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Portraits of Denver

It’s more important to understand someone than to judge them. We think the first step to understanding someone is asking them the fundamental questions about who they are and how they became the person they are today. Understanding and empathy are essential building blocks for a better, more compassionate world. We’re incredibly fortunate to be able to ask these questions each week through our interview series. Below you’ll find inspiring interviews from in and around Denver.

Andy Richardson

I took a meandering route to graphic design as a profession, but it was always lingering around me. As a teenager, I would take odd jobs doing things like custom lettering for people. I wanted to do fashion design, but I thought that was a long shot. Once I landed graphic design as my major in college, it seemed like all the jobs were in web design, so that’s what I did. I worked for 8 years for an online diet company where I learned so much more than I ever had at school, but my real passion was always for the more tangible side of design. I started freelancing design in 2018. I had only been at it for a couple of months when I stumbled across a job posting from EAC Limited, looking for a designer to help with screen print and embroidery. Read more>>

Samm Diep

Hi! I’m Samm. I’m just your typical wife, mom-of-two, kombucha-brewing, bento-making organic gardener. Oh, and I happen to teach billiards professionally by day. My story? Let’s see… Where do I begin? I’m a Chinese-American immigrant. I grew up playing the violin all my life and when I was in high school I played in a strolling strings orchestra (yes, you read that correctly). We would meet for rehearsals every Wednesday night from 7:30-10:00. I may have missed a couple of rehearsals here and there with some of my older friends (who had a car and a license) and you may have found us at the all-ages pool room in town. Read more>>

Amanda Gordon

Expressing myself creatively through the arts has been an integral part of my life for as long as I can remember. I’ve been immersed in singing, dance, music, acting, and the fine arts since I was born. I went to university to become an art teacher- but then I took my first welding and metalsmithing class. I fell so deeply in love with the metal element and the alchemy of creating with it that I shifted my entire life path. From there, WILD TIDE was birthed and has been evolving since. WILD TIDE began as my line of sacred self-adornment and custom jewelry and has evolved to incorporate my music, performance arts, and mentorship. Read more>>

Ali Sugarman

I have always known helping people was part of my journey, I just didn’t know how that would look as a career. I got my BA in Psychology at the University of Kentucky but knew I didn’t want to go into research. I wanted to be in the field working intimately with humans. Trying to find something that I was passionate about, fulfilling, and could help pay the bills just didn’t seem like it was in the cards for me. When I was twenty years old, my father passed away suddenly- the same weekend one of my best friends passed from Cystic fibrosis. Needless to say, that weekend changed my life forever. In my grief journey, I came across Reiki- a form of energy healing that helped me move through some tough times. Read more>>

Taylor Sandona

I started my brand in 2012 while still living in Minneapolis. The brand originated as “Create Karma”. Starting a brand was always something I had wanted to do, and I always wanted to make sure that giving back was the backbone of the brand. Growing up, not a lot of brands cared too much about giving back and helping others, so it had been something prominent in my mind for a long time. I had no fashion or production background and learned everything on my own through trial and error with help from my manufacturers. By 2013, I had the brand in a couple of retail locations in Minneapolis. I made my move to Denver in 2013 and continued to get the brand into more retail locations. Read more>>

Holly Larson

After growing up in a happy family in the suburbs of Chicago, my career began with an undergrad psychology degree, followed by an MBA from CU Boulder. After a few years managing a local restaurant, I found my love of Sales, working 10 years for Case Logic followed by 13 years for Thule. Sports and Exercise were always a big part of my life, but it wasn’t until I signed up for a Bikini Competition, that I got excited about the fitness industry. In the summer of 2018, I attended a Women’s Mastermind seminar, hosted by Happiness Expert, Steffani Fort LeFevour. During a goal-setting exercise, I committed to getting in the best shape of my life. One of the ladies suggested a Bikini Competition as a way of achieving this goal and while I knew nothing about it, I liked it and agreed. Read more>>

