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Meet Danny Lavergne

Today, we’d like to introduce you to Danny Lavergne. Danny was introduced to us by the brilliant and talented Daniel Montano Co-founder.

Hi Danny , we’re so thrilled to have you sharing your story with us today. Maybe we can kick things off by having you introduce yourself to our readers? We’d love to have you go into your story and how you got to where you are today.
I come from a family of sports junkies, gym rats. Football, Basketball, Baseball, Frisbee Golf, biking , hiking, running, lifting, you name it. After years of aggressive play, years in the Armed Services, I sit here in my 60’s with a wonderful family, life and career, but also over 30 + surgeries, 20+ are orthopedic. Long story short, for nearly 40 years, I have been relying on Percocet, Advil, Ibuprofen, occasional alcohol mixed in, so I could keep playing, I actually gave up mens football at 58 years old on the recommendations of various surgeons. In 2021 I bumped into the use of HelpWolf and it changed things. I am now heavily reduced the usage of Percocet, pretty much eliminated Ibuprofen and now HempWolf is a daily part of my life for the muscle aches and pains from a life well lived and enjoyed.. Morning and night use, and before and after air travel. This product is close to a miracle for me. Gives me time away from the discomfort for all that ails me and allows me to live life without so much struggle. I by no means have been healed, but the relief is wonderful and I am thankful for being introduced to Hempwolf to improve my physical body and mental state. I have introduced nearly 20 folks to Hempwolf and to a person they indicated it provides them relief. Wonderful product.

Let’s talk about your work and career – what else should we know?
I was trained as a Contract Specialist/Manager in the United States Air Force, after previously earning money shoveling cow manure and then running an Albertsons night stocking team. The Air Force provided me a career and after about 20 years in government and now 20 years in Commercial, I am the Director of Nuclear Contracts and Procurement for the worlds largest Nuclear Decommissioning and Demolition Company. I love my teammates, I love the management, I love the work. It allows me to support a wonderful hardworking group of men and women and ensure they have the products and services they need to perform the job, on time. I am lucky to have a team that works intimately together, regardless of whether you are a boots on the ground laborer or a corporate staff member in an atmosphere controlled office. I don’t hesitate to turn on the computer, pick up the phone to work with the team. Not a bit of drudgery and plant visits are welcomed. If only I had found this firm decades earlier. I will retire from this firm missing the people I have created great friendships with and most certainly the management team I work for and with. Best company in the world.

So, as we mentioned to our audience earlier, you were introduced to us by Daniel Montano Co-founder and Hemp Wolf and we really admire them and what they’ve built. For folks who might not be as familiar, can you tell them a bit about your experience with Hemp Wolf.
As I started out saying, I come from a sports junkie family. This started early with my Dad being quite the athlete as a youngster with college offers in the 9th grade for basketball. He took those talents to the AIr Force and we grew up watching him excel at everything sports. We took to it and grew up shoveling feet of snow off the driveway in the winter to shoot hoop, or play awesome tackle football games in feet of snow, riding bikes up the mountains all day and coming home exhausted. This continued in my adult life through my Air Force years playing on Air Force Softball teams around the country, Squadron sports, singles and doubles badminton, volleyball, golf, bowling, darts, softball, football, basketball, slalom skiing (Alaska), horseshows (Yes Horseshoes) singles and doubles racquetball, hell, can’t even remember the rest. Its a wonder I had time to work. I was motivated and recognized as a top work performer of the year, athlete of the year, I was driven to try and always be at the top and I loved to play and passed that down to my boys. Downside was the wear and tear, from shredding my knee in a squadron tug of war to eventually 8 ankle surgeries and a titanium ankle. a few handful of back and neck surgeries, with broken bolts (Yea, I got nailed 2 weeks after fusion and a big boy de-cleated me and snapped a titanium bolt in my back- surgeon was not happy) Shredded Elbow with 3 surgeries from Air Force Softball, shoulders a mess, with 2 or more surgeries on both sides., arthritis in my back, ankles, knees, fingers, but I had a blast. I became a regular at the VA for pills and just considered it a part of life, until… I met Daniel at HempWolf. We spent some time talking about the Nano CBD product and I was convinced to give it a try. I was actually pretty shocked when relief came to me within 5 minutes I recall, and I was wondering if this was a farce, then put it to the test again the next day. I became an instant believer when it continued to provide relief and use it EVERYDAY, yes, EVERYDAY and recommend it to all my friends and family. The tea flavor is our favorite, and I carry the powder on every trip to mix in flavored water. Daniel and I are now friends and this product is wonderful. I also found it calms my mind at night from work and provides me restful sleep. Where has this product been my whole life!!!!! I recommend everyone give it an honest chance at

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United State AIr Force; Mom

Danny L. is now a current investor in Hemp Wolf LLC. The statements are his alone and protected by the USA 1st amendment freedom of speech.
Hemp Wolf LLC. makes no medical claims.

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