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Trailblazers in Denver

The editorial team has a special attachment to our new series, The Trailblazers: Rewriting the Narrative, because so many of us feel that media portrayals of women have been too one dimensional. Today, women are doing incredible things in all fields – from science and technology to finance, law, business, athletics and more.  With the Trailblazers series, we hope to highlight and celebrate female role models, encourage more equal and just representation in the media, and help foster a more tight-knit community locally helping women find mentors, business partners, friends and more.

Below, you’ll find some incredible trailblazers from in and around Denver that we hope you will check out, follow and support.

Hailey Jonoubeh

When I was 10 or 12, I was with my mom at my favorite place, the bookstore, and I stumbled upon a mini tarot deck set. My mom bought it for me (thanks mom) and that is where this journey began. I loved playing with the cards, I was amused by the symbols and colors and what it all could mean, but I never thought of myself as an intuitive. Read more>>

Jenna Jaeger Chacon

Growing up in the suburbs of Chicago, I was a little rebel with big dreams who hated the word “no” (and still do). I was determined to create my own path, try everything at least once and of course, live out my “Carrie Bradshaw” fantasy in the big city with my entrepreneurial, fashion-forward gal pals. But to be completely honest, I never considered myself an entrepreneur or ever thought I was going to be a business owner. Read more>>

Deja Criss

I’m a 21-year-old freelance model and also a licensed Montessori teacher! I began my journey when I was 16. My parents were divorced at a young age and my dad was in the military, so I moved a lot of places and never got a chance to connect with friends. I finally landed in Casper, Wyoming with my mom for high school. Read more>>

Erin Lassahn

I was in my small one bedroom apartment in DC when the phone rang.  The woman on the phone asked if I was available to photograph her wedding….in AUSTRIA! Without hesitation I said ‘Yes!’ and decided to ask questions later.  I had taken some engagement pictures for her a few weeks prior- my first engagement photos ever, and was just starting out with photography. Read more>>

Alexandra Owens and Christine Carey

After meeting as art history majors at Colorado College, we ended up traveling to India together shortly after graduating (the first of many trips). Over time, we grew an immense appreciation for Rajasthani crafts and weaving methods, particularly the traditional yet modern patterns and rich colors that you find in the Thar Desert. Read more>>

Victoria Faling

Growing up, I dealt with health issues, but nothing that intervened with my life too much. I was an extremely active kid, played sports in high school, and became a Certified Personal Trainer in college. In 2012, I got very sick and was finally diagnosed with Chronic Lyme Disease. I endured about six years of extensive treatment for Lyme disease and am still in treatment for some other health issues. Read more>>

Ruby Wayward

I went to school for Metal Working or Jewelry Making at Western Illinois University from 2007-2009 but didn’t finish because I started a photography business and studio. The business didn’t last in the recession, and I moved on with my life working retail. Read more>>

Macy Adami

I am the hands behind Woven Will. Macrame found me May of 2018 and as soon as I made my first knot, I was hooked. I had always wanted to try making my own home decor but never made the time to do actual try. I was at a crossroads within my life, personally and professionally, and decided it was time to learn something new. Read more>>

Rachel Overvoll

Finding Feminism is my memoir depicting the power and strength all women hold within ourselves. The power we have to overcome situations which hold us down, and the power we have to fully fall in love with who we are. In my memoir, I discuss my unique upbringing, growing up in an extreme and fundamentalist religion in Indiana. Read more>>

Brie Reis

Elite Roofing specializes in Residential & Commercial Roof Replacement. The roofing industry has gained itself a used car salesman reputation and since our doors opened, we have been working towards changing that perception of a respectable trade. Our core values are Faith, Family, Honesty, Integrity, Service, Teamwork & Safety. Read more>>

Erica Stein and Aly French

After experiencing a cancer diagnosis in her twenties (Aly) and a sustained 50lb. weight loss and self-love journey (Erica), we created a platform to interview real people about their personal journeys in health and wellness. From physical wellness, to emotional and spiritual, we hear courageous stories and focus on why it’s important to share them. Read more>>

Lauren Regnier

My passion for creative food definitely stemmed from my family. I grew up in a small town in Wisconsin on Lake Superior with my parents and two older siblings. As a child, you could find me running around barefoot with a rib in my hand, bbq sauce down my face, watching my dad stoke the fire in our backyard smoker. Read more>>