Gayla Bustos

Gayla Bustos was born and raised in Reno Nevada, where she met her husband, Arron, her high school sweetheart. After graduation, Arron moved his family to Oahu, Hawaii where he served in the United States Army since 2007. In 2012, The Bustos family relocated to Colorado to further Arron’s service. Gayla became interested in physical fitness, health, and wellness. She earned several certifications in the fitness industry as a private physical trainer, yoga instructor, and sports nutritionist. In both Hawaii and Colorado, Gayla ran multiple gyms until she realized her true passion in Real Estate. As an army wife, Gayla experienced the unique challenges presented to military families regarding the VA loan and, of course, as first-time home buyers. Read more>>

D’Angelo Garza

I started getting into music at a very young age. I was only 7 years old when I started writing down rap lyrics. I used to listen to a bunch of music as a kid and told myself one day I’d become big in the rap game. I’m still keeping that flame going to this day. I would get bullied all the time in school so music was my way of escape. I grew up in an abusive household, my mother wasn’t much of a mother figure, and my father is locked up until I’m 45. So in a way, making music was something that would make me feel like I had a purpose. At 17 years old I started producing beats in HS back at Greeley Central High School in a small room in the science wing. During my off blocks, I would just make whatever. It felt great but only got better when I started writing to my beats. Read more>>

John DiGirolamo

John DiGirolamo is a critically acclaimed author, speaker, and anti-human trafficking advocate. His latest book, It’s Not About the Predator: A Parent’s Guide to Internet & Social Media Safety is a practical 30-page booklet to help keep kids safe online. The book details the predator’s playbook, grooming tactics, and specific proactive actions for parents. It also includes tips from an undercover police officer and summarizes how pornography feeds predators. John also wrote the book It’s Not About the Sex (2022), which featured stories from rural and suburban America, seeking to shine a light on and create awareness of the evils of human trafficking. Read more>>

Samantha Tenner

I have been a social worker for 8 years and helping people has always been a passion of mine. While I believe so much in the power of talk therapy, it oftentimes is what has not helped me in my own life. I tried Reiki for my trauma healing and instantly felt a release and a sensation of calm at a time when it was hard to somatically feel that for myself. I became more interested in our chakra system and even went through yoga teacher training to deepen my understanding of the body and connection to the self. The more I went to my own Reiki practitioner, the more I believed in the power of universal energy healing. Read more>>

Revati Kilaparti

Susie Wilmer and her husband Dick started the bookstore business over 30 years ago. They used to sell primarily used books as such The Book Rack until 2009 when they moved to Old Town Fort Collins. I started my work as a bookseller in 2008. Helped the store move and re-brand as Old Firehouse Books in the new location. We sell primarily new books here, host many author events and try to stay current with what the community wants to read. Bookselling and I think any small, independent business is a path full of struggle. The biggest is that online sellers can often sell books at a loss to gain customers. Luckily we are in a community that appreciates the space and service we provide for their book needs. Read more>>

Rodney Lambert

Hello, my name is Rodney Lambert I am 21 years of age located in Sterling Colorado, and have lived here my entire life, and this is my story… Growing up as a big kid, my whole life started at a very young age as my father was a single parent, and there was always a lot of tension and stress in the household. My dad worked all day and night to put food on the table and a roof over our heads. Going to school not having the nicest clothes or the richest parents, or even the nicest house also came with a lot of things such as being bullied. To cope with all of my emotions, I turned to food as I figured out that as I was shoving food down my face it made all of the problems go away, and that is when the weight started stacking on fast forward to the summer of senior year of high school, I was a whopping 420 pounds and I had a major dirtbike accident that should’ve left me paralyzed or dead and the doctors told my family to plan for my funeral. Read more>>

