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Meet Cassandra Lourie of Lux + Luca Jewelry Co in Denver

Today we’d like to introduce you to Cassandra Lourie.

Cassandra, please share your story with us. How did you get to where you are today?
My journey began the way all classic stories do, with a disdain for the ordinary and a penchant for curse words.

Lux + Luca was born out of a desire to shake up the Local Jewelry Industry and add a little Rebellion to the ranks. I knew if I was going to make myself stand out from the massive amount of talent out there, I was going to have to take some risks, get real, honest and fearless.

In 2016, after some success with my up cycled, steampunk jewelry line, Broken Revolt, I knew I needed to continue on with my “cute hobby” or
rebrand and turn my passion into a career. This was when gold bar necklaces were just starting to become popular and all I saw around me was “love” “grace” and “dream”. While those are all great sentiments, I asked myself what would happen if I stamped “fuck it” on a bar? Would people lose their shit and get offended? This was exactly what I was counting on. What about the women who need a different kind of inspiration? I quickly discovered my new line of “motivational” bar necklaces, including “hustle, savage, slay and oh for fucks sake” we’re not only a hit, but helped me carve out a niche and set me apart from people doing similar things.

It became apparent to me pretty quickly that Lux + Luca was going to be a jewelry Line for The Unapologetically Bold, Modern Badass. A Lifestyle jewelry Line which inspires confidence and creates empowerment in women.

While the stamped aspect of the line definitely put me on the proverbial map, I didn’t feel like it showcased my talent as an artist or designer. Lux + Luca needed a non stamped, statement line for those who still wanted to wear edgy, fun jewelry, but for whom “Fuck It” just wasn’t a practical option ( I also make Fuck It cuffs in Morse Code for the stealthy $38).

Over the past three years, my style has evolved, but I’ve worked hard to create a stunning statement line using high quality metals like Gold Fill and Sterling and high grade semi precious stones for my unique designs.

My goal for Lux + Luca is to continue Inspiring women not only through my jewelry, but through the example I set. I have ZERO formal training in the creative/ design/ jewelry/art realm.

I took a hobby out of boredom in 2011, with 2k I borrowed from a boyfriend and started designing jewelry I wanted to see in the world. My passion evolved and through the endless support of friends and strangers, here we are! Three years later and I am so proud of the progress and success I’ve had with Lux + Luca. I’ve been full Time for almost two years, I’m in 30+ stores nation wide, have famous people wearing my jewelry (What’s Up, Lea Delaria!) and I’m still planning my world domination to shake up of the industry.

The point is, of course I want to sell a shit load of jewelry and make Lux + Luca a household name, but more importantly, I want to inspire women who are stuck in a routine, aren’t reaching their desired potential, feel they deserve better (And you DO, duh!) to take a chance on themselves and do it now. In the meantime, Lux + Luca has your back and neck and wrist.

We’re always bombarded by how great it is to pursue your passion, etc. – but we’ve spoken with enough people to know that it’s not always easy. Overall, would you say things have been easy for you?
I would say overall yes, my Rebranding transition and the ease with which I’ve been able to find my strengths and voice has come naturally. It has been without its hurdles, though. Building a business is hard, marketing yourself is hard, putting yourself out there is hard! It takes commitment and grit and learning to be ok with mistakes and being overly sensitive and just learning how to bend with the ebbs and flows of it. The rewards are worth it.

On the flip side, I think the biggest struggle for me is Continually finding ways to set my line apart from the competition. There is so much talent out there and coming up with new and innovative designs and other ways to stand out can get overwhelming. I am trying to create a brand, not just sell necklaces. I think Part of doing that is really stepping out from behind the line And becoming the Face Of the brand. I want people to know who makes their jewelry, I want them to know i value them, appreciate them, and am available to them. Whether this includes sending out a hand written thank you note with their order, having them come to my studio to create their own OOAK dream piece, or not being afraid to be ridiculous on Instagram Stories (yes I want you know my opinion about whether washing your face in the sink or just getting in the G.D shower is better- hint: just get in the shower) I want to create a personal relationship with my demographic. Lux + Luca isn’t for everyone and I’m learning to be ok with that, I’m actually learning to love that.

We’d love to hear more about your business.
Oh Jeeze, I guess I jumped the gun and touched on this because I don’t know when to shut up.

I specialiZe in luxury handmade jewelry for people who want the exclusivity of handmade, but not the “assembled” look a lot of handmade lines embody. I make my own ear hooks, solder my pieces using small metal Smith techniques, cut my own metal and individually stamp every letter. If you see a hoop, a link, a bar or any other component on my jewelry, it is 💯 handmade by a human- ME!

Always ask your favorite handmade designer about their process, which aspects of their line do THEY make? Hold them accountable, the industry depends on it.

I’ve learned to embrace this, but I think I’m known for my “fuck it” stamped jewelry. Bar necklaces, cuff bracelets and my ever popular wrap rings are my bread and butter. If I have to be known as the “fuck it girl” to get where I’m going, bring it on.

What were you like growing up?
I know this is going to come as a complete shock (sarcasm) to those who know me, and even to those who know me from my social media but I was a bit of a Spitfire growing up. My parents said I cried all the time as a baby, never satisfied and had to constantly be entertained.

I was an athlete and a bit of a Trail Blazer in my own right. I was the only female to play in the Youth Football League in Santa Barbara where I grew up, landing starting positions like Tail Back, Corner Back and receiving on Special teams. I was a Tom Boy with a take no shit attitude and something to prove. I was small, fierce and bossy AF.

When I became too small and the guys became way too big to play Football with, I decided I would trade in my cleats for hockey skates. Apparently contact sports were in my blood and it was good way to let out my angst. I ended up traveling on an All Guys team as a young teen, playing defense and learning how get into players heads. After years of hard work and honing my craft, I eventually became sponsored
by Mission Hockey on a female traveling team and we took 2nd in Worlds in Minnesota.

My parents are both creatives and I never felt pulled in that direction. It wasn’t until I moved to Colorado with no job and no friends and a boyfriend who worked all the time, did I find a passion I never knew existed.

As I get older, that chip has gotten smaller and I feel like I have less and less to prove to the world and more and more to share with it. I think being raised by a strong, single mom has taught me to think independently, how to be a leader and I finally know what it’s like to have a strong bond with female friends. I felt isolated as a young person because girls were mean to me for hanging out with their boyfriends (because we were on sports teams together) and it was literally when I got into the Denver Maker scene when I finally felt accepted by women. My girlfriends are my rock now and we inspire the shit out of each other.

I think my biggest take away from my childhood and evolution is that I needed to be An extrovert in order to feel fulfilled by the attention from others. I needed to be loud and intense to stand out. Now, as a 35 year old female business owner, (who thought she was a fraud and would end up miserable and directionless) I am an extroverted- introvert who gets validation from my work and fulfillment from sparking passion in others through my own.

Wow- I love to talk about myself apparently.
** To those of you who have stuck through this- RIP to your precious time


  • Stamped pieces $35-60

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