Priscila Peters

I moved to Denver with my husband in the spring of 2012. I felt like it was a great time to start fresh in a new city. Growing up in Brazil, my family’s home was always open to friends and relatives. I always thought the home should be treated as your own sanctuary where memories are created. That’s where my love for homes came from. Read more>>

Kate DeWolfe

I grew up in a family who just really loves food. My mom went to culinary school and we always ate wonderful home-cooked meals. We rarely ever ate out, so at a young age, I was helping in the kitchen (when allowed) or parked right in front of the action on my little stool just soaking it all in. Read more>>

Sarah Faulkner

I found myself in charge of every fashion show and fundraiser and got this crazy rush with each event so I thought maybe event planning could be a good field for me. Upon graduation from the program, I accepted a job as an unpaid intern at what was then the largest wedding planning in Colorado. Read more>>

Rhiannon Snyder

As Debussy’s music was a turning point from the Romantic era, it was a juncture for me. I began to spend all my free time in the chorus room singing, studying music theory, and trying my hand at the piano. Fleeting teenage obsession turned to love and I found myself in college years later earning a degree in Music Theory and Composition. Read more>>

Megan Patterson

I’ve always wanted to change the world, and have spent decades trying to figure out what that means and how to accomplish this goal. Teaching has always been a passion of mine and was one way I figured I could make an impact in the world. After my student teaching, I joined the Peace Corps because I saw this as another opportunity to change the world and experience another culture. Read more>>

Amy Haderer

I was always very creative. I knew I needed to be an artist, whatever that meant. Drawing, painting, sculpting, these were all important pastimes. Much to my father’s chagrin, I enrolled in art school and got a BFA in Illustration. When he told me how impractical an art degree was, I answered with “I’ll always be an artist, no matter what I do or become.” Read more>>

Jen Callahan

Aerial Yoga is my passion project. I have a regular day job but spend my free time at Atherial. It all started when I decided on a whim to try an aerial yoga class. I had doubts about being strong enough to do the practice, based on a class I took years ago but decided to try anyway. Google led me to Atherial. Read more>>

Sydney Zwicker

My story begins with my own healing from sexual trauma, which occurred in my late teens. As I started to unravel my trauma, I searched for any and all ways to heal. Like the P.D. Eastman book ‘Are you my mother?’ I was desperate and ambitious to find the something I couldn’t quite explain that felt missing. Read more>>

Laura Sharp

I first fell into creative design work as an illustrator for Wheat and Honey Co, an amazing business owned by a college friend of mine. This led me to start my own business where I focused primarily on wedding invitations, art prints, and greeting cards— but something was lacking for me, and I soon found it to be the relationships (enneagram 2 over here!). Read more>>

Kayla Rae

I started singing and writing music around the age of five. I knew I loved to tell stories so I would write short stories, poems, anything to my ideas out my head. Then, I started singing the words I was writing and one day, I was like “huh, I’m a songwriter.” I naturally gravitated twists music and performing because as a child, I loved being the center of attention. Read more>>

Erin Rollman, Hannah Duggan, Samantha Schmitz, Brian Colonna and Erik Edborg

We created our first play together in 1998. In 2000, we found our warehouse space and settled in Denver, intent on creating exclusively new work. We just kicked off our 19th season here. Over the years, Buntport has developed programming ranging from full-length plays and musicals to comedy debates to live sit-com episodes to children’s programming. Read more>>

Sallie Simmons

I found a position as the District Manager for a chain of gift and gourmet food stores in Mississippi. After several years of working there and doing trade shows all over the nation for them, I decided I needed a change of scenery and packed up all of my belongings and headed West. Read more>>

Kathleen Sargent

My story began in 1967 in Ashtabula, OH. My story is not much different from many readers of Voyage Denver Trailblazers. We may have come from different cities, states and addresses, we do share a common bond between most of us – had it not been for the Lord who IS on our side… I will just fast-forward to this season and purpose of my life. Read more>>


I have lived in Denver most of my life and have always been involved in the nightlife in some way. I spent time throwing events and parties, photographing concerts for various publications around town, and supporting local bands and DIY party spaces. This went on most of my young adult life but eventually had a career shift and unintentionally took a break from the gutter-scene and nightlife I grow up in. Read more>>

Tessa Crisman

I’ve had a sort of obsession with making things for as long as I can remember. As a child, I was very into making what was essentially trash into useful objects–I would make “magazines” for my barbie dolls out of folded gum wrappers, purses out of cut-up t-shirts or candy bags, etc. I always had the feeling that the objects in front of me could be given new life. Read more>>

