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Meet Michelle MacCarthy of Wellness Rhythms in North Wash Park

Today we’d like to introduce you to Michelle MacCarthy.

Michelle, please share your story with us. How did you get to where you are today
I have always been very interested in the human body, athletics, and anything that has to do with physical fitness. I played D-1 volleyball at Eastern Washington University and competitively for over a decade and thought about becoming an athletic trainer or physical therapist. However, I really struggled with certain parts of the school and thought I wasn’t good enough at science and math to become a “doctor.” I was also sick a lot growing up and would get sick very often, which led me to get really sick in undergrad that I almost flunked out of all my classes. So I opted to get a Business Degree and Majored in Business Administration, Human Resouces, and Marketing, thinking I was going to go into corporate America and work my way up the corporate ladder.

After graduation, I moved to California to be closer to my family and that is where I discovered the Chiropractors who introduced me to the work that I do now, that not only changed my life but saved my life. I had been to Chiropractor since I was 15, it helped and I felt better but it wasn’t until I found this specific technique that everything changed, not only physically, but mentally and emotionally I started having less stress overall and I didn’t get sick as much, my body aches and pains went away, I no longer needed to wear reading glasses, I could go on so let’s just say that who I was and who I transformed into were two totally different people. I started working with my Chiropractors and learning all that I could until one day they said. “why don’t you go do this?” Become a chiropractor?

I figured out what I needed to do, which was to go back to school and get all my pre-requisites that included biology, microbiology, physics, all the things I thought I wasn’t good at. This then allowed me to start the 4-year process to become a Doctor of Chiropractic. During that process, I learned so much about the human body and what it’s capable of, I also learned how to study and that I actually wasn’t bad at the subjects I thought I was, I just learn and process information differently and therefore need to study and apply the material differently.

After graduating from Chiropractic school, I took a little time off to figure out where I wanted to set down some roots. I covered a few practices and discovered what I liked and didn’t like and eventually found my way out to Colorado. I have been here since December of 2009. When I first moved out, I started my own practice, then went and worked in another doctor’s office for some time and now I recently took over another doctor’s established office who I have actually been friends with since before I went to Chiropractic school. Through the last 11 years, I have studied with the creator of the technique I do at some of the most elite programs. I have also branched out into doing more functional medicine and helping people with their overall health and wellness, detox and nutrition.

Has it been a smooth road?
Lol, I had to laugh at this because if anything, it has NOT been smooth, ok smooth is the wrong word, but effortless might be better. I definitely came into obstacles and challenges along the way. Mainly because I was trying to go against what my intuition or already knowing way trying to tell me and lead me in a different, better direction and I was staying in a situation that wasn’t right because it was comfortable and stable or I was scared of the unknown or just didn’t have the confidence that comes after having years of experience. I think the fear of all those things is by far the biggest struggle I encountered.

We’d love to hear more about your practice.
I recently acquired and purchased Wellness Rhythms. It’s a chiropractic office in North Wash Park. I specialize in Network Spinal, or Network Spinal Analysis or some might know an older name of Network Chiropractic. It’s a very gentle form of chiropractic where there isn’t any cracking or popping involved, but rather very light tough, about as much pressure as you would use to put in a contact lens at either end of your spinal cord where the nervous system actually attaches to the bone. I go to specific areas in the body to help the brain recognize where the body is tight and tense, shifting the entire system from a state of sympathetic (fight or flight) to parasympathetic (rest and digest). The areas I contact are the areas the body isn’t in defense and the body starts releasing all the tension not only in the spinal cord but also in the bones, discs, and throughout all the muscles in the body.

I also specialize in Functional medicine, specifically toxin and parasite detox, optimizing a person’s overall health and wellbeing. I’m most proud of the changes and transformations I help people within their lives and that I am doing something that makes people not only feel physically better but mentally and emotionally too. The thing that sets me apart from others is that I not only address someone physically but I also help them with the emotional and mental aspects of their life that are a lot of the times whats causing the physical stuff to happen in the first place.

Is our city a good place to do what you do?
Our city is a great place for health-conscious people who are looking to better themselves in all areas of their life. Besides that fact that we are starting to compare to some bigger cities with our higher cost of living, Denver is a great place to not only live but work. The little communities and neighborhoods are so supportive of each other, it’s really nice to see, especially coming out of the Shelter in Place ordinance, our communities is what is going to really help support all the small local businesses.

Contact Info:

  • Address: 184 S. Pennsylvania St Denver CO 80209
  • Website:
  • Phone: 303-722-1104
  • Email:

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