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Meet Natalie Henley

Today, we’d like to introduce you to Natalie Henley. Natalie was introduced to us by the brilliant and talented Michael Sharon.

Hi Natalie, we’re so thrilled to have you sharing your story with us today. Maybe we can kick things off by having you introduce yourself to our readers? We’d love to have you go into your story and how you got to where you are today.
Some memorable points along my journey:

Late 2007: A kid out of college with a Political Science degree with zero marketing or agency experience, only 1 Marketing 101 class under my belt but a giant work ethic. Ate a lot of tuna bagels and ramen noodles to be able to afford living in DC and getting agency experience on an intern salary.

2009: Got hired in a Digital Marketing agency and being allowed to start a social media department. Also took on my first speaking gig this year about Digital Marketing. In the 3 years I was here, I had a huge role in more than doubling the agency.

2010: Got married. Part of the deal was a solemn vow to never make him eat tuna bagels again.

2012: Started at Volume Nine as a Marketing Manager.

2013: Had a baby and got promoted to VP almost at the same time – don’t recommend this combo if you can avoid it. Loved both…it was the doing it at the same time part that was the challenge.

2015: I took over as President of Volume Nine.

2017: I become CEO as Chuck took a step back from day-to-day operations.

2020: Became a part owner at Volume Nine… right before the pandemic.

2022: Took over as full owner of Volume Nine 🙂

Please tell us more about your brand, Volume Nine
With more than a decade of digital marketing experience, Volume Nine has helped hundreds of brands grow their online footprint organically. Headquartered in Denver, Colorado, Volume Nine provides companies all across the US with SEO, Content Marketing, Social Media, and Analytics support.

So, as we mentioned to our audience earlier, you were introduced to us by Michael Sharon and 6162 Productions and we really admire them and what they’ve built. For folks who might not be as familiar, can you tell them a bit about your experience with 6162 Productions.
Michael and his team are an amazing group of video professionals in Denver. We got introduced by a mutual friend, and immediately could feel the synergies between our two brands. 6162 has a particular knack for figuring out how to tell a brand’s story and how to really make it come alive for them, which is going to be critical going into 2023. Just check out their site to see their portfolio and the kind of stuff they are cranking out regularly.


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