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Meet Lauren Skye of Inner Connection Institute in Golden Triangle

Today we’d like to introduce you to Lauren Skye.

Lauren, can you briefly walk us through your story – how you started and how you got to where you are today.
I moved to Denver in 1993 because my then-husband was offered a great job here. At the time, I was not happy about this change that would become one of the greatest gifts in my life. I had spent the previous five years in Portland, Oregon (having escaped the east coast) and I was deeply involved in the spiritual community there.

Childhood challenges had propelled me into the world of self-awareness and healing early in life. In my early twenties, I explored traditional therapy and anti-anxiety medications. Those just did not fit for me, although I know they are very helpful for some. Arriving in Portland at age 26 was like coming home, and within a few weeks of moving there, I met my first healer.

Those same childhood challenges also catalyzed my spiritual abilities early on. As part of my survival strategies, I taught myself remote viewing and astral travel at a young age. I could keep my body safe in my room and astral travel around the house to know where everyone was, so I would know when it was safe to come out. I would often travel to the rings of Saturn in times of challenge. These experiences sparked a knowingness that there is more to life than we generally perceive.

In Portland, I healed my relationship with my timeline and moved from survivor to thriver. Still, there were nagging issues with anxiety and chronic illness that seemed unresolvable.

Within a few weeks of arriving in Denver, I met the woman who would introduce me to clairvoyant reading and healing techniques. My remaining “unresolvable” issues quickly healed, as I learned that I was perceiving energy and I was running those perceptions through my body and emotions. I realized I am highly sensitive to energy and can easily become it. Instead, I learned to see it. As I learned to see clairvoyantly, all became clear on many levels.

In addition to helping me heal anxiety and illness, clairvoyant perspective helped me see and unravel my life story at a whole new level of depth. The healing was so rapid and intense, it was easy to commit to a long-term study of clairvoyance. I continued to learn and grow with many fabulous teachers as I honed my abilities.

Let me say here that clairvoyance is a widely misunderstood concept. It isn’t about fortune-telling or predicting the future. It’s about become self-aware on an energetic level and integrating the transformational opportunities that self-awareness brings. There’s so much more to us that we generally experience, and so much more to life. Clairvoyance is an access point to that so much more.

I became a professional reader around 1994 (I don’t remember the exact date). I read at Cornerstone Books in Englewood and then got my first office in Denver office on Clarkson Street near Louisiana. Many of my clients had a desire to learn, so I began to teach. I started the Inner Connection Institute (ICI) in 1996 and co-founded the Church of Infinite Spirit with like-minded souls in 1999. The Institute is now the educational arm of the Church. Our first location was on Clarkson Street and then we moved to a house in the same area. There have been several locations over the years.

Currently, I have a private office in the Golden Triangle area and hold events and Rocky Mountain Miracle Center on South Monroe Street. I offer spiritual development programs online as well.

ICI and the Church are the fulfillment of a dream for me. From a very young age, I was drawn to know more about spirit and the after-death experience. During high school, I attended classes on paranormal experiences at the local college. My parents did not support the idea of church, so I would sneak out to go to different religious services with my friends’ families. I knew there was something there but also knew the punishment and reward systems inherent in traditional orders weren’t aligned with what I saw. I am beyond grateful to provide a safe space for people to explore their spiritual nature without the threat of punishment.

I have many roles in my practice and wear many hats. At the core, I am a non-denominational minister; someone who holds the truth of spiritual reality without judgment. In our appropriate rejection of religious control energy, we’ve thrown out the baby with the bathwater (what an amazing saying that is). Awareness of self as spirit transforms the experience of life in a beautiful way and is the key to joyful living for many.

As a minister, I provide talks at our services; give intuitive readings and energy healings; offer spiritual counseling; and perform, weddings, memorials, and ceremonies for life passages.

I teach clairvoyance as a mechanism for self-exploration and spiritual awareness, benefiting both the reader and receiver. 

I also teach the trance mediumship program at Psychic Horizons in Boulder.

Along the way, I wrote a book; Spiritual Amnesia; A Wake-Up Call To What You Really Are. The book outlines basic energy management skills we all need and explores many facets of life from spiritual perspective. Guided meditations are offered throughout.

