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Meet Christine Clawley of Lucid Awakening & Circling Hawk Productions

Today we’d like to introduce you to Christine Clawley.

Thanks for sharing your story with us Christine. So, let’s start at the beginning and we can move on from there.
This year marks my 11-year anniversary of surviving a major life-threatening illness. For about six months leading up to my close brush with death, I had reoccurring dreams that I was being strangled in my sleep. These dreams were incredibly vivid, disturbing, and difficult to forget. During this time, I also had another dream several times that there was a mass in my throat that I was trying to remove. Interestingly enough, the illness actually began from a cyst in my throat. Looking back, I believe that these dreams were trying to communicate that something was out of balance in my body and in my life. Since this experience, I have learned the value of paying attention to dreams, and I try to listen more closely to what the subconscious mind communicates to the conscious mind.

What I initially thought was the flu turned out to be something much more serious. I had developed necrotizing fasciitis, commonly known as the flesh-eating bacteria. The disease is rare, but only under the right conditions does the disease occur from group A Streptococci, a bacterium that is often found in the body sometimes without any symptoms. The typical survival rate is 30%, but with where the disease was located in my body, amputation was not an option. One doctor informed me that when I awoke that I really had about a 1% chance of surviving. I spent over a month suspended in a medically-induced coma during which time I had many dreams that mirrored what was happening to me on a physical, emotional, and spiritual level. It felt as though I lived entire lifetimes in these dreams. I remembered three big dreams, which had such a lasting impact on me that they still influence my current worldview.

After surviving, I had financial, physical, and emotional challenges to overcome. It was uncertain if I would ever be normal again, be able hold my head up straight, or ever be able to talk again. This period after waking up in the hospital and learning what had happened to me was a very intense time. I felt the depth of unbearable loneliness and vulnerability, but I also felt such incredible gratitude for each breath, moment without pain, and especially valued the connection to my family, as well as the nurses and doctors that cared for me. I worked hard every day to learn how to breathe, walk, swallow, and talk again. Although the progress felt slow and frustrating, I learned to put in the effort and let go of expectations so I could keep moving forward. I learned more about myself from this short time-frame then perhaps anything else I had experienced in my life.

In addition, I suffered from PTSD symptoms, but also experienced a heightened sense of intuition, empathy, had increased frequency of lucid dreams, and dream recall. As I learned to bring a higher level of awareness into my dream life, I discovered a close relationship between dreams and events that later unfolded in waking life. My illness taught me incredible lessons of humility, self-acceptance, trust, and the ability to let go. The experience led me deeper into my own journey of healing and self-understanding through exploring various modalities, healing techniques, and learning from different teachers. I remember one particularly special dream in which I chose to re-enter the world and live out the rest of my life.

I awoke with a renewed sense of the preciousness of life and an incredibly strong will to live. From these experiences, I began to question traditional conceptions of time as linear, as well as predominant values present within our society. I began documenting my own experiences and researching topics related to near-death experiences, consciousness, non-ordinary reality, synchronicity, dreaming, healing, spirituality, and shamanism. This has led to undertaking a film project, which aims to examine synchronicities, dreams, consciousness, and the path to healing. I also try to help others on their path to healing through working as a counselor and yoga teacher.

We’re always bombarded by how great it is to pursue your passion, etc – but we’ve spoken with enough people to know that it’s not always easy. Overall, would you say things have been easy for you?
It has by no means been a smooth road towards healing as there have been various ups and downs. I had to learn to accept a radically changed version of myself. However, I developed an inner strength and ability to listen to myself more deeply as a result. It has been a struggle to come to terms with the physical, emotional, and spiritual changes I experienced, but I believe I have begun to accept myself and allow a more authentic version of myself to be in the world. In becoming more accepting and compassionate towards myself, I am better equipped to extend this compassion and acceptance towards others.

So let’s switch gears a bit and go into the Lucid Awakening & Circling Hawk Productions story. Tell us more about your work.
Lucid Awakening provides client-centered counseling services to help support individuals through major life transitions, assist in healing trauma, improving self-esteem, exploring relationship issues, and transforming unhealthy thought patterns. I am primarily a Depth (Jungian) Psychotherapist that specializes in treating trauma, depression, stress from chronic illness, and anxiety. I work with children, adolescents, and adults.

My approach is to work with my clients at their own pace, build a solid foundation, and uncover the root problems contributing to symptoms. From my perspective, symptoms and disorders often arise as a result of surviving difficult situations and attempting to cope with trauma and stress. The goal of therapy is to discover and develop healthier ways of coping with trauma. I also take a holistic approach to therapy, which consists of a blend of modalities, including somatic therapy, existential and humanistic psychotherapy, psychodynamic techniques, dream interpretation, mindfulness, meditation, self-hypnosis, cognitive behavioral, and rational emotive behavior therapy.

I meet my clients where they are at and create a sacred space of safety and acceptance, from which real growth and change can occur. It is my aim to help my clients explore their problems and, in doing so, help them overcome obstacles and move towards their goals. 

I also established a film production company, Circling Hawk Productions, that is producing a film examining synchronicity, time, and healing. The film will feature interviews with experts in the field, including Robert Moss, Eric Wargo, Bernard Beitman, Rob & Trish MacGregor, Joseph Cambray, and Anneke Lucas.

Has luck played a meaningful role in your life and business?
Well, I would call it “synchronicity” rather than luck or coincidence. Synchronicity recognizes the connection between the inner world and outer world and acknowledges that there is some kind of interaction or relationship that is not fully explainable. Synchronicity explores how the mind and emotions influence our experiences in the external world and attempt to explore this unknown factor. The forming of Circling Hawk Productions began with a chance meeting and synchronicity.


  • For Lucid Awakening, regular rate for counseling is $90, but sliding scale is offered. I am currently accepting only a limited number of new clients.
  • For Circling Hawk Productions, we welcome donations of any amount.

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