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Meet Melissa Lycan | Vocalist, Speaker & Educator

We’re so pumped about our conversation with Melissa Lycan. Melissa is a Vocalist, Speaker & Educator and is also a content partner. Content partners help Voyage in so many ways from spreading the word about the work that we do, sponsoring our mission and collaborating with us on content like this. Check out our conversation with Melissa below.

Hi Melissa, thank you so much for sitting down with us again. For folks who might have missed our initial interview, can you start by briefly introducing yourself?
My name is Melissa Lycan, the vocalist for a Colorado based folk rock band Nordic Daughter, keynote speaker of truths and educator in mathematics and business.

You have diverse offerings for different demographics. How many different products and services do you offer? What are they?
Nordic Daughter offers 6 different types of services. We have diversified based upon my own leadership and teaching experience. Our Keynote Concert is our fledgling product consisting of a 30-minute keynote blended with a 15-minute interactive demonstration and a 45-minute live performance. The Library performances are booking for 2022 engagements with a combination reading of our self-published children’s book “The Littlest Valkyrie” and a duet performance. We also provide a Farm to Table option for small farms and CSAs to raise funds and awareness and help them find catering sponsorships and promotions for our live performance. Live music performances are our most common bookings popular among wedding clients and live venues and music lovers. High School Assemblies offer two different tracks self-empowerment & over coming fear and Team Work! Theatrical production is currently being developed for a 2022 launch. This will focus on longer installations lasting several days with full backdrop, stage scripts, actors, dancers and musical production. Perfect for the avid theater goer.

Tell us more about what a keynote concert is?
It’s exactly how it sounds a keynote speech and a concert in one. Our keynote concert focuses on blending experiential knowledge and information with hands on engagement and extra sensory experience. Corporate, Non-Profit and College events can book the best of both worlds in a two for one, speaker and live music experience. We talk about teamwork and collaboration from a musical perspective and the audience gets to experiment with Rhythm. It’s quite unique and engaging. In addition, we have an executive keynote on leadership as the conductor of the corporate symphony.

Students are highly impacted by music. What is your overarching message when delivering assemblies to High School students?
Like I stated earlier we offer two tracks. One on Self-Empowerment and overcoming our own fears. We explore the trials and fears from a few of the band members and talk about how we overcame them with music and creativity. The second is based upon the message of Team Work and collaboration. Up until this point in development many kids are still looking at life from the I versus the We perspective. This gets them into consciously evaluating the we.

Which topics do you cover when speaking in public?
Most of our topics really overlap. Team Work: Collaboration Leadership: The Conductor Overcoming Fear Music as Therapy Self-Empowerment

You have a passion for organic farming, what led you to this unique focus for giving back?
Our food is the source of all the disease or lack thereof in our bodies. I was the Director of Grant Farms for a season in 2o16 and we threw these elaborate farm to table dinners. With local wineries and chefs. Melding these into our tour strategy makes complete sense because we all believe in healthy eating. Chemicals and pesticides are the leading causes of cancer in the body along with processed foods and sugars. Small farms need more support than large factory farms and any way we can build them up is critical for keeping our food options open.

I hear rumblings of a children’s book in the works. Tell us more about this.
Many viking books and stories target boys. Yet as we have learned in recent decades, women played a critical role in the culture. The Littlest Valkyrie is a story of one such girl that longs to lead her village like her mother and father. Lessons of self-worth and overcoming fear are part of this story and most stories we read with strong and dynamic protagonists. The book goes to print this fall. Each library that books us will get several donated copies to add to their coffers.

Thank you so much again for sharing all of this with us. Before we go, can you share with our readers how they can connect with you, learn more or show support?
Please reach out, we would love to hear from you. You can reach us for booking at or text your inquiry to (720)933-4868 and be sure to Visit our website at To connect with us socially, look us up on all social media at @nordicdaughter and ask us any questions you have.

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