My journey is a great example that any challenge can be transformed into opportunity; any pain can be transformed into wisdom if we are willing.

I’m beyond grateful for it all.

Great, so let’s dig a little deeper into the story – has it been an easy path overall and if not, what were the challenges you’ve had to overcome?
Back in the 90’s, being taken seriously was a big challenge. I was called crazy, woo-woo, and granola-head, along with some other names I won’t mention here. I negative article was written about me in Dissent magazine after my appearance on the History Channel. It’s so lovely how the culture has evolved so that so many are more open now.

About 15 years ago, one of our primary people at ICI and my closest friend at the time, Cheryl Pulver, died after receiving a bone marrow transplant in hopes of curing leukemia. Her leaving was one of the most painful things I’ve experienced. It took me a while to really let her go. Cheryl was (and is) a beautiful soul and deeply gifted reader and healer. She shows up from time to time in my dreams and my awareness. Her messages and her energy are always supportive and funny, just as she was in this life.

My relationship with myself is always a work in progress. I am aware of vulnerabilities those early imprints have left, and am mindful not to filter today’s challenges through yesterday’s pain.

The constant influx of energetic perception is always a thing; and I am grateful for other sensitive souls, like my ICI Co-Director Margaret Johnson, who help me stay aware of what’s mine and what’s not.

I have a love/hate relationship with public speaking. Astrologically, I have a Scorpio Sun and Leo Moon. They are often at odds.

Inner Connection Insitute – what should we know? What do you guys do best? What sets you apart from the competition?
We are a multi-faceted center for spiritual growth. Our focus is to inspire people to know themselves as spiritual beings, and as a part of the consciousness that creates this universe. This knowing is the foundation for true joy and empowerment.

There are three main components of the organization. On our website, I offer the vision of a tree with three branches.

The first branch is the Inner Connection Institute (ICI). Through the Institute, we offer classes in meditation, energy healing, and clairvoyance.

The second branch of the tree symbolizes the Church. To say our Church is non-traditional would be an understatement! We are often described as “alternative, metaphysical, and unconventional.” We are redefining Church as a safe space of spiritual sanctuary where souls come to rest and remember their spiritual nature.

The third branch represents the professional services we offer. We provide intuitive readings, energy healing, and spiritual counseling to assist you on your journey of life. Our services are grounded in the empowerment of our clients. We believe in each individual’s power and freedom to create the future according to their path and passions. In addition to services for individuals, we also offer house and business clearings, along with couples and group work.

What moment in your career do you look back most fondly on?
I am most proud that I have created a joyful life and am of service to others. Given my history, things could have gone in a very different direction.

Some big things have happened along the way. I was featured on the History Channel’s Haunted History; The Rockies. This was under my old married name, Lori Clouden. That was so fun. Later, when I changed my name to Lauren Skye, I learned my fingerprints had changed when I went to get a new driver’s license. That was fun too. The DMV clerk didn’t know what to do with me, so she finally just over-rode the old record.

I have experienced many miracles along the way, including the manifestation of dimes from my feet chakras. The big things are fun, but the seemingly smaller ones matter more. Every time I work with someone, it’s always so amazing to see what perception and a shift in energy can do. I just love it! And I love watching the clairvoyant students shed their fears and old limitations. I’m so honored to walk beside these brave souls as they learn and grow.

In pondering this question, a memory surfaced for me. One day, I think it was in 1989, a channeler came to one of the groups I was in back in Oregon. When it was my turn to ask a question, I asked about how I could better manage anxiety symptoms and claustrophobia. The spirit being channeled didn’t answer that. Instead, they went into a long narrative about how I was a teacher, communicator, writer and speaker and that I could help many people. I literally looked behind me, thinking they were speaking to someone else and hadn’t heard my question. Many years later, I reconnected with that channeler and, upon greeting me, the spirit said “see, we told you” and went on to say there was much gratitude in the spiritual realm for all I’d created. It was a moment of great honor. I’m proud to be fulfilling my soul’s path.

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