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Meet Candace O’Brien of Momentum Energy Coaching, LLC in Evergreen

Today we’d like to introduce you to Candace O’Brien.

Thanks for sharing your story with us Candace. So, let’s start at the beginning and we can move on from there.
There are events on this journey of life that define who we are and what we become. My life-changing event came in the form of a terrible car accident six years ago when my young boys and I were in Arizona visiting my mom. As with numerous other times in my life, I had the intuitive feeling that I should leave my boys with Grammie as I set out for a shopping spree of sorts. I felt like I had hands on my shoulders guiding me, directing me… so I made the conscious decision to leave my boys with my mom for the evening, never really understanding the impact of that decision until months later.

I was in the first position at the stoplight. I didn’t hear anything, I didn’t see anything, but I felt the collective impact of two large vehicles going 50+ miles per hour as they plowed into the back of my compact car. The impact was so severe that it pushed my vehicle 100 feet forward into oncoming traffic at a four way stop. By grace, I wasn’t hit from any other direction as the other lights turned green. By grace again, my boys weren’t riding in the back seat because if they had been, they would most likely be dead on impact.

In a heartbeat, my life changed. The accident left me with a traumatic brain injury and 21 dental surgeries and procedures – yes, 21. I spent the first seven months after the car accident in isolation, hiding away in my home because I just couldn’t think anymore. I couldn’t remember anything anymore. When trying to converse with others I would get lost in mid-sentence or I would word search – arriving at the first letter of a word, but not the right word. Sometimes, I couldn’t talk at all. I set alarms on my phone, microwave and oven to remind me of important tasks around the house. I placed sticky notes on cabinets and doors to remind myself to pick up the boys from the bus stop after school, and to remind myself that my oldest liked mustard and my youngest liked mayonnaise on sandwiches. Everything changed after that accident; it changed my life, it changed my marriage, it changed me. The worst part was that I knew I was different – it was like swimming through syrup. Gone was my stay-at-home mom life. Gone were the fancy trips and events with my spouse. Gone was the time spent volunteering at the boys’ schools. Gone was the social interaction I enjoyed so much. My old life was just…. gone. This was my new normal.

I spent the next several years in and out of doctor’s offices trying to heal the seemingly endless list of issues and ailments stemming from the car accident. After two years it was clear that I had recovered as much as I was going to recover, and was still left with chronic pain. Around that same time, it also became abundantly clear to me that there was serious trouble in my marriage. The energy between my husband and I had dramatically changed over the years, and I knew I needed answers and a new direction; “What now?” And as they have so many times throughout my life, the guiding hands were on my shoulders again now pointing me in the direction of a professional coaching school. I remember thinking “Perfect, I can be my own first client!”

Becoming a Certified Professional Coach was my path out of darkness, and the answer to my questions. I was excited to learn about energy and how it affects people and situations; both negatively and positively. I embraced learning the major energy blocks, both internal and external, and how they keep one “stuck” in life. Remember those hands on my shoulders throughout my life? Well, I learned that my lifelong connection to Source and Intuition were true blessings and gifts that needed to be cultivated, not hidden and ignored.

I learned that I had many more gifts than I had admitted to or was even aware of. I learned that it was a blessing to be able to read energy – I had been doing it my whole life! No longer did I feel weird or different for my intuitive gifts, and the information I received or the way I received it. As I started to pull out of darkness, I became very well aware of my access to the other side. After the car accident, my intuitive “hits” became even stronger, more accurate, more frequent. When I finally decided to combine my strong intuition with my life coaching skills, all of a sudden, my calendar was full!

My car accident was a turning point, that defining factor that changed the trajectory of my life. I can say now, today, in all honesty, I am eternally grateful. I wouldn’t be where I am today without that chapter. Without that cosmic 2×4 upside my head, I would have continued to be at the effect of my life, and not it’s beautiful cause. I understand now that anything is possible! I understand now that I hold the power to create my own life and the experiences and people in it. I understand now that we are all here for something special, and that we all have purpose regardless of what it takes to wake us up. I understand now that life is always a gift even if sometimes it seems to be wrapped in barbed wire.

Has it been a smooth road?
It’s funny, the old adage of what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger? Well, I feel like Wonder Woman! Living with the myriad of changes after the car accident was insanely hard so I would consider it to be my biggest challenge, yet a turning point for all things possible. Other obstacles for me included going back to work after being away from corporate America and a stay-at-home mom for 15 years, processing and moving through the fear of combining my strong intuition with my coaching skills, juggling the ins and outs of being self-employed, adjusting to my new life of being a single mom with two awesome teenage boys, and finally acknowledging and then releasing the old life I once had to embrace my new path.

