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Meet Jennifer Bilger of The Growth Coach Denver Metro in Downtown Denver

Today we’d like to introduce you to Jennifer Bilger.

Thanks for sharing your story with us Jennifer. So, let’s start at the beginning and we can move on from there.
My roots start in a small town, really a village in rural Ohio. My childhood was spent having wonderful adventures playing with my cousins on my grandparents’ farms. I was told I could be anything my heart desired and was given the tools to chase those dreams in my very tiny corner of the world. My childhood taught me to work hard, take the risk or you will be left behind when others are off on adventuring and to always help others see the hidden gems they may be missing on the journey. When answering the age-old question, ‘what do you want to be when you grow up’ I would say a doctor because they help people. Fast-forward to high school and it was still the same answer and I studied hard to get into a great college and fulfill the dream.

In college, my major was pre-medicine with a concentration in Biology/Cryogenics and I was on this amazing journey to becoming a doctor. That is when I decided I did not want to be a doctor any longer. I did not know why but I knew deep down that I was not on the correct path. I made a choice to change my major- actually more than once and started down another unknown path several times and ended up with a much different profession – Human Resources. Funny thing is I was put in my first HR type role because a very wonderful boss said ‘you work well with people and I think you are right for this role.’ Little did I know this would be a path that would lead me to understand my true passion and launching my own business around it 20 years later.

I had a wonderful career in Human Resources. I absolutely loved my job and that I was able to help others in many different ways. I advised, mentored, coached, counseled, and solved problems. People sought my counsel and I was living my dream until I was not. You see, one piece of advice I would often share was ‘if you don’t wake up saying you GET TO go to work today and are not excited for that opportunity, then it is not the right role for you.’ I began to say I HAVE TO go to work not that I get to go work. I was making excuses for the part of the job that I hated saying I HAVE TO do this so I can do the part that I love. I finally woke up and realized I was not living my dream any longer. I was delaying my dream and continuing to walk a path that was no longer part of my journey.

I finally took that very shaky step and left the comfort of the corporate world to fulfill my passion in a new way that allowed me to help others in a way that utilized my unique skill set. I now GET TO show others how to better understand their ‘why’ and how to use that to their advantage in their interactions and make the connections that will ensure they see all the opportunities around them and choose the best path to walk down. I am fully living my dream, fulfilling my passion and finally helping others in the way I am meant to help them. If only we understood what our childhood musings actually meant when we said them, right? I always knew I wanted to help people; I just did not know how at the time.

Great, so let’s dig a little deeper into the story – has it been an easy path overall and if not, what were the challenges you’ve had to overcome?
It has not always been a smooth road, but I would not change the paths I chose to take for anything. The easy path was never meant to be the right road for me to travel down. Wrong choices helped me choose the correct path later and allowed me to have a deeper understanding of where I wanted to be and how to get there.

Choosing to change my major meant that I had two years of useless credits toward my new major and for someone working their way through college and paying for it on their own meant a lot of wasted money and time. I met a fabulous mentor during that time that supported me and showed me my potential for so many greater possibilities. I would not have met this wonderful woman had I not chosen the wrong major as one of my classmates had given me a contact to a job that would pay me a higher hourly rate and I desperately needed to make more money to stay in school. I ended up working for her and learning so much from her while her employee. My mentor gave me the strength to not take the easy path which would have been staying in my current major and graduating on time but to take the risk and change the path. Fortunately, she helped me see the better opportunities ahead of me and this led to me taking the role that put me on the path to not only meeting my amazing husband and a great career in HR but eventually starting my own business.

The rough road included many obstacles from lack of support from those I held in high regard, insolvency, losses, and defeats but overcoming these obstacles gave me strength, resiliency, perseverance, and the ability to take the risks that gave the best rewards. I met the mentors and supporters that showed me my own abilities and strengths and allowed me to see that I could achieve so much more than I thought I could. Insolvency gave me the ability to keep searching for other options and paths and not allow one answer to defeat me or to stop me from continuing forward. It gave me the attitude that there is always a solution, you just have to search in places others have not for the answer sometimes- something that has served me well over the past two decades. Each hardship, obstacle, or failure has been an opportunity to grow, enhance, and learn. I am grateful for each experience, lesson, and opportunity afforded to me over the years and what they have allowed me to accomplish both good and bad.

Please tell us about JNGB dba The Growth Coach Denver Metro.
As a Speaker and the Owner/Business & Sales Coach of The Growth Coach Denver Metro, I specialize in helping business owners, leaders, business professionals, and entrepreneurs find their ‘why’ and helping people understand how to utilize their unique skill set to enhance and grow their businesses, team interactions, communication, and selling techniques.

As a Certified Behavioral Consultant and Business/Sales Coach, I like to teach people to fish rather than feeding them for the day. I collaborate with people and help them choose the best path to lead them to success in resolving issues, meeting goals, growing revenues, creating better team interactions, and connecting with others through communication. With a focus on the behavioral side of business, I combine my dedication for guiding others in finding the most efficient solutions and my understanding of people to customize my approach to meet my client’s needs. This allows me to help clients find paths that work best for them and allow them to avoid paths that will only hinder progress for them and cause undue stress and strain.

As a Speaker, I engage the audience through humor and story-telling. This allows the message to grab the attention of the audience and allows them to discover hidden gems that resonate with them and encourages them to take action.

What moment in your career do you look back most fondly on?
The proudest moment of my journey so far is when I decided to step outside my comfort zone and left the corporate world to start my own business. Leaving the security and convenience of steady income and defined career opportunities to step into a world of uncertainty was terrifying and by far the biggest risk I have ever taken but I knew to fulfill my passion I needed to take the step. As scary as it was to begin this new journey, it was the best decision I ever made.

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