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Meet Trailblazer Leslie Huddart L.Ac.

Today we’d like to introduce you to Leslie Huddart L.Ac.

Leslie, please share your story with us. How did you get to where you are today?
I used to think I had to pretend that I had it all together.

On the outside as a young person and even into my late 20s, my life looked awesome on paper. I was an overachiever in school, I’d done world travel, lived in Japan for several years, completed my yoga teacher training in India…

…but the truth was, even though I instinctively knew that I was a healer on a spiritual path, my inner world was a mess.

Even after starting my career as an acupuncturist, successfully helping others, I was still struggling with my own self-esteem, lingering gut health issues and a terrible track record with men and intimate relationships.

I was also secretly judging myself; I’d trained in and used so many healing modalities: shiatsu, reiki, yoga, energy work, therapy, and was a natural health expert with a medical license… why couldn’t I get my $*%t together ?!?

The gift of those difficult times in my life was that it led me to teachers and mentors who helped me take things to the next level. I realized trying to figure out on my own didn’t work.

Over the first 10 years of clinical practice and deep learning in attachment and somatic work, I started to see how all the pieces fit together.

When I learned the keys of how the unseen parts of ourselves (what I call the “subtle body”) actually work on a technical level and applied them in my own life, I really started to see results.

I learned how to feel comfortable being vulnerable and I stopped pretending that I had everything perfectly together. To my surprise, people didn’t run and hide, they actually felt closer to me and I developed a close tribe of female friends.

I felt more naturally calm and authentic in my own skin.

I started really intentionally dating and worked on healing old unhealthy patterns with men, eventually meeting the super-man-of-my-dreams that I feel so blessed to be in relationship with today.

The most fulfilling part was that this deep healing method I’d formulated over that decade of experience didn’t just work for me, it also created consistent results in my clients.

They were able to release old family baggage and trauma from their past and transform their anxiety into more natural calm. Even issues that they’d been talking about over and over again in therapy for years disappeared in a matter of weeks.

One client told me that several of her siblings had pulled her aside at a family gathering to ask her what she’d been doing because she was calm and relaxed in a way they’d never seen her before.

So today, I help healers, empaths and seekers actually live the life of their dreams through my self-mastery training programs and seminars. It’s really joyous for me to see people finally being truly themselves and in turn sharing their gifts with the world.

In my own life, I feel so deeply grateful to wake up feeling on purpose and in connection with my soul direction.

Great, so let’s dig a little deeper into the story – has it been an easy path overall and if not, what were the challenges you’ve had to overcome?
What I want you to know is that if you’re feeling stuck, if you feel like you’ve tried “all the things” (therapy, natural health practitioners, self-help books, affirmations…) and you still feel like something is MISSING, you’re not alone.

The understanding I want anyone hearing my words to take away is that “THERE IS A TECHNICAL SIDE TO HOW YOUR MIND-BODY-SPIRIT SYSTEM WORKS.”

This is my most important piece of “advice” because it explains the “why” of the lingering difficulties in your life and lets you know it’s not really your fault that you’ve done lots of work on yourself and are still struggling.

If you find yourself knowing something in your mind, for example, you understand that you don’t want to react harshly when a family member gets on your nerves, or you know that you have a tendency to devalue yourself in dating relationships…

…BUT you still automatically end up doing those behaviors anyway… know that that’s a problem with your mind-body system, your “subtle body” wiring that needs to be fixed in a very specific way.

My other piece of advice is to recognize and honor that you may be a sensitive or empathic person. You may not even know that you’re a “highly sensitive person” of HSP which is now a well-researched category of the normal spectrum of individuals.

I grew up not knowing that I was a sensitive person. I simply had a natural ability to sense how other people were feeling, was strongly affected by the energy of environments and needed more emotional understanding and processing time than others. That meant that I was a very creative person and healer who could help people in unique ways, but I also judged myself at times that I wasn’t “normal.”

I now feel excited to teach empaths how to hone their superpowers without the overwhelm that can come from being sensitive.

Please tell us about The Body Wisdom Academy – what should we know?
I help people who know they’re on a healing path release their hidden blocks, anxiety, and trauma so they can live the life they know they’re meant for without decades of therapy or treatment.

Here’s a bold statement: The health of your subtle body, a.k.a. the wiring of your mind-body-spirit system is THE limiting factor in the speed and depth of any healing modality you use.

What this means is that, if you have unhealed subtle body issues, it will limit the results that you can get from even the best acupuncturist, chiropractor, nutritionist, counselor or life coach.

Those modalities are all helpful and I endorse them, but they don’t usually know how to fix the foundational wiring that’s underneath.

I’m most proud of the joy and results people create in their lives using my methods and trainings. Here are a few of their own words:

“I’ve made more progress in these past 4 weeks than I did in 10 years of therapy!” – April P., Non-Profit Founder

“I’ve shifted so many significant and limiting patterns internally. I truly feel reborn. I’ve also received a toolkit of tactics to maintain this clarity on my own. That limiting, sometimes helpless feeling is gone.” – Liz G., Acupuncturist

“I now have a sense of inner peace I have never known.” Shruti P., Nurse

I work with people all over the country at a distance and in person.

I also help teams utilize the principles of wholeness in the workplace to become effective powerhouses of happy individuals working together with ease.

So much of the media coverage is focused on the challenges facing women today, but what about the opportunities? Do you feel there are any opportunities that women are particularly well-positioned for?
Yes! I think our society is waking up to the power and necessity of Feminine Principle Leadership, for both men and women.

There’s a recognition that the principles of collaboration, inclusion, win-win and sharing are the wave of the future and that women are particularly suited to lead in this way.

Women who are in touch with their emotional selves & are skillful communicators are already well suited to lead and nurture highly effective teams. I’ve seen this with the teams I’ve worked within the group consulting side of my work.

I think the influx of female representatives in government is one small indication of this and I feel excited what we as groups of heart-led women can usher in.

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