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Meet Natalie Ventimiglia

Today we’d like to introduce you to Natalie Ventimiglia.

Natalie, can you briefly walk us through your story – how you started and how you got to where you are today.
As I reflect on the start of this journey the theme that is consistent is a desire for something better. That feeling of “I can do better” or “There has to be more than this” is what drives me. I grew up in a bubble called Saginaw, MI. My first awakening was sitting in a church pew while attending Catholic elementary school hearing about the “one holy church” of which I was presumably a member. Really? I thought… “What do people outside this bubble believe? Probably not this.”

The second pivotal moment came ironically while I was on a high school, church-sponsored trip to Montana. I was introduced to an American Indian woman who used glass beads to create intricate designs and the most stunning art I had ever seen. She spoke of how she channeled love and well-being into the art so that the person who bought it would have this love showered on them by way of her intention. I could literally feel the love she put into her work and the impact it ultimately had on the people that brought it into their presence.

That would forever be the spark that led me to where I am today. I desperately wanted to own something she had made, and, even more, I wished I could wake up in the morning and be her the next day. I felt a strong desire to do this for people. I got there, although I didn’t exactly take the most direct route.

Without knowing the significance of the moments previously mentioned, I followed a very respectable path to becoming a scientist. I studied biochemistry at Michigan State University, but I knew by graduation that I wouldn’t be a scientist in the traditional sense. Expanding my bubble, I moved to San Francisco where the dot com era was booming. I landed a job in telecom and internet sales.

On paper, I was winning. Until that voice returned, questioning if selling businesses internet access was the most I could contribute to the world. My hobby at the time was glass and forming it into art was my greatest joy. So, after 10 years I quit climbing the corporate ladder in search of something better, a life of motherhood and glass art.

San Francisco didn’t allow for this lifestyle change without the accompanying corporate salary, so we searched for our place somewhere else. Colorado has always felt like home to me. I spent a season in Vail during college and I remember thinking “these are my people.” Denver offered everything we were searching for, so we made the move.

Has it been a smooth road?
When I moved to Denver, I was able to build a glass studio in my house–a little slice of Heaven on Earth. I had the luxury of my husband’s income and was able to make the art I wanted, raise my kids, and not worry about having a consistent revenue stream coming in from the studio. This was both a blessing and a curse. Becoming a professional artist was always the goal. So when I began selling the work more seriously, I created a line that was more marketable than what I was used to making, which was art through a spiritual lens.

I teamed up with some galleries and an art broker and was doing pretty well. They handled the sales and I made the work. I was selling into corporate lobbies, law firms, hospitals and businesses all over Colorado. Then one day I was shown the install pictures of one job in particular, and I was crushed. I hated what we had created for this client. And I again thought, “we can do better.” I realized I had become an order taker to the sales team. I was too far removed from the client. My creativity wasn’t being utilized to its fullest potential and we weren’t really making personalized art. If we are going to make art for these spaces, let’s make it the best we can. Let’s make it transformative.

The other more recent challenge has been making art for a broader range of clients and creating residual income. Everything about glass is expensive and precarious. The studios filled with equipment and the supplies required to manipulate it are complex and require maintenance and space. All of which add to the cost of the final product. I realized many of the people I knew didn’t have it in their budget to buy art in this price range. I couldn’t comfortably afford my own work! Selling it for less than it was worth didn’t feel good and neither did making less significant pieces. I didn’t want to put out a line of trinkets.

In addition, I was running into a problem of time. By this period, I was no longer married, and the revenue part of making art became a priority. A big priority. While speaking with a fellow glass artist friend of mine about it, he said, “imagine the art we could make if our bills were taken care of…” That really stuck with me. Our predecessors often had benefactors or patrons that gave artists the time and freedom to create without the stress of having to sell the work when it was completed.

It’s like dancing when no one is watching, totally different, ultimate freedom. Collecting money from my art was never the driving force of making it, so removing that pressure from my passion and becoming my own benefactor seemed like a good idea.

We’d love to hear more about your art.
Right now I am running a couple different complementary businesses, Art Stands by Me and Natalie Ventimiglia: High Vibrational Art. Our philosophy is rooted in art doing more than decorating our spaces. Throughout history, we have designed our cities for beauty. Although now I feel the predominant feeling about art is that it is a luxury when, in actuality, it is essential to the potential of humanity.

Our focus is to help people experience their evolution through art and their environment and raise their vibration, because when your vibration matches the vibration of where you want to be, you are already there. We accomplish this in a couple of different ways.

My personal brand can be purchased directly or found in galleries where people resonate with a piece I have already made. To solve the problem I was having with commissions, I created a more in-depth process that takes my clients on a journey of Intentional Reflection™. I began to market this as a new way to highlight the value in the client being a part of the creative process. With so much art being sold online these days, I wanted to give my collectors a chance to have an experience.

It is part self-actualizing, part energy clearing, and a heavy dose of color therapy. We basically tap into what a person or group came here to contribute and open a path for them to more easily accomplish this mission. And through all of it comes something tangible and beautiful to help move my clients into what they are becoming.

To reach a broader audience and create residual income, I expanded my offering to include different mediums and other high vibe products. Turns out that printing images of glass on metal with a high gloss finish surprisingly looks just like glass! This new offering attracted many new clients who once had challenges with price point or the fragility of glass on their walls. Exploring this medium allowed me to showcase glass in a way I couldn’t do without the metal. We are doing more than simply providing prints of my work, we are creating a whole new line of healing art.

I am able to imbue each pattern with a different energy and karma healing tool. The circle series allows people to choose which vibration they want to embody. For example, one pattern is for clearing family karma, one for balancing masculine and feminine qualities, another for raising self-worth, and about 20 more are offered.

Through Art Stands by Me, which originally was a small business that manufactured a high-end art stand, we expanded to include a line of t-shirts and sweatshirts I designed that carry the same message and energy. We offer those along with other vetted high vibe products that intentionally help people manifest the life they desire. We are working with other energy healers to expand on this offering to include more products, trainings, and practices that put people in the highest vibration possible so they can easily step into their highest potential. Imagine a world where everyone reaches their highest goal they could with the talents they have been given. Sounds like Heaven on Earth to me, and, better yet, I could finally stop searching for something better.

Is our city a good place to do what you do?
I am really falling in love with Denver more and more each day. I have spent the last 12 years here, and although I relate more with being a global citizen and create work for clients throughout the world, I do consider this a very special place. The West is very “Live and Let Live,” which is so refreshing to me. After exploring religion and spirituality extensively, I have found the benefit of many cultures, religions, and practices and integrate much of this into my life and my work.

My trick is to take a macro approach and find the ideas that are universal and that bind us together as opposed to what our differences are. God didn’t make us all unique only to then expect us to take the same path to enlightenment. What’s the point of Heaven if everyone can’t come?

Denver is full of high vibe people! Those who are drawn to my work aren’t necessarily spiritual or even believe that art has the ability to do what I know it can. They are, however, searching at some level for something better, more meaning and possibility in their lives, and are willing to explore that in all ways possible. If I can give back to Denver through art and connections, I would consider myself winning and not just on paper.


  • T-shirts starting at $19.95
  • High Gloss Metal Wall Hangings starting at $250
  • Custom Art using Intentional Reflection™ process: $250 initial deposit plus the cost of the Transformational Art

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