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Meet Juliet Shapiro Bromfield of Rolfing Resilience in Capitol Hill/Governors Park

Today we’d like to introduce you to Juliet Shapiro Bromfield.

So, before we jump into specific questions about the business, why don’t you give us some details about you and your story.

As a kid, I had continuing issues with headaches and neck pain, and it made me feel isolated from others, and sometimes limited what I could do. Growing up in Boulder, I was exposed to a lot of alternative health modalities as my mother tried to help me get out of pain. Massage, acupressure, osteopathic, energetic work. A Rolfer turned out to be very helpful for me. I remember thinking that her fingers knew secrets, and wondered what it would be like to know them.

Years passed, and in college, I studied fine art and had four wonderful years of working with my hands. I love engaging with the materials of the physical world, shaping things like a sculptor. But I wanted a career that would help people, and that’s when I remembered my childhood experiences of relief when I received skilled bodywork, especially Rolfing.

But you might be wondering what Rolfing is! Created by Ida Rolf in the 1970s, Rolfing works with applying pressure to fascia and connective tissues of the body to bring us into better alignment with gravity. Think skyscraper rather than leaning tower of Pisa. When we’re not constantly exerting our muscles to be upright, we experience more ease, energy and comfort, and less pain. So Rolfing is an alternative therapy focused on the potential of the human body structure. What makes Rolfing especially unique is the Rolfing series of 10 sessions, that guide the body into a new, more upright, level of alignment and efficiency in order to release us from chronic pain and stiffness.

I spent my first five years as a Rolfer working in Bloomington, Indiana where my husband was in grad school. It was challenging learning how to run my own business, but I found I had chosen my work well–I really enjoy this method of helping people to be more comfortable in their bodies, which has been so rewarding.

We moved back home to Colorado last year, and it has been so great being back in the land of sun and mountains! Establishing my Denver practice has been a challenge in growing my business all over again of course, but it’s gratifying to be among a population who are genuinely invested in their health, and open to the holistic journey that Rolfing provides.

Overall, has it been relatively smooth? If not, what were some of the struggles along the way?
Learning to run my own small business, as I said, has been a challenge that I didn’t have any preparation for when I started out. From taxes to renting an office to client boundaries & concerns, promotion and marketing, I had to learn it all at once. When I started out, going from earning $9/hour working at the local co-op grocery $100+/hour for my bodywork was really weird–I felt like an impostor. I used to go around practicing saying “My sessions are $125” under my breath to myself, just to try to own it and sound natural. I knew it was worth it from experiencing the work myself, but it was quite a leap to feel qualified to charge industry standard prices before I had any experience! It’s so important to learn to value your own time and abilities and ask for what you deserve.

Please tell us about Rolfing Resilience.
Being a person with a history of chronic pain myself, especially as a young person, I used to think that no one else went through life this way. But as a healing professional, I learn everyone’s stories about their bodies, and I’m learning that we all have physical pain–we just don’t talk about it, especially if we’re younger. So I feel like that setback in my life has become a strength–I really understand what it’s like to live with pain on a regular basis, and I can meet people where they are with empathy. My clients have often told me how much they appreciate the caring environment I provide. I’ve worked with fibromyalgia, plantar fasciitis, scoliosis, migraines & tension headaches, carpal tunnel and tendonitis, as well as undiagnosed persistent aches and pains—with pretty marked improvement in my clients quality of life.

I’m always amazed at how much change is possible, how much better we can feel if we just try something new, and become willing to trust ourselves. I named my company Rolfing Resilience as a reminder to myself. That’s what I do–I Rolf resilience. Our physical bodies are full of potential to bounce back, and I love helping people discover that.

I gave birth to my son, Monty, just over four months ago, which was such an intense and amazing experience. I’m so in awe of the body’s abilities! So right now, I’m super excited to work with postpartum women and women who’ve had kids recently, because I know how intense that is–we can really get out of whack in that process if we don’t take care of ourselves. I find the Rolfing series can be an amazing way to honor ourselves and bring our bodies back to full energy levels and feeling good for us new mamas.


  • $125 per session
  • Package of 3 $300
  • Classic 10 session Rolfing series special price (mention this article!) $1,110

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