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Meet Trailblazer Tiffany Jorgenson, MSN, CNM and Lauren Blease, MS, CNM

Today we’d like to introduce you to Tiffany Jorgenson, MSN, CNM and Lauren Blease, MS, CNM.

Tiffany and Lauren, can you briefly walk us through your story – how you started and how you got to where you are today.
Mountain Miracles Midwifery was born out of a dream of mine (Tiffany) to provide women with excellent, low intervention well woman and pregnancy care. I have always believed women are incredible beings capable of more than they themselves know and I dreamed of helping them realize this power within themselves. I knew at a very young age, I wanted to take care of moms and babies and after working as a nurse in labor and delivery, this dream started to come alive in my heart. When I graduated with my Masters, I decided it was now or never and started Mountain Miracles Midwifery in 2015 with zero capital and a dream to offer women low intervention home birth care with a qualified health care professional. I was the first Certified Nurse-Midwife to start a home birth practice on the front range with the huge added bonus that we took health insurance! I was told by fellow midwifery colleagues to plan for about eight births my first year and I ended up with 28 births and the business has grown exponentially from there! We take insurance from nearly every major payer including Medicaid and Tricare and last year, we saw 87 home births and grew by another midwife, Lauren Blease, MS, CNM who has been a wonderful addition to my practice! The road has not been without its doubts and disappointments as any practice is but the everyday miracles we get to witness and watching undisturbed birth unfold absolutely makes any difficult day worth it. I am blessed to do the “work” I do, it feels more like fun than work and brings me so much joy every day!

Great, so let’s dig a little deeper into the story – has it been an easy path overall and if not, what were the challenges you’ve had to overcome?
The biggest area I struggled with was being on call 24/7. There is something incredibly draining about being at everyone’s beck and call constantly. I was woken up at all hours of the night for the biggest and smallest things. I was prithy to everyone’s difficult stories, hard lives and daily struggles and I carried these around like they were somehow my responsibility and burden to carry. It was in the first four years of my practice where I had to learn to set boundaries between my personal and business life. Though they both felt like they crossed over, where I could, I had to scale back and create space! I would encourage anyone facing these difficulties to remember you cannot control what anyone thinks of you and it’s not your responsibility either. You live your best life and do your best work, you cannot please everyone and you will always disappoint someone but in doing so, you will be being your most authentic self and no one can deny that is your most beautiful self! Don’t be afraid to say no. It is your right and in so doing, you will love the “work” you do more every day. Setting healthy boundaries creates joy and actually makes you a better business owner and person!

I can promise you that taking the path to midwifery, in general, was definitely not easy. We are seen as “less than” in many areas, we practice in though we have been safely helping women bring their babies into the world since the dawn of time. I fight every day for my client’s rights and for who I am as a midwife. I believe deeply in what I do and do not doubt for even a second why I was called to this line of work, I am doing what’s best for those women who use our services and for that, I can lay my head down every night and sleep in peace and wake up every morning looking forward to what I do! Choose your work where you are standing up for others and where you are working in your passion. It may not be what everyone considers glamorous but it doesn’t matter what everyone thinks (right?!), it matters that you go to bed every night fulfilled and wake up every morning excited to face the day and stand up for what you believe in!

Please tell us about Mountain Miracles Midwifery, Inc. – what should we know?
We are specifically known for being the only CNM’s offering low intervention home birth on the front range. We also provide well-woman care to women throughout their lifespan. The best part of our job is getting to watch women become mothers and babies be brought peacefully and safely into the world! I am proud that we provide these services to ALL women no matter their socioeconomic status, race, ethnicity, beliefs or place in life! We are also the only CNM’s providing home birth that also takes health insurance which is probably what sets us apart the most. Many women do not know their insurance covers home birth and are pleasantly surprised when they find out they do! One insurance covering home birth that gets the most shocking response is Medicaid but we also take Tricare, Blue Cross, United Healthcare and many other private insurance plans. We love being able to provide these services to many families we know would not be able to afford it otherwise. I know there are homebirth providers who believe home birth is a privilege and in many ways, it can be but we do not believe that a woman’s inability to pay cash for her home birth should stand in the way of her actually getting to have the home birth she deserves! If we are paying for insurance to cover our healthcare, why not use it to cover the birth we desire?!

Which women have inspired you in your life?
The women who have gone before me are my inspiration. From fellow homebirth CNM’s to the women we serve every day, each has shown me the path I was meant to walk! My parents helped me to realize my passion and fanned that into flame encouraging and supporting me every step of the way. It’s the women we serve here in my practice who stand up for what they believe in, go against the grain, and choose those alternatives which the rest of the country may see as “crunchy” knowing they are making the best choice for their family. I truly appreciate each woman who chooses to go against what society believes, bucking the trends to do what’s best for themselves and their family. My mother was often this way, choosing to homeschool us, children, using essential oils and alternative treatments for our healing and doing many things that were not seen as “mainstream” when we were young. In doing so, she raised a daughter who was willing to ask questions about the research, looking at the evidence and realizing that what society as a whole took to believe was “right” for all women may not actually be beneficial for all women. She set me on a path to refuse to “go with the flow” and to always be asking questions about what is “right” not necessarily what is “easy.” For that, I am incredibly grateful because it led me right to this place!

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    June 10, 2019 at 5:32 pm

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      June 15, 2019 at 8:20 pm

      Really awesome story and pics!

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