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Meet Lupita Sanchez

Today we’d like to introduce you to Lupita Sanchez.

Alright, so thank you so much for sharing your story and insight with our readers. To kick things off, can you tell us a bit about how you got started?
Every story has a beginning and mine starts the moment my family brought me to the United States when I was only 3 years young. I was born in Zacatecas, México but grew up in Boulder, Colorado. Growing up in the U.S. has been a life changing experience. Experiences that have come with opportunities and challenges that broadened my perspective in my Latino Community. Aside from my own challenges as a DACA recipient, I got to understand how far behind we, Latinos are in financial education. I realized this after college because conversations around investing, multiple streams of income or good debt were not common in my community. At the time, I felt lost, left behind and frustrated for not knowing this sooner. I had spent years going to college to obtain a degree for a job that wasn’t for sure would be there for me and I am glad it wasn’t there. After graduating from college, I began working for a non-profit organization to support low-income families and assist them achieve higher education. Lucky for me, the non-profit organization was in the same city where I grew up which I loved. I chose to give back to my community because I too come from a low income background. Keep in mind that many of these families that I worked with are Latinos, so I identified myself with them in all aspects. I saw firsthand struggles my family went through and the struggles these families went through. Without knowing English, or the U.S. system, these families still manage to have food and a rooftop over their heads and that is something to admire. As I was getting to know the middle school students and their families, 6 months later, COVID happened.

I feel COVID was a reality check for humanity. To enjoy time with our loved ones while we are able to. A reminder that everything has an end. It definitely showed us to value life. Unfortunately or fortunately, COVID exposed many things within the U.S. system. COVID exposed the truth of immigrant Latino families living in the US. The 2020 pandemic only magnified the issues low income families dealt with. Death, unemployment, remote learning and virtual meetings were quite the shift to everyone. Everything was overwhelming. However, this was twice if not three times as hard for under-resourced latinos in my community. In addition to families needing financial support, it was also the need to navigate electronic documents. Whether that was from their children’s school, applying for affordable internet, or seeking food assistance. The families that I worked with took such a hit to their emotional and mental health during the pandemic. It saddens me to see how these families were attacked in all corners and not have a break to figure things out. If only they would have had an emergency fund or know how life insurance would come in handy.

At the time I started asking questions like, how is it that my community is not well aware of the U.S. financial system? How is it that families like the Rockerfellers built generational wealth? How do you build generational wealth? What makes generational wealth? Why is it that DACA recipients don’t have a path to citizenship when we have been following laws and regulations?  Showing up to the frontlines to protect and save lives during COVID.. and yet.. I see no recognition. The separations of Latino families has been and continues to be part of the government’s plan. The system has been working against Latino immigrants for way too long and I can not sit back and do nothing about it.

In this moment, I realize that financial education is a major resource to our lives in the U.S. which is why I created Latino Generational Wealth. The purpose of Latino Generational Wealth is for us to come together as a community to help and support each other in this journey. I believe we can reach financial freedom by learning from each other, supporting each other as entrepreneurs, investors and community leaders. Latino Generational Wealth is a space to discuss topics that affect us day to day and our future in the U.S. I see great potential in millennials and gen z to achieve our goals and create wealth to help our loved ones. We have seen from time to time how hard our families have persevered and fought for a better life. I am proud of the hard working Latinos in house cleaning, child care, farm workers, construction workers, restaurant workers, landscaping workers, business owners, engineers, investors and more. I look forward to the many greatness we will continue to create for our families. La familia means a lot to me and from it comes the foundation that creates mental, emotional and financial stability. Family is the root that creates generational wealth to pass on financial education along with values and generate an abundant life.

As a digital marketer, I am promoting Latino businesses and providing a space to share their story with any advice for future Latino business owners. Latino Generational Wealth will be a networking community to share valuable information and resources to keep our community informed. I am ecstatic to see the future that we hold in our hands and I look forward to Latinos making the most out of our skills.

Alright, so let’s dig a little deeper into the story – has it been an easy path overall and if not, what were the challenges you’ve had to overcome?
It has not been a smooth road because there have been many things that I had to relearn on my own, starting with my mental health. Growing up mental health was not a priority in my family. Mental health plays a major role in one’s life because it defines who we are and the lives we choose to live. Thanks to my therapist and my mental work required, I have learned that my mindset is everything and what I believe in is. Additionally, growing up in a different country brought many obstacles. As a second language learner I had to adjust from speaking in Spanish at home to learning English at school. I struggled with speaking, reading and writing in English which put me down. Furthermore, being the first generation to graduate from college intensified these challenges because no one in my family could help me in this stage of my life. Now, I see the silver lining of being a bilingual educated woman of color in the U.S. I understand that all of the struggles and challenges led me to where I am today. We never stop learning and I look forward to the many things I will continue to learn. I am grateful for the people who supported me and the people that I will support. The best part of all this, is the amazing stories Latinos have shared with me. I have hope for us and I am proud of how far we all have come.

Alright, so let’s switch gears a bit and talk business. What should we know about your work?
I own a digital marketing company and currently work alone but I am planning to find the perfect team to provide excellent services within the Latino community. It is crucial for Latino businesses to have an online presence while creating revenue. Because technology continues to grow and is essential for businesses, I want for Latino businesses to also take advantage of the many opportunities while being present online. Aside from wearing many hats, I am proud of how adaptable I am with technology. I must say that I enjoy creating content, exercising my photography skills and editing videos. As I shared in my story, I want to support Latinos business and see them thrive in this society. Latinos work hard to receive too little in return and I am here to make sure they have a voice and a presence online. In addition, Latino Generational Wealth is what I created for the same reason that I understand the emotional, mental and financial attachment to create a business. And who better to set an example?  Latino business owners.

The crisis has affected us all in different ways. How has it affected you and any important lessons or epiphanies you can share with us?
Part of my drive to help my people create wealth began when COVID exposed many disadvantages within my community. My community was one of many that got hit the hardest during the pandemic. It was hard to see the struggles the families that I worked with went through and the same reason why I have created a space for Latinos. COVID was an eye opening experience that shook me and called me to act. Being financially educated in this system is crucial because wealth is a resource to our lives. Wealth provides freedom and opportunities for quality experiences. I believe that anyone is capable of creating wealth. Because of COVID, now I see more Latinos helping Latinos with mental health, financial education, investments and more. I can say COVID unified us to help each other and bring our unique skills to share while collaborating with others.

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