Erika Schultz

I started the practice in Austin, Texas in 2012. My health tanked when I was in grad school and little did I know, this is where the journey to open and transform my practice would begin. As I was battling my health, my twin sister was incorporating Nutrition Response Testing into her chiropractic business and she encouraged me to find a Nutrition Response Testing practitioner. Read more>>

Abhineeta Matney

Throughout my life, I saw that in the rural villages of central India, girls are not sent to school and are often married off at an early age. When women gather to talk, story after story reflects the dark shadows of domestic violence and abuse that often submerge into confusion and fear regarding legal confrontations which seem like far-reaching fantasies of the beguiled. Read more>>

Michele Castro

Through an amazing opportunity at the music school, I was able to go on two musical tours of Germany (2003 and 2009) as the lead singer of a Choro band. On both tours, we played Samba, Bossa Nova, Choro and Forro music. These opportunities through the music school were really life-changing for me and the school is still open to this day. Read more>>

Sejal Parag

I started KarmaLit out of a love for giving back and a desire to do something that set my heart on fire. After eight years of planning events for an education non-profit, I was feeling unfulfilled. I was surrounded by teachers making enormous impacts with their students. Read more>>

Christine Hashemi

At Julianne’s suggestion, I began to learn how to practice IET to be able to help others. I wanted to bring this powerfully positive and loving energy into the lives of my family members, friends, people I care about. I love to bring about awareness of the possibilities of improved lives, the removal of traumatic pain from deep within us. Read more>>

Shahla Hebets

After two decades of digital marketing experience, working with clients of all sizes and within multiple industries, I was inspired to start my own firm in 2016. I saw a general lack of innovative thought within big marketing and advertising agencies, and I could not think of a single woman-owned firm. Read more>>

Lexi Abramson

After veterinary school, I was blissfully building my career as an equine veterinarian (something I had wanted to be since I was a little girl), supporting my husband building his career in a new startup, and trying to start a family. I was on a very well thought out career path of becoming an equine surgeon. That changed with the birth of my first son, Henry. Read more>>

Annie Decamp

I grew up in Northern California. My family moved there from my home town of Denver when I was five. It was a time and place that offered us a lot of creative freedom; We were influenced by a strong academic culture, a rich music and arts scene happening in the San Francisco Bay area, and of course, the emergence of technology. Read more>>

Courtney Giblin

Painting has been my passion for as long as I can remember. My parents framed one of my pieces at the age of nine and I was SO proud. Growing up, I spent all my chore money on supplies and all my middle and high school lunches in the art room. Read more>>

Jice Johnson

I started The Black Business Initiative after watching one of the Hidden Color Documentaries by Tariq Nasheed. This documentary opened my eyes to much of the plight Black entrepreneurs face in our country. Despite being the fastest-growing entrepreneurial segment in the country. Read more>>

Maggie Yesko

I grew up in a small town in the middle of nowhere Pennsylvania and have been a farm girl for a solid portion of my life. When I was in high school, I took a visual communications class where I learned the in’s and out’s of darkroom photography via 35mm – everything from rolling my own film to processing and developing it and that is where I fell in love with photography. Read more>>

Cassandra Severns

I have always been different or at least felt like was different from those around me. I had lots of friends, did the things other kids did but never felt truly apart. I am the oldest in my family and there has always been this pressure to set an example, to lead the way, to be an adult before you were ready to do so. I was the first to graduate high school and go on to college. Read more>>

Diana Di Dia

I came from the hospitality background of the industry. Coordinating and working with clients for special events and weddings in some of the most beautiful settings in southern California. My (now) husband was a professional photographer when we met in San Diego, and we began dating shortly thereafter. Read more>>

Julia Clarke

I’ve been teaching yoga since 2009 after spending eight years as a radio DJ. I opened Mountain Soul Yoga in Edwards, Co with my partner Georgina Baker in 2016, and I’m on faculty for the Colorado School of Yoga. I suppose you could say I got started back in Scotland when I was introduced to yoga, meditation, and Ayurveda as a child. Read more>>

Mari Geasair

Two things I absolutely love doing are supporting other women to step into the spotlight and shine and helping entrepreneurs to build businesses that thrive. And I have spent many years doing both. I literally started my first business when I was 12 years old. Read more>>

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