Lan Park

I have worked in the women’s designer fashion industry in Manhattan for over 2 decades, specifically near Times Square. The number of tourists from all over the world increased every year, but I did not see any good design souvenirs at an affordable price was in no sight. Brooklyn where I have lived for 30 years was written as ” the most creative people per capita in the world”. What have we been doing? The Air France magazine in September 2005 got me thinking and preparing for a collection of well-designed souvenirs for Brooklyn. Yes, the article on Air France magazine was about Brooklyn in an 8–9-page spread. I was so happy and excited. The actual product design and development came in 2015 when I left the fashion industry. Read more>>

Jacob Solomon

I’ve been Producing and DJing since 2012. I’ve played at The National Western Complex, Cervantes Masterpiece Ballroom, The Bluebird Theater, Temple Nightclub, Beta Nightclub, The Church Nightclub, and other sick venues. As well as holding a 2-year residency at The Lincoln St. Station and a 1-year residency at The Nativ Hotel. Thought my journey I’ve opened up to big acts including Darude, Black Tiger Sex Machine, Infected Mushroom, Arnold and Lane, Dirty South, and many more. I have original music signed to Phunk Junk, Incursion Recordings, Digital Empire Records, Peak Hour Music, and Filthy Sounds. Read more>>

Andrew Faires

We started Pasture Provisions a little over 5 years ago when I lived in western Colorado working in a different industry. While out there I became passionate about eating meat that was raised on local farms that were committed to being fully grass-fed or pasture-raised and focused on animal welfare. This led me to Parker Pastures in Gunnison, CO which was doing an amazing job raising grass-fed and finished beef on a regenerative ranch. I went out and visited them on the ranch, and phoned my old college roommate from the University of Colorado, JT Eberly, who is now my business partner. Read more>>

Sunniye Buesing

I first started taking pictures in 2015 when I started hiking in Colorado Springs. It was a way to have a good excuse to stop and catch my breath! What started as an excuse turned into a love affair by trying to capture beautiful and unique images along the trail. I did struggle along the way, especially every time I upgraded my equipment. The learning curve on modern electronics is steep! Even though it was frustrating, I am glad that I continue to learn, grow and evolve as a photographer. I am primarily known as a landscape photographer. I love to capture the beauty around me on every hike. Over the years, I have come to specialize in trying to find a unique viewpoint. Read more>>

Dylah Ray

My career has taken some winding paths, but I’ve always tried to center community building at the heart of what I do. I got to do a lot of that working at The United Nations, some non-profits, and on political campaigns. Somewhere along the way though, I got lost in both a corporate job and marriage that were deeply unsatisfying, and I lost my way for a bit. It took a global pandemic for me to look around, ground myself again in what mattered the most to me, and start fresh. During the pandemic, I kicked my longtime passion for baking up a notch and began to weave in my love for nature and gardening into my kitchen experiments. Read more>>

Alexis Saghie

My businesses came unconventionally; I had been working abroad in Paris, France right when COVID-19 hit in 2020 and was given little choice but to return to the states. My background is in humanitarian health and I was focused on working abroad in a disaster relief setting, in particular with refugees. Farm to Fingers was very unplanned, like many of the previous years had been. It came to be after my sisters and I decided to create some charcuterie for the family, socially distanced, out on the back porch. The business has grown exponentially. I’ve grown to larger than a one-person team, scaled to a full-service catering company, started my line of products called Spreads, and recently taken another leap to start my second business: Durango Picnic Co. Read more>>

Marcia Ward

My commercial photography business, The Image Maker, is perhaps the oldest commercial photography studio in Colorado. My husband Ed and I purchased the studio in 1992 from the retiring photographer Warren Blanc who began the Image Maker sometime in the 60s. Since then we have had a wild and wonderful ride keeping the business vital. We diversified the business when we expanded our wedding services offerings to include wedding officiating and in the last few years have added an art consulting component. Besides the wedding portion of the Image Maker, we specialize in the photography of fine art that includes paintings, sculptures, antiquities, weavings, pottery, etc Read more>>

