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Rising Stars of Arvada

The heart of our mission at VoyageDenver is to find the amazing souls that breathe life into our city. In the recent weeks we’ve had the privilege to connect with some of Denver’s finest artists, creatives, entrepreneurs and rabble rousers and we can’t begin to express how impressed we are with our city’s incredibly deep talent pool. Check out Arvada’s rising stars below.

Aleasha Bahr

After eight years of selling millions incorporate digital sales across a wide variety of industries, I got tired of the company I worked with not delivering on client promises. So, I opened my own digital marketing agency and scaled it for three years to the point where I was working all the time and really needed to hire people. Instead of figuring that out, I admitted to myself that I missed sales. Armed with my new marketing skills learned straight from the trenches, I started offering sales & marketing strategies for solopreneurs and sales teams. And have even since specialized even further to working with introverts to 3x-10x the number of people saying “yes” to their offer with a customized strategy. Introverts always think they’re at a disadvantage, but they actually have a leg up over extroverts! Because no one suspects an introvert, they trust them more. People expect their sales person to be an extrovert, and as a result, they’re often more skeptical. Since going in this new direction, it’s been incredibly fulfilling. All my clients at least double their sales all the way up to a 400% increase with some sales teams I’ve worked with. Read more>>

Jan Pelton

I got started in photography in Show Low Arizona when I was a sophomore in High School. I was on the newspaper and yearbook staff and had a great photography teacher-Mr. Craig. That was the first year that the school had a photography class, so we got to work with Pentax k-1000 35mm cameras. Our teacher was a pretty cool guy, and he somehow was able to get us the special edition model, which came with brown skin instead of the standard black skin. I loved it! Mr. Craig encouraged me to attend photography classes at the local community college after I graduated high school, where I had another great teacher who taught me a lot about composition, getting assignments with the local newspaper and shared his deep love of photography. He encouraged me to continue my education at the Colorado Institute of Art here in Colorado. I majored in photojournalism and minored in portraiture. After I graduated, I worked for a production company traveling to a lot of US states taking photos of businesses, the people in them and what product or service they provided. Read more>>

Katie Gilbert

I was running track at college at UW-Stevens Point, through injuries I had been exposed to massage therapy, as well as other therapies such as physical therapy, cupping, electric stimulation. and was able to get back out and run. However, I didn’t complete college; instead of moving to the mountains and started living. After two seasons of getting over 100 days on the mountain, I moved to Costa Rica to study massage therapy. With having a stellar education from amazing teachers from across the country, I fell into a path that nine years later has to lead me into being voted best massage therapist in summit county and owning a small boutique massage studio. Read more>>

Nicole Heylmun

My career in sales and the wedding industry began when I was hired as a Sales Associate for in Washington, DC. I worked for that company for over five years, working my way up the ranks to Senior Account Executive and was highly successful! Over my tenure, I worked with thousands of wedding pros, helping them grow their businesses through advertising and marketing strategy. Eventually, I moved to Denver and worked remotely for WeddingWire while serving mostly Colorado wedding professionals. When WeddingWire decided to merge with, I decided it was my time to move on in my career. Read more>>

Beth Bright

I had always imagined I would somehow be helping people. The question was what would I offer that could possibly be helpful? After receiving a M.S. in Sport Psychology and Exercise Physiology, medical school was on the horizon. But first, I got sick with mononucleosis and slept for a few weeks. I had several dreams of being in Asia, in various settings there, as a student and a teacher. When I recovered my health, I moved to Japan and began studying traditional medicine. That sounds like I had a plan. Truthfully, the way the entire thing happened was beyond my ability to plan. I met a teacher who spoke English (quite accidentally in a library), found a place to live (very difficult to do in Tokyo, but it miraculously happened to housesit for a friend of a friend) and a job (sticking out like a sore thumb as a tall, blond, American. Read more>>

Kaytlyn Perez

When I was a child, I moved a lot. Having to make new friends all the time and try not to forget my old ones began to be a difficult task over time. As I got older, I realized how much I felt like I was forgetting and so I snuck my dad’s polaroid out of his drawer and began to take as many photos as possible so I could remember all the places and people along the way. As time went on I began to fall in love with the process, the ability to look back at a photograph and feel like I was there in that moment again meant so much to me. Taking photographs has become much more than a beautiful photo for me. Read more>>

Arturo Gomez

I started working when I was really young. I was in the food industry for about three and a half years, then I worked for a remodeling company. While working, I learned more about my passion and how I enjoyed my work. I saw myself discovering how well I took care of the company’s clients and co-workers. Realizing right then and there, this is something I want to do as a profession. It came easy for me to accomplish projects for people and to see it bring them satisfaction and comfort. I made a goal and I was determined to be set aside as much as possible from other construction companies by simply being there for a client from the beginning to end—no matter the obstacles or challenges to respond and deliver the most exceptional product. Read more>>

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