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Meet Naomi Havens

Today we’d like to introduce you to Naomi Havens.

Naomi, let’s start with your story. We’d love to hear how you got started and how the journey has been so far.
My name is Naomi Havens. I am a 19.5 year two-time Stage 2 Breast Cancer survivor who chose NOT to have chemo or radiation either time, even when the doctors said I’d be dead within five years. I chose instead to take a natural holistic approach, in which food, as my medicine played a major role. I am happy to say that I am 14.5 years and counting PAST the prediction of the doctors, very much alive and CANCER FREE!

Aside from being a Cancer Survivor I am also a Holistic Heath Coach and Teacher, Author, and Raw Chef. I educate and train individuals on how to live a healthy lifestyle from a holistic approach and provide Cancer support and navigation through the maze of information out there. My aim is to teach others how to take back control of their health into their own hands. I empower people to do just that.

Through my own experiences I have learned how to help people going through their own health challenges. My journey of natural holistic healing was a lonely, isolating, challenging one. Not only did I take this journey without the support of church or community, but I was also bullied by doctors and ADULTS. Thankfully, I had the support of my husband and daughter, but it was more of a “if it makes you happy” type of support. My parents, who lived in another state, were supportive too.

Victory Haven was born out of my need for support. If I couldn’t find a support system, I’d create it. But it was God who founded Victory Haven in 2010, then asked me to be His co-founder, eyes, mouth, hands & feet.

My second diagnosis came because of the lack of support. I began comparing myself with other cancer survivors and going back to my old eating habits. This diagnosis was my wake-up call to stand up for myself, no matter who else was on board. There’s a saying, “The longest road a person can take is from their head to their heart.” That was ME! The second diagnosis was what I needed to take that journey from my head to my heart.

We’re always bombarded by how great it is to pursue your passion, etc – but we’ve spoken with enough people to know that it’s not always easy. Overall, would you say things have been easy for you?
This journey has not been a smooth road. First, cancer was my deepest fear, so I had to face it head on.
Besides facing my deepest fear head on, I was facing isolation, abandonment, and bullying. It was all on my shoulders to make the juices and foods I needed for healing. People who offered to make meals, when I told them I could not eat what they prepared because of the sugar, dairy, wheat, etc. (the Standard American Diet) I never heard back from them; they didn’t even offer to help with groceries, or financially with out-of-pocket natural therapies I needed, some of which were either out of state, or in Mexico.

I also faced the constant thoughts of, “Did I do the right thing?”, “Is this therapy really going to work?”, “Is the cancer going to come back? Because I hear it comes back with a vengeance if it does.”

Another struggle has been going against the stream, against the Herd Mentality, the Matrix mentality. I’ve taken responsibility for my own body and health, bucked the system, which is something people have a hard time wrapping their minds around. I’m called a “radical”, “conspiracy theorist”, and told my story is “AMAZING!”. I don’t feel my story is amazing; I’m only doing what God instructed us to do with the bodies He Created and Loaned us, and what people did for thousands of years. Our current population has just allowed themselves to be dumbed down, to be reprogrammed. My grandfather’s generation, and other ancestors did what I do, but for some reason have not passed it down to the current generations.

Although my experiences weren’t pleasant in the least, they have helped fuel my purpose in helping teach others how to live healthy so they can prevent disease. My experiences have not only deepened my understanding and empathy for the health of others but have also allowed me to create specialized programs and healthy eating plans that help my clients reach their health goals.

We’d love to hear more about the organization.
Victory Haven is a non-profit organization. Initially our goal was to provide moral and financial support to people pursuing natural holistic cancer healing journeys. We have since learned that fundraising is an extremely difficult undertaking, so have that on a back burner and hope to get back to it one day.
Our mission is to Encourage, Empower, Inspire and help you Open A World of Possibilities. Over the last ten years, Victory Haven has facilitated weekly wellness groups in our local areas. The health journeys of attendees have ranged from Cancer, Diabetes, Thyroid, ALS, and those who just wanted a weekly support group for their pursuit of making healthier diet and lifestyle choices.

We do a lot of one-on-one consultations, some virtually. I am a graduate of the Living Foods Institute in Atlanta, GA. I cherish the valuable education I received there! That education inspired me to not only become a Holistic Health Educator but also a Raw Food Chef and to start Victory Delights by Naomi where I specialize in raw deserts and snacks. Victory Delights is an extension of Victory Haven and provides a fundraising avenue.

My husband, Tim and I are sought after speakers and we specialize in presenting on The Dangers in American Foods, Emotions and Your Health, It’s Not Just About Diet, The Importance of a Support Group. Our presentations are interactive, creative and eye-opening. In the majority of our presentations we do a food display showing vital information regarding cancer, as well as aged hamburgers and fries, chicken sandwiches, tacos, and more from various popular fast food places; these foods still look like they did the day we obtained them, some date back eight years. It’s a great visual for people and brings our foods into perspective.

For many years random people kept telling me that I had a story to tell and I needed to write a book. I did not see myself as a writer, and really did not see the impact my story might have on anyone. But GOD! In 2016 God brought into my path a writing coach/publisher who saw great potential in my story as a book. So, in 2017 I wrote my autobiography, ‘Stealth Journey – An Uncommon Fight Against Cancer, Fear, Tradition, and Pharmaceuticals’, which is available only through our website, All sales go directly into the mission of Victory Haven.

People we’ve worked with have told us that what sets Victory Haven apart from others is:
• Our sincerity as we share directly from our heart and personal experience as we help people navigate the maze of information.
• Our dedicated effort to educate people and open a world of possibilities to them
• Our positive outlook of hope for healthy lifestyles
• We are not judgmental.
• We have a listening ear with educated and knowledgeable responses.
• We bring value, hope, and a world of possibilities.
• No one else offers the range of services we offer.
• We do not promote any product(s). We share only what we have learned personally, and what we have seen work for us and others on similar journeys.

It has been great witnessing the positive transformations of those we have worked with. Some of those include the multiple people who have told us that because of the visualization of our food display bringing the SAD (Sad American Diet) into perspective they have changed their eating habits and feel so much better, some have even lost weight they so desperately wanted to lose. Then there’s the client dealing with ALS who found a safe, supportive, non-judgmental atmosphere.

One client diagnosed as Pre-Diabetic who could not see himself self-administering the insulin on a daily basis, and was dealing with other health issues as well; he changed his eating habits, was able to come off all medications, and is no longer at risk for Diabetes. His response after his annual check-up with his doctor, “Why would anyone want to go back to the bad habits!”

And then there were the parents who just needed encouragement and moral support during their young child’s journey with childhood cancer. They are eternally grateful for the encouragement and support they received.

What were you like growing up?
Growing up I was very interested in Science and all things natural including natural healing. I was determined to become a nurse from the age of five years old. After high school graduation I was accepted into a college that offered alternating in class training one session, then hands-on training the next session. I’m a very hands-on learner, so that was very appealing to me. Unfortunately, after arriving on campus and registration I was informed that my grades in high school were not good enough, D average, so I would not be allowed to take even one course towards the nursing degree I had dreamed about all my life. Instead, the college put me into a business class. That was not my calling! I left college after one semester to pursue my dream through different avenues.

I now realize that not being allowed to take any classes towards my dream was God’s way of saying, “Not this nursing arena. I’ve got something bigger in mind for you!” Fast forward 30 plus years with two cancer diagnosis and I am now in the “nursing” arena best suited for me. It is extremely satisfying and rewarding! NO REGRETS!

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