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Meet Trailblazer Bailey Peyton

Today we’d like to introduce you to Bailey Peyton.

So, before we jump into specific questions, why don’t you give us some details about you and your story.
I’ve been all over the map most of my life. Literally and figuratively. I always used to say I lived “off the beaten path” because I never followed the norm. I finished high school online because I was in daytime rehearsals for professional productions at the Arvada Center, I was always years beyond my actual age which made my friend base an average of ten years my senior (and I wouldn’t have it any other way!) I never understood why I should be putting my time and energy on people who didn’t inspire me, support me and enrich my life. So, normal high school and college life wasn’t my scene. I was always looking forward to the future, planning what I wanted to do, and making connections with good, authentic humans.

I have always been curvy and have worn a double-digit pant size since the time I was in my teens, even though you wouldn’t know it by seeing me in person. I have always been proportioned and had an hourglass fit. I grew up hating my body because I didn’t have an example of a woman to look up to that looked like me. So, I had always promised myself that I would grow up to be the body positive woman that I didn’t have when I was younger. I spent the majority of my life in musical theater, performing at regional theaters across Colorado. My dream was to play ‘Tracy Turnblad’, a curvy firecracker, in Hairspray and I got my first opportunity thanks to one of my greatest mentors, Brenda Worley Billings. I went on to play Tracy over the course of three contracts and it was without a doubt one of the greatest times of my life. Following my final contract, I went from the highest of highs to the lowest lows. I was in an extremely toxic relationship that ended and I went from nightly standing ovations to not knowing what was next for me. My greatest struggle with the path of performing was the consistent state of ‘feast or famine.’ My heart wanted nothing more growing up than to be a Broadway baby… but the thought of living in a high rise in the middle of Manhattan and having to ‘start over’ auditioning every time a contract ended was unsettling.

I spent a number of months focusing on myself after hitting this low, got into a new fitness routine and spent a lot of time with my friends. My passion was still on fire to do something creative as I knew very early on in life that a 9-5 job would not feed my soul and that my spirit would suffer. But I was stuck. Flashback to those teenage days when I knew that I wanted to be a role model for women, and I knew that wasn’t going to happen in Denver. Too much of my world was there and I was ready for something new. I met my husband (then boyfriend) a few months later and as things started to get serious, I told him I was looking to move to LA sooner rather than later. I was ready to be in the hub of entertainment to pursue being a vocalist and to create a home that wasn’t my hometown. He was fully supportive of me following my dream to Cali and we packed up a Uhaul in September ’16. We are coming up on three years here and it’s crazy how my life has changed!

There was so much unknown when we arrived in LA (much of that due to an unfortunate car accident on our move out). I was unable to work for a number of months and still suffer from injuries. That experience really fought me to the greatest degree. Here, I was having picked myself up from the low I was at in Denver, pumped to get to LA and start fresh and this traumatic event happens. I was shaken and without the support of my husband, I truly wouldn’t have come back fighting as the strong woman I am today. I gained a fair amount of weight after our accident because I wasn’t able to be as active and I was on a lot of medications for migraines. I could have let this break me but instead, I let it fuel me. I thought of teenage Bailey, the girl that used to eat her lunch in the bathroom, and how she needed that woman to look up to.

So, I began wondering how I could build a platform to be a role model for women. I started looking into plus size modeling agencies and took to Instagram to share my story. I wasn’t sure where it would lead but I knew that at least I would be putting the effort into something I believed in and that felt more right than anything. I signed with my first agency in July 2018 and with a heck of a lot of hustle, I have earned a life that I could have only dreamed of. In nine months, I have modeled for Rebel Wilson, made it on my first website as a print model, and worked with an incredible lineup of brands. The more I shared my journey to becoming a body positive babe, the more my community grew through Instagram. I recently hit 10k which was such an exciting milestone! I have been so honored to become a role model for beautiful babes across the globe and truly create a community in the IG corner of the world. I bring the raw and real to my feed daily by sprinkling a variety of modeling and personal content to keep it fresh and fun! My goal always is to be real, relatable and approachable. I want my followers to reach out to me and ask me about modeling, self love, wedding planning, wine and all of my favorite things! I love hearing about other people’s journey and finding a way to support and inspire them.

Has it been a smooth road?
HA! This journey has been everything but a smooth road for me… but as I like to say, nothing worth having ever comes easy. I am 5’6″ so I am still fighting to shatter the stigma that a woman under 5’8″ can be a successful model. It’s just as important to me as representing as a plus-size model. I believe that if a woman has the ability to tell a story behind the camera, she deserves to be there. Height, weight, numbers… they don’t matter.

I heard ‘no’ 100 times before someone believed in me. That struggle is REAL and if you haven’t built up a backbone for it, you will feel worthless. So, I always kept my dream to be a role model at the forefront knowing that it would push me forward even when someone told me I wasn’t good enough.

The best advice I can give young women who are just starting their journey comes in three’s:
1. Don’t compare your journey to anyone else’s and don’t get caught up in the highlight reel.
This one is VITAL for me. Comparison is truly the thief of joy and if you are always gauging your success against someone else’s, you will never succeed yourself.
2. Let the ‘no’s’ fuel you, not phase you. You will always come across people (personally or professionally) who don’t think you belong. They will tell you no, and how you handle that will define you. So let it fuel you to try even harder, don’t let it phase you.
3. And lastly, don’t wait for the opportunities to come to you, create them yourself. When I began growing on IG, one of the best pieces of advice someone gave me was to stop waiting for brands to come to me and to reach out to them myself. The worst they can say is no, and through this, I have created relationships and grown with some of my favorite brands in the process. This is so so important.

Please tell us more about your work, what you are currently focused on and most proud of.
I am a Los Angeles based plus-size model and influencer. I work in print, commercial, fit and runway as a model and as an influencer, I spread curvy confidence to my community of babes!

What sets me apart is being real. You won’t always find me in a perfect setting or constantly posting professional modeling photos on Instagram feed. I post pictures without makeup on, I post photos of my worst days, I post what’s real and what’s raw because that is what’s most important to me.

Do you recommend any apps, books or podcasts that have been helpful to you?
You are a badass by Jen Sincero changed my life. It picked me up in a time when I was not hopeful for the big life I knew I was meant to live. I also love anything by Brene Brown! She is a freaking BOSS.

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  • Instagram: @thebaileyp

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Wedding Photo: Ashlee Crowden Photography, LA Baseball Cap Photo: Marissa de la Torre

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