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Meet Shannon Boarman of Denver Mindful Medicine in Sloan’s Lake

Today we’d like to introduce you to Shannon Boarman.

Shannon, please share your story with us. How did you get to where you are today?
Before discovering integrative medicine, I was a Ballerina for fifteen years. One day during a rehearsal, I fractured a vertebra. Biomedical treatment offered little relief, as the doctors were unable to operate on my spine.

Through a friend’s recommendation, I discovered acupuncture. The treatments effectively reduced the inflammation and pain. This was my first experience with “alternative medicine.”

The next step in my journey was learning Hatha Yoga. The practice invited movement, flexibility, and strength back into my life. I connected with a local studio called Whole Yoga. This is where I completed my teacher training (2011) and meditation instructor certification (2017). I have been teaching Candlelight Yoga twice a week, for the past seven years and now offer private guided meditation services.

In 2015, while studying Integrative Healthcare at Metropolitan State University Denver, I signed up for an aromatherapy class. It seemed like an easy and fun course, nothing life-changing. I was fascinated to learn that essential oils actually have a profound chemical potential and that they affect both physiology and psychology.

I began to incorporate aromatherapy into my daily routine – helping to soothe my anxiety and enhance memory recall within my studies. I used aromatherapy to promote confidence and reduce self-doubt, to deepen my meditations and restore my muscles (after a Muay Thai kickboxing workout). I began turning to herbal medicine for immune support during the cold and flu season… the list goes on and on.

My hobbies include dancing, Muay Thai kickboxing, singing, camping, and spending time with my husband and our family of pets. These past times enrich my life and also offer therapeutic value.

My path towards mental and physical health is what lead me to open my own business, called Denver Mindful Medicine. I am grateful for the opportunity to share a variety of resources with my clients. I continue to further my education, as the journey with Holistic Health is truly endless. The next step in my journey is to earn a Master’s degree in Psychology, with a concentration in dance and movement therapy at the Naropa University in Boulder.

Overall, has it been relatively smooth? If not, what were some of the struggles along the way?
Throughout my life, I have struggled with anxiety, panic attacks, and PTSD. The panic attacks started in my adolescence, and the PTSD is related to witnessing the tragic death of my mother when I was 20 years old. My journey towards mental health and healing has been a long and winding road. In my youth, I was prescribed heavy pharmaceutical medications to “manage” my anxiety. After my mother died, I was admitted to an in-patient psychiatric hospital.

Over time, I grew to learn about more about alternative medicine. As I learned, I started integrating stress-reducing practices into my daily routine, such as yoga, meditation, and aromatherapy. After a while, I was able to clear my system of the drugs completely, relying only on natural ways to cope with and process my emotions.

These turbulent experiences have led me to work compassionately with those who struggle with mental health issues. It has become the foundation of my practice – providing a collection of techniques which support my client’s mental health.

When I started my business in 2015, I was still smoking almost a pack of cigarettes a day. This left me feeling conflicted, guilty and even shameful. Here I was, presenting health and wellness advice to others, while still under the thumb of addiction. It took a few years and a lot of support to overcome my battle with tobacco. I relied on my friends and family, my yoga and meditation practice, as well as aromatherapy and EMDR therapy. From my journey, I have gained a sense of empathy towards my clients who share similar struggles. It reminds me that I am human and that problems usually need many different tools to fix.

Denver Mindful Medicine – what should we know? What do you guys do best? What sets you apart from the competition?
I started my business in 2015, offering holistic counsel to members of the Denver community. I provide private aromatherapy sessions, a handcrafted product line, Candlelight yoga classes, guided meditation, and educational workshops.

In 2018, I graduated from Metropolitan State University with a bachelor’s degree in Integrative Healthcare. I have studied both Western and global medical practices, including biology, anatomy, physiology, chemistry, as well as aromatherapy, botanical pharmacology, Ayurveda and Traditional Chinese Medicine.

My mission is to combine my knowledge and intuition to empower my clients with a diverse collection of health-promoting skills, so they may safely incorporate natural medicine into their everyday routine.

The services I specialize in are:
• Candlelight yoga classes (Wednesday and Sunday nights at Whole Yoga)
• Guided meditation sessions (by appointment – a recording of the session will be sent to you so you may continue your practice at home)
• Private aromatherapy session (by appointment- this treatment is relaxing and educational. You will experience a variety of application methods and be introduced to the relevant properties of each herb and oil. The entire appointment is customized to meet your needs and you leave with a personalized product to enjoy at home. A detailed summary of the appointment and qualities of the herbs/oils is emailed to you after your appointment)
• Medicus Oleum, online apothecary (offering 100% organic aromatherapy products – specialized formulas and custom blends)

What makes my aromatherapy approach a rare experience is that I am not only committed to using the highest quality ingredients, but I also love to customize my approach. With clients, each session is a blend of information. You might leave an aromatherapy session with additional health recommendations such as dietary changes, breathing techniques, or yoga poses. I also use a deck of cards with affirmations written on them. As a client, you view the entire deck and select three or four intentions that resonate with you.

What makes my yoga teaching style unique is that my classes are inclusive, gentle and still offer a challenge. I incorporate my knowledge of Tai Chi and dance and integrate these movement philosophies within my yoga sequencing. I also add a brief guided visualization practice within each class, providing a deeper sense of peace and healing to my students.

The way I provide guided meditation services different from others is that I integrate aromatherapy into the session. I also use the sound of bells to provide a deeper sensory experience for my clients. The sessions include using the “intention deck” so that clients can have a personalized experience. Another thing that sets this type of session apart is that clients receive a recording of the session, so they may continue their practice at home.

What is “success” or “successful” for you?
My criteria for success is the ability to do what I love on a daily basis, providing support and guidance to my community. My sense of happiness, pride, and passion for the work that I’m doing is what makes me feel accomplished. Success for me is also creating a connection with my clients and students – both developing interpersonal relationships as well as cultivating a connection for them, within their own bodies and minds.

I am happy when my clients refer me to their friends and family, spreading my work among the community. It brings me joy when I receive positive feedback and repeat business. Finally, success to me means constant change and growth. I feel prosperity when clients place product orders, book sessions, attend workshops and when I am invited to host wellness events.


  • 90-minute aromatherapy session $80
  • 60-minute guided aromatherapy session $45
  • 60-minute private yoga session $60

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