Megan Sutherland

Growing up on the beach in Southern California and moving to Colorado as a young teen enjoying boat days at local reservoirs and hot springs, water in all forms has been a huge part of my life so naturally, I had to start my business off with women’s swimwear, as Colorado was seriously lacking in this department. I would say the main struggle thus far has been educating customers about sustainable fashion and quality over quantity. When I design my swimwear, I do my best to design timeless beautiful pieces with complementing silhouettes that you can wear for years. I design women’s swimwear in Colorado Springs, My pieces have been featured in boutiques in Colorado Springs and Denver, as well as pop-up events locally. We quickly created a brand that celebrates all body types, authentically. Read more>>

Kevin James Bond

I got my license in March 2016, with RE/MAX Real Estate Group. I have been with this office ever since! I had gone to college after high school but had no idea what I wanted to do. So I spent about 10 years working minimum-wage jobs and low-paying cooking jobs. I became a real estate agent because of a Craigslist ad! A team at my office was recruiting agents and had posted an ad on Craigslist. I met with the team lead, and the job appealed to me! I did my schooling and got my license shortly after. Being a real estate agent is a job where you have to put in the work. You are not working for someone else, so it’s easier to slack off or put in less effort. This is a job where consistency is very important. I’m in my 7th year of real estate now. I still really enjoy my job. The real estate market is fascinating. Now I have a family with my wife, three kids, our own house, and a nice little life. Read more>>

Meredith Connelly

I have always been enthralled with nature, the outdoors, and making space. My earliest memory of this intersection was tromping along the edge of the pond in the backyard of my childhood home to create mounds using sticks and dirt in the nearby woods. Even at this young age, I recall being interested in the small and intricate specimens I discovered outside, the wonder associated with sunlight filtering through the green leaves of a tree canopy, or the feeling of the crumbling earth in my hands. This was and is my foundation and the spirit-centric drive that guides my process, As I grew up, this never left me and I began to expand my exploration and reflection of the world through art. By age 16 I had made my first metal sculpture; by age 17 I had left American school and moved to Paris, France. Read more>>

Josie Gonzalez and Christina Herrera

“We don’t meet people by accident. They are meant to cross our paths for a reason”… Chris and Jo met back in 2009 at an Aveda Salon. They worked side by side for 7 years and then parted ways. After a year at a salon in Cherry Creek, Chris ventured out and opened Vibe in 2017. Jo came to work at Vibe after the pandemic in 2020. She then partnered with Chris as Co-owner of Vibe in 2022. ​Their Latina heritage unites them and drives them to create a diverse and inclusive environment. Both are mutually driven to work hard, knowing that is the only path to success. They want the best for each stylist they work with and are willing to support in any way they can. Read more>>

Tucker Farris

I have often reflected on “my story” such as it is and what I have found in each of my times doing so is that the story of where I have been and where I am going is not so much MY story as it is a collective web of influence, support, love, kindness, and help from others I have had the privilege to know, to love, and to learn from. Teachers are often the people in my life I think to when asking myself how I got here-that is without their caring guidance I could not do half of the things I am now doing. My teachers from Carbondale Community School instilled in me an internal compass that guides my life today. At each of the four points lies a value I try to embody in every action I perform in this world: Responsibility, Community, Social Justice, and Lifelong Learning. Read more>>

Cameron Campbell

Like many Americans during the COVID-19 pandemic, I lost almost all of my work. My full-time job is being a pilot so my industry was hit pretty dang hard. Suddenly I had an abundance of time on my hands and began to search for my next goal. This started with me creating the weekly RiNo newsletter: As a local in the neighborhood, I noticed that people were, and are, moving here from all over the world. For most, this means they have no social network to lean on and no idea where to start when it comes to finding local activities to participate in. This was how my wife and I felt when we would randomly run into road closures for huge events, on our street, a block from our house. We had no idea these were happening! Read more>>

