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Trailblazers in Denver

The editorial team has a special attachment to our new series, The Trailblazers: Rewriting the Narrative, because so many of us feel that media portrayals of women have been too one dimensional. Today, women are doing incredible things in all fields – from science and technology to finance, law, business, athletics and more.  With the Trailblazers series, we hope to highlight and celebrate female role models, encourage more equal and just representation in the media, and help foster a more tight-knit community locally helping women find mentors, business partners, friends and more.

Below, you’ll find some incredible trailblazers from in and around Denver that we hope you will check out, follow and support.

Simona Shapiro

If someone had told me six years ago that I would be working as a group fitness trainer full time, I would have never believed them. My idea of fitness was watching E! + dragging my feet on the elliptical while my friends intensely lifted heavy weights + ran miles on the treadmill next to me. Read more>>

Chelsi Katz – TheCannaFairy

My journey started in Florida, helping the non-profit FLCAN (Florida Cannabis Action Network) to get medical cannabis on the Florida ballot in 2014. I then moved to Colorado in 2015 to pursue a career in the legal cannabis industry and became the Manager of Marketing. Read more>>

Becky Pollard

I’ve needed a creative outlet for as long as I can remember. School and homework felt long and tedious to me, but time would fly when I was given something to create. My interests varied from painting, photography, jewelry making, and fiber arts. Read more>>

Alexandra Kyle

I started my blog AlexandraKKyle this year to have a creative outlet. I am fashion obsessed and love sharing all of my finds. I love mixing high-end fashion with very affordable options to complete a look. I have also found a lot of joy and it has been very therapeutic writing blog posts. Read more>>

Paige Wiese

I had gone to school for architectural drafting and had been laid off twice by the time I was 22 due to the economy. I was also having horrible seizures and was unable to drive to a new job so I started looking for ways that I could make money from home that wasn’t a scam. Read more>>

Nicole Marshall

The daughter of a real estate developer, I was always curious and exploring the built environment growing up. I remember building tiny villages out of pine needle piles on the playground at my elementary school, while the other kids played tag and climbed on jungle gyms. Read  more>>

Ellen Layne Davis

I started using a DSLR camera before I was 12. My family has always been big on traveling and outdoor sports, so that was what the camera was intended for. I was the only one who learned how to use it so I became the designated family photographer. Read more>>

Kristen Bair

I finished college with a degree in Organismal Biology and absolutely no idea what was next for me. At the time, I was not interested in pursuing any further schooling and eventually discovered that I had no interest in pursuing science at all, which opened up an intimidatingly large world of possibilities. Read more>>

Nicole Wojtkiewicz

When I was younger, I started modeling but only for a brief moment. I had to put it on a pause for a while until I finished high school. I graduated in May of 2017. After high school, I knew what I wanted to do for my career, which is modeling. I didn’t want this to be temporary. Read more>>

Corrie Van Horne

I am a queer femme therapist and dietitian. My story is rooted in my experiences from my upbringing in the nineties, in the primarily white, middle class suburbs of Denver as the only girl in a family with four kids that practiced strong evangelical Christian values. Read more>>

Lindsey Marcelli

Girls Gone Rx started with the idea of getting women together to benefit a great cause. We wanted to do something that showcased women’s strengths and weaknesses because those are the two most important parts of battling something like cancer. You have to learn to be strong even when you’re feeling weak. Read more>>

Alexandra Sawyer

I started doing a film class in college and realized I loved it. I loved seeing how much joy it brought when people received photos of loved ones. I went to the Art Institute of Colorado after to learn more then started my own business. Read more>>

Jenessy Bonfante

I am sitting on my velvet blue sofa with my coffee on my side table. The TV is on, but just for background noise. I finally finished unpacking my suitcase from my last trip to Florida where I had my favorite photoshoot to-date. I shot holiday photos on the beach and it was the most inspired I have felt in a really long time. Read more>>

Emily Johnson

I was born and raised in Massachusetts and lived there for 27 years. I visited Colorado twice – but never Denver… Boulder area the first time and then three months later embarked on a ski trip to Steamboat in January 2010. On the flight back from Steamboat, I found myself staring out of the window saying to myself. Read more>>

Marisa Faye, MPH, FNTP, RYT

When long lost friends from high school hear that I’m a functional nutritionist now, they all take a moment, pause and then burst out with a, “DUH… THAT TOTALLY MAKES SENSE!”. You see, I’ve always had a passion for educating and empowering others, especially when it comes to their health. Read more>>

Karen Roehl

Like most artists who are asked how long they’ve been doing their art, the response is almost always the same: “All my life.” That’s my response as well. However, it did take me a while to become a professional artist. As a single parent, I needed an income, a job that paid well and fine art was (and still is) too unpredictable. Read more>>

Calandra Bodilis

My story started as a teenage girl wanting to pursue a career in the art form of ballet and dance but I knew that I needed a career as being a “starving artist” was not something I wanted to be. I knew I wanted a career that was creative and flexible to work around rehearsal and performance schedules. Read more>>

McKenzie Bigliazzi

As I grew up, watching my grandmother fall victim to Alzheimer’s disease, I slowly watched her lose her memories. I developed this obsession with photography and how it documents time. Having several influences, such as my aunt and my high school photography teacher. Read more>>

Kelli Warren

About ten years ago, I got really sick and found out I had a chronic health condition. When all the prescribed medications didn’t work or made me feel worse, I started researching alternative options and learned how a low-carb diet could help manage some of my symptoms. Read more>>

Lauren Dow

To tell the whole story would take forever, but to get down to the nitty-gritty, I found myself over the last ten years telling the stories of other people. In 2012, I graduated from the University of South Florida with my bachelors in Mass Communication with a focus in public relations. Read more>>

Desiree Hays

Ever since I was young, I was drawn to the arts with my creative side. Growing up in a house filled with music and instruments, it was easy for me to follow the path and fall in love with playing the guitar. It all started with a school project about sound. Read more>>

Nikki Pike

When I was sixteen. I found myself in the unfortunate position of being grounded for a month. After moping around, I raided my father’s tool shed and found a grinder and used it to remove the paint from my 1971 AMC Gremlin. I saved my money for spray paint to transform that beast of a Gremlin into a zebra. Read more>>

Dalena Nguyen

To be real, I feel like I was in a relationship where I had to constantly prove myself, but in the end, I found myself even through my insecurities, and my ability to show who I am. Film school became my path towards my true identity. Throughout my teenage years. Read more>>

Aurelia Hinojosa

I would like to first start off by introducing myself. I was born and raised in Colorado. Growing up, I was the youngest of three to a struggling single mother. Growing up, I didn’t have many good influences and I was often bullied in school because of my Vitiligo. I often sought out ways to escape my reality and the way I felt and would often self-harm in various ways. Read more>>

Anastasia Button

Author of the published book, #NewJobNewLife: The Millennial’s Take-Charge Plan for Success, Anastasia is an international public speaker, cross-generational workplace and talent management corporate consultant and trainer, and an Adjunct Professor in Executive Education at University of Denver Daniel’s School for Business. Read more>>

Brianna Fernandes

I got started when I was a private jet flight attendant, almost two years ago. When started, I didn’t know what I was getting into or why I even joined. What I did have was a strong feeling of ‘trust the process’ so I said yes and made the leap of faith. Read more>>

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