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Meet Vialet B Rayne of Discover Your Spiritual Gifts in Littleton

Today we’d like to introduce you to Vialet B Rayne.

Vialet, let’s start with your story. We’d love to hear how you got started and how the journey has been so far.
My career had been working in the Human Resources field. I had invested my time, education and money in my career. Along the way, I had picked up a passion of teaching adults. I decided that I would teach graduate and undergraduate courses in business and Human Resources. My life was moving forward on a professional career track and I had found my momentum.

I loved working in start-ups and fast-growing organizations. It allowed me to be the architect for the structure of Human Resources department and programs to support the organizations. When you work for startups and fast-growing organizations, there can be a risk and uncertainty. As the senior manager of the Human Resources area of the organization, you are often tasked with the job of staff reorganization and restructuring. This direction often leads you to be responsible for downsizing and layoffs, and it can become emotionally difficult to do time after time. As much as I loved the career that I chosen, I wanted to do more to help people gain empowerment with their lives.

In 2015, I met a wonderful gentleman and we had begun dating. I had been single for over 15 years. I had dated off and on, but my focus had been on my professional career. I was looking for a change in my life. I had been the solely responsible for myself and my world. In many of my relationships, I had taken the responsibility and lead in providing a solid foundation for my family and daughters. My girls had families of their own and they were finding their way through this world. It was time for me to build a life for me without them under my feet and being my responsibility.

Tom and I had started talking about making a commitment to each other and starting a life together. He had observed the life that I created for myself. I worked full-time during the day as a Human Resources manager and I taught classes at night with three colleges in the Denver area. When I was not working, I was grading papers and prepping for classes. We had several discussions about how emotional stressful that it is to be responsible for restructuring organizations in Human Resources role One day, Tom asked me if I could do any job in the world, “What would you like to do?” He felt like I worked too hard and he wanted me to have something that I really enjoyed.

I had dreamed about opening my own business for years. I told Tom that I would love to be able to open a Spiritual Center. I wanted to have a place for people to come to fill their tanks and hearts with Divine Light, Love and Compassion. I had been doing spiritual studies for years. I wanted to be able to design and delivery spiritual educational programs to individuals that were just starting their spiritual journey and more advanced teachings for those that have been on their path for years. I also wanted to build a client base of professionals that wanted support and guidance with their lives from a spiritual perspective.

Tom’s first question was, “What is a Spiritual Center?” I explained that a spiritual center is a one-stop resource for anyone seeking answers to spiritual questions along their journey. It would offer spiritual classes at all levels, entry, moderate and advance. The center would have coaches, healers, bodywork practitioners, readers, etc. It would have a retail store to support all the activities in the center. I wanted it to be more than a Wellness Center, more than a New Age Store and more than a small practice. I wanted to build the foundation based on Community.

In April 2017, we opened Discover Your Spiritual Gifts (DYSG) in a two-story office building in Littleton, CO. When we first started the center, we had a classroom and one practitioner room. As we continued to connect with individuals in the community, we discovered that there was a need for new practitioners to have a sacred space to start their work. We re-arranged the space and add two additional practitioner rooms. DYSG was founded on connection, sacredness and empowerment. The mission was to build a community and to offer resources to individuals that would allow them to become empowered within their own lives.

The center doubled in size on April 2018. We moved into a different suite within the same office building and we began to offer an opportunity for practitioners to rent a beautiful practitioner room for one day a week. The new space had three part-time and one full-time practitioner room, two classrooms and a small retail space. The center started offering 20-30 classes per month and we had twenty people working out of the space on a regular basis.

In September 2019, we added two more full-time practitioner rooms and three additional rooms for practitioners to rent one day a week. All of the rooms are beautifully decorated with their own energies and themes. The rooms include: The Dragon’s Den, Mermaid Splash, Magical Unicorn, Woodland Realm, Enchanted Wizard and more. You really have to visit the center to experience the energies of the space and the rooms. This expansion tripled the size of the center in two years. We are quickly becoming one of the largest Metaphysical and New Age Centers in Denver. We have some of the most talented and gifted practitioners and readers in the city.

It has been an amazing journey seeing my dream come to life! My family has been a big supporter along my journey. Both of my daughters in Denver work at the center along with my husband and grandchildren. Everyone loves the center and the people within our community. I know that we are impacting people and empowering them to have better lives.

Has it been a smooth road?
As a business owner, you have to be flexible. It is important that you are always re-evaluating the direction and the business. If you do not understand the needs of the market and your customer, you can lose your way. We do our best to listen to our community.

We are currently looking for another space to expand our business. The key is to find the right place and the right price. It takes dedication and patience.

Alright – so let’s talk business. What else should we know about your work?
We have built a community of practitioners and readers that work collaboratively together. It was important to us that we did not create competition between everyone. We believe that there are more than enough clients for everyone. When we support each other and allow ourselves to be flexible, we are able to attract and bring in more clients to ourselves.

I am an Angelic Reiki Master/Teacher, Akashic RecordKeeper Master/Teacher, Spiritual Warrior, Mystery School Master Guardian, Sacred Priestess, Alchemist and Transformational Healer. I love working with spiritual business owners, mentoring professionals on their spiritual path and guiding my students in their studies and practices. I teach lots of classes at DYSG. I have self-published books for my classes and teach college-level programs on spiritual topics. I teach a series of classes to be certified in Akashic Records, Angelic Reiki and Crystal Wisdom. I teach classes within the Mystery School on Sacred Priesthood, Warriors of Light and Sacred Alchemist. I also have several fun and playful classes on making bath salts, intention candles and fairy magic.

I am most proud of the growth that we have experienced since we started the center. People continue to find us and join our community. Today, we have over fifty people that work out of the center in Littleton.

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