Alexander Wilson

I was born and raised in St. Louis Missouri and went to the school of The Art Institute of Chicago, I worked as a studio assistant in Chicago for a few years, and then in a very deliberate way decided to move to Denver in 2020. Having been making work prior I was intrigued by the effect of the landscape change on the way I go about painting. The move to Colorado and the continuance of my art practice have been a joy to maintain. The negatives are outweighed by the positives, but in thinking about the start, wherein I was working in my partner and I’s second bedroom, painting on the floor. And then, selling those paintings for about 80 bucks a pop, too selling them now for thousands of dollars and having had the experience of several solo shows, being museum collected in Birmingham Alabama’s contemporary collection, and having had gone to Skowhegan all in just the last year, I’m very lucky. Read more>>

Luna Cash

I have spent a lifetime in performing arts of one kind or another; gymnastics, dance teams, and cheerleading occupied my childhood, and theatre in my adolescence. Discovering fire dancing and circus arts in my early 20s I spent nearly a decade, performing at music festivals and various music events with my first performance troupe, Tetra Incendia. In 2012 I discovered my passion for storytelling and with the help of my good friend Chelsa Joy, produced my first full-length production, Beyond the Rabbit Hole. Although my passion for performing arts is strong it can be a tough industry and my spark faded. Fast forward to the pandemic, a time when I feel we all re-evaluated what was important to us, I rekindled my love for performing when I tried pole dancing at Sankalpa Collective. Read more>>

Che Frausto

Since I was a child, I have always loved being around animals. I grew up having two wolf hybrids, a bearded dragon, snakes, and guinea pigs. I always wanted to pursue a career as a wildlife biologist. In order to follow my dream, I studied Biology/Ecology and Environmental Studies at the University of Colorado at Boulder. The summer after graduating, I worked for the US Forest Service and Bureau of Land Management in Northern California. I came to Maui in the Fall of 2014 as an Americorp Kupu intern to work with the Maui Nui Seabird Recovery Project. I instantly fell in love with the project and the seabirds, I was ecstatic when I got hired on full time with the Seabird Recovery Project as a Field Wildlife Biologist in 2015. Read more>>

Tom Blette

I have always been a creative person. As a child, I was always drawing painting, or making something artistic. I had all the regular amazing toys of the ’80s and 90’s kid Legos, GI joes, action figures, and Nintendo, But my favorite thing to play with was the milk crates under the table saw filled with all the scrap woodcuts. The End cuts, the triangles that transformed into rooftops the hole saw cuts that became wagon wheels the dowel rod chunks that became columns inside a great hall. I would build castles, my GI Joes would be transformed into Knights, and my dinosaur into a dragon. I would build a small town on a western frontier and my Lego people would fill the streets and buildings hunkered down prepared for the outlaw raiders about to attack their small town. Read more>>

Hanna Wilson

To say my journey as a photographer has been a whirlwind would be an understatement! Throughout my childhood, my dad constantly had a camera around his neck documenting my life as I grew. So it only made sense that I would follow in his footsteps and pursue a career in photography. From a young age, my dream was to be a National Geographic photographer when I grew up. I always said I never wanted to photograph portraits, I just wanted to travel the globe and photograph landscapes. Then I began second shooting weddings in high school to make some extra cash. I’ll be honest, I didn’t love it at first. Read more>>

Linda Petrie Bunch

I had an Internet Development business for 25+ years which evolved into film and the purchase of a tv studio/cable tv live show business. Along the way, I’ve become an artist and author of three children’s books. Covid hurt the Live Shot industry for Cable News with Zoom and Skype, but I had just before Covid created a studio space that could also be used by other producers, and so that helped with that struggle. I’m restless, but my paintings are calm. The sense of luminosity in my expansive, often tumultuous landscapes portray the power of nature with a calming effect, providing a unique sense of connection and reverence for dramatic lighting in the landscape. It is this connection to nature that I strive to share through painting, hoping to speak to fellow curious travelers who love spending time exploring the natural world. Read more>>

Dr. Erica Abraham

My husband and I started our mobile chiropractic