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Meet Francesca Nichole of FN Atelier in Cherry Creek North

Today we’d like to introduce you to Francesca Nichole.

So, before we jump into specific questions about the business, why don’t you give us some details about you and your story.
I founded FN Atelier in 2017. I provide on location services as well as in salon cuts and colors. I strive to help others see the beauty within themself and give them tools with hair and makeup to build their self-confidence.

Confidence. That is the one word I could use to describe what brought me into the ever-evolving beauty industry. Not my own, but having the ability to positively affect another person’s confidence. My own confidence is constantly being inspired and reshapen as I overcome obstacles and challenges within and without the world of hair and makeup.

I’d love to give you an overview of how I got to the point of starting my own business.

I grew up in a small town in Arkansas. I’ve always been a dreamer and a goal getter.

I suppose I have always been drawn to fashion, beauty, makeup, and hair. I have a photo of myself on my 2nd Easter Sunday, completely covered from head to toe in my mother’s red lipstick.

As I got older I found the kitchen scissors and decided cutting my own hair was my new found hobby. Then I found a model to practice my skills on, my unsuspecting little brother. Poor guy never had hair after that.

Fast forward a few years and my life changed. I found myself into foster care. My wonderful foster mom; Sandra, helped teach me about proper makeup application and hair products. She taught me to believe in myself even if no one else seemed to. She was my saving grace.

After high school, I went on the path that I felt was expected of me and perused a bachelor’s degree in Elementary Education. I also landed a corporate job that catapulted me into real adulthood while I was in college. While life was going better than I ever hoped for, something was missing.

I went to a makeover party at the local mall and learned that doing makeup for other people was a job you could get paid for. I was baptized by hairspray and foundation and couldn’t imagine a life, not in that world. I immediately began searching beauty schools and began school as quickly as possible. That was over ten years ago.

Since then I have worked in various salons and spas. It has been an honor to grow and develop my skills within those spaces, but it became time to marry my corporate background and passion filled job and become my own entity and finally stand on my own two feet ready to help others build their self-confidence.

Has it been a smooth road?
I always have a hard time saying that yes, my path was rough. I say that not because it wasn’t hard as all get out, but because it is the only path I have ever known. I also actively choose to see things in a positive light because that is how I have survived. I’ve always been a good, happy go lucky, driven person. I think it is mostly to distance myself from the heartache and pain I have faced. I also try to be that sounding board for others so they can know it will be okay. No matter what they are going through.

My mother was a drug addict and very abusive both mentally and physically. I’ve never known who my father was. Not even his name.

I was removed from my mother’s custody when I was about 12 years old and placed into Foster Care. Then my mom died when I was 15, leaving me to be a ward of the state.

I was nearly adopted at 16 by a family at my local church, but the week I was to move in with them, they suddenly moved out of state without a goodbye.

I turned 18 at the beginning of my Senior year of high school and have lived on my own ever since.

My driven self was able to do a work-study program at the school and able to find a decent job at the time. I finished high school and then went to my local community college.

At 19, I was diagnosed with Meningitis and spent what seemed like an eternity in the hospital. I had to drop out of college due to my illness.

Once I recovered, I decided to move to a bigger town and start a fresh life. The town I grew up in was full of painful memories and since I was all alone and out in the world alone, it made sense to set bigger goals for myself.

I went back to college, worked for a very large corporation, where I was able to get four promotions in five years. I also worked as a makeup artist on the side and helped sell makeup at the mall. I then enrolled into beauty school.

Right after starting school, I hurt my leg. I couldn’t walk. I couldn’t stand. I couldn’t do hair. It was devastating. I finally found my calling and then my world came crashing down.

I had surgery. I went to rehab and I just kept my eye on the prize. Finally, months later I was able to walk, stand, and do hair again.

So I began creating a future for myself that was defined by myself and my own dreams and goals.

Then I was building something for myself and met a guy. A guy who I madly fell in love with and who completely adores me. We met and married after knowing one another for 30 days. Then his job moved us across the country. (Just a little FYI, we celebrated seven years of marriage in April 2019)

Moving to a new place with a new man is completely terrifying. So was giving my regular 9-5 corporate job. I then decided to become an artist and make hair and makeup my real job.

Of course, there were many other struggles along the way, but those were my big rocks and since I survived them I know I can handle the smaller rocks. Now I get the distinct pleasure of being able to turn people into rockstars.

Things fall into place and then the universe shakes them up. I found my path, but was still living and surviving in a world on my own. I wasn’t ever taught how to handle money or be self-employed, but I was able to leverage my personality and network into more jobs in the beauty industry. I had made it this far, I decided then that I could do anything I wanted to do as long as I kept persevering and stayed positive. So here I am 1.5 years into being my own boss and trying to figure it all out by offering up the best version of myself and my talents to my guests.

If you come spend some time with me you might get more pieces to the puzzle as I’ve also learned that by sharing my story and showing others how even us orphaned foster kids can turn out okay, when we are given the chances to shine on our own merit and not on the crummy cards we were once dealt can inspire others to give back in one way or another.

So, as you know, we’re impressed with FN Atelier – tell our readers more, for example, what you’re most proud of as a company and what sets you apart from others.
FN Atelier.

FN are my initials and Atelier (adlˈ yā) means a workshop or studio, especially one used by an artist or designer.

I am an artist; hair and makeup are my canvases and tools with which I make my art.

I cut, color, style, makeup faces, and do hair extensions for men, women, nonbinary peoples, and children.

Known for dependability, kindness, artistic talent, and the ability to make everyone feel comfortable; I personalize the influence of modern trends and have a unique ability to create a style that is perfectly suited to each individual.

I also care deeply about giving back and donate a portion of my earnings and a lot of my time helping women-centered charities and childhood cancer research.

I am also Earth conscious and use high end, responsible, and healthy hair color and styling products as well as cruelty-free and natural makeup products.

Let’s touch on your thoughts about our city – what do you like the most and least?
I love the energy here. So many people come here from all over. Some to start fresh as I did, some to connect with loved ones. It is a huge melting pot and it has opened up my horizons. I also love the snow!!

I really don’t like that people here don’t understand that tea with sweetener is NOT sweet tea. I also dislike how the dryness affects my skin. (Yet I don’t miss the humidity of home)


  • Barber Cut $45
  • Short Cut $55
  • Medium Cut $65
  • Long Cut $75
  • Color Retouch $85
  • All Over Color $110
  • Partial Highlight $125
  • Full Highlight $175
  • Partial Balyage $150
  • Full Balayage $200
  • Ombre $150
  • Brazilian Blowout $300
  • Makeup $55-$100
  • Event Styling $45-$100

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Image Credit:
Robins Photography, Unrequited Imaging, SBW Photography, Travis Sherman Films

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