloy.

Thanks for sharing your story with us Bridget. So, let’s start at the beginning and we can move on from there.
I grew up surrounded by gardens and fruit trees, weeding in the summer mornings, and drinking herbal teas iced in the summer, hot in the winter. From a young age, I loved plants and being in nature. Science was and still is the best. In 7th grade, I was gifted my first book all about herbal tea and the boundless benefits of the hundreds of herbs detailed in the pages throughout. As I went through high school and college, my interest in the sciences was balanced between understanding the physiological impact that botanicals have in our body at the molecular level as well as energetically, and an interest in the most biodiverse ecosystems on the planet (coral reefs and the rainforest). Intertwined with multiple completed and one successful attempt at graduate school, I traveled to Italy, Ireland, Honduras, Belize, and Mexico, and Peru to quench my thirst for knowledge about traditional healing practices and plants.

What treasures did these foreign countries hold that here in the US were secret and unknown?!
Simple practices that use traditional local botanical medicines from around the world are relied upon by 70% of the global population outside of the United States. I wanted to find out about them. I wanted to delve deeper than the books, the podcasts, the coaching and training sessions. I wanted to smell, taste and hear about these plants that have made an impact throughout communities of the world. So over the last ten years, that’s what I’ve done, alongside the graduate school, working full time (minus two years), and developing my business. Going from Harvard University and MIT doing procurement for biological laboratory research to teaching to starting a business, I have run through various business models, systems, business development and sourcing strategies. You have to think of everything when starting a business. There is almost no end, it’s scary and fun and challenging all at once.

It was 5.5 years ago that I began teaching others about herbs (teaching is my passion), how to make different herbal remedies, and how to effectively utilize them. Everyone wanted to know where to get different remedies and products that we discussed or made, and so eventually I realized that I could manufacture and offer these as an effective, high quality, organic, and delicious resource for my clients and customers…and they would understand how to use. Thus began my product line. Additionally, backtracking quite a bit, when I was 19, I started selling Pure Romance (at the time called Passion Parties) in eight states since I was quite the traveler and interacted with thousands of women over the last 12 years.

During this time the stories that I heard in the bedroom, where guests placed their confidential orders, centered around concerns about low libido, stress, PCOS, endometriosis, menopause, fertility, period irregularity, low confidence and concerns around relationship building. With my science background, traditional healing knowledge, herbal training, and especially training in women’s sexual health over 12 years, I decided to develop a new product line. The line is for sexual vitality for over-achieving, stressed out anyone, as well as for women’s health centered around the stages of life (menstruation, fertility, and menopause). There seems to be in my last 12 years of doing parties for thousands of women, a disconnect with wellbeing, sex, and life cycles. I am passionate about relationships, whether it is between people and the planet, or between people…whatever sparks that fire, I want to help people be happy all around and experience joy. Being close to nature is free. Health benefits from nature are free. If you don’t have the time or know the quality, buy products from a reliable herbalist or reliable company.

My story really is to help people by making them happy and healthy and appreciate our beautiful planet. It’s really simple but requires curiosity and an open mind about the power of plants, their phytochemistry, pharmacology, long-term impact on health and well being. I hope to share that through my community classes and products, or even coaching, but the best way to get started here in Denver too is a sample, taste test, and have that first hand fun experience of blending botanicals into a delicious form that will do wonders for your health. And yes, that includes chocolate. My favorite. That’s my story.

Overall, has it been relatively smooth? If not, what were some of the struggles along the way?
Sustainability and challenges for eco and organic! As a small business owner, the struggle is REAL!!! I use all organic ingredients and nearly all glass packaging (minus Lovely, my lubricant). Sourcing can be hard for organic…the supply runs out sometimes and suddenly I can’t produce my most popular products. Or farmers have a low crop yield of their organic botanicals due to weather or pests. It’s also EXPENSIVE! I pay 60% above the average production cost to make sure that I am getting a glass made here in the US to reduce my carbon footprint in shipping, and for organic, US grown herbs when I can afford to, and recycled eco packaging for shipping. That additional cost makes it more difficult to then have the capital to pay for other services that I would like to incorporate into my company. Despite these challenges (and these are just a few…), I want to truly make an impact on how people are connected to their health and the planet, so that cost is irrelevant as long as the business can operate in a sustainable financial manner so that these products and services have a real impact. On people and our planet.

Please tell us about your business.
I specialize in sexual health. Not too many companies focus on this. I am driven in particular to what botanicals make you tick, which ones make your libido enhanced, and make your relationship(s) thrive on sexual vitality. The combination of focusing on botanicals for stress management, relaxation, and nourishment is the perfect blend to perfecting your best sex life. Or, as more people start to feel comfortable hearing, it increases their sexual vitality. Our well being is the root of our confidence, our relationships, and the core of how well we also thrive in our work space and throughout our life to express our passions and purpose. I am proud of the fact that I am truly making a difference in people’s lives for their well being, intimacy, and happiness!!

What is “success” or “successful” for you?
Success to me is seeing my company grow due to people benefiting from and loving my products and workshops. As the company grows, I also consider success also coming from integrating ways to commit to and remain a sustainable company. One milestone is to become a B Corp certified business to demonstrate environmental and social responsibility through my business’s actions, manufacturing processes, sourcing, and more. Ideally, I would also like for my products to be found in a variety of holistic boutiques, hotels, cocktail lounges, clinics, spas, and salons.


  • Botanical Tea Blends: $15
  • Botanical Extracts: $24
  • Holistic Women’s Health Sets: $67+
  • Botanical Workshops: $25+
  • Virtual or In Person Holistic Health Consultation: $50+

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All taken by me, Bridget Molloy aside from the Frolic bottles, taken by Chris Wells. The top lable image “Arouse” was designed by Alex Simansons.

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