Tell us more about the business.
As an Intuitive Life Coach, I am a catalyst for my client’s change. My focused questions, input, tools and techniques fast track clients to create a stronger sense of self, deeper life purpose, and greater joy. Using all my intuitive gifts and presenting direct questions and information I help clients get unstuck from limiting patterns of thought and behavior. I create a confidential alliance with my clients – I’m with them in partnership for their change and expansion!

I meet clients where they are on their journey and believe all the answers come from within. I don’t tell a client what to do otherwise it would be my skin in their game, so to speak. Instead, I coach the energy behind the client’s story which creates their momentum with lasting, sustainable results. Clients come to me for any number of reasons; troubled relationships, life purpose, losing weight, divorce, organization, time management, etc. It doesn’t really matter what the topic is because I help clients get to the root cause – the energy behind the story.

I am most proud of the fact that I am referral based. My clients are so happy with our work together and my intuitive “hits” that they refer their friends and family to me which keeps my business growing. That works out well because I’m more of a grass roots person. My clients also appreciate that they see me face to face in live sessions in my Evergreen office.

We are all at choice, at each moment of each day. Each one of us is a unique energy force, vibrating at a specific frequency, seeing through a set of filters that have created us to be who we are up to this very moment. Every single experience we have is an opportunity for growth and new possibility. This crazy journey of ours is about progress, not perfection.

I’m super excited about my new monthly energy and spiritual workshops, Woo Woo Wednesdays, which I’m starting November 6. For more information please follow me on Facebook or join my mailing list at Lastly, starting in 2020 I’ll be offering quarterly “intensive” classes to reach and help more people.

Intuitive Life Coaching – Certified Professional Coach
Intuitive Life Coaching is a powerful, confidential alliance that creates a safe space allowing clients to dig deep within themselves to identify certain energies and situations that aren’t working in their lives. With intuitive “hits” I assist clients by fast-tracking them through challenging situations; divorce, relationships, time management, life purpose, finances, etc. I coach the energy behind a story, and not the story itself. I help clients identify and clear negative patterns and repetitive behaviors that are keeping them stuck and holding them back from living their best life ever!

Crystal Bed Healing – Certified Practitioner
Crystal Bed Healing is a non-invasive healing modality that provides rejuvenation, alignment, and balancing of personal energy fields (chakras) which assist in the process of overall healing. During a crystal bed session, chakras are cleansed, balanced and energized. When chakras are balanced all other aspects of the Self become balanced as well, whether it be emotional, mental, spiritual or physical. Left untreated these aspects may result in dis-ease, and challenging life experiences. Crystal Bed Healing combines the power of Light, Crystal, and Color therapies. Great for anxiety, stress, low energy, fatigue, the distress of all kinds.

Energy Leadership Index – Master Practitioner
The Energy Leadership Index assessment provides insights into how one shows up energetically in life and work environments. It measures potential leadership ability, the current level of consciousness, and awareness. It measures the ability to lead people, as well as the Self, to take positive action forward. The assessment measures the level of engagement in personal life as well and the works environment. A thorough “debrief” will uncover the client’s current level of success as a leader in life. You absolutely can create a more powerful, fulfilling life!

Clearings & Blessings
Homes and workspaces hold onto energy, both positive and negative. Over time, the negative energy can affect day to day life, create fear or dis-ease in children, pets, and one’s health. There are numerous reasons to clear a home or workspace: arguments, violence, drug use, death, past history of the home even if it took place years ago with prior occupants. Homes and workspaces hold onto the energies that they are exposed to and these interferences can lead to energy imbalances perceptible to the resident.

How do you, personally, define success? What’s your criteria, the markers you’re looking out for, etc?
Success: I define success as happiness and joy. I pay attention to how I feel about something – if it feels good, I’m on the right track. If not, then it’s time to re-adjust. If my heart is happy, then I consider myself to be highly successful.


  • Intuitive Life Coaching session: 75 minutes, $125 – please call to schedule
  • Crystal Bed Healing session: 75 minutes, $125 – please call to scheduleEnergy Leadership Index Assessment & Debrief session: 120 minutes, $299 – please call to schedule
  • Energy Leadership Index Assessment & Debrief session: 120 minutes, $299 – please call to schedule
  • Home/Work Clearings & Blessings: prices vary – please call for more information
  • Workshops & Intensives: class prices vary – please check my website for more information

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  1. Stef Swink

    October 14, 2019 at 5:19 pm

    What an awesome and inspiring story. Thank you for sharing your journey and heart so openly and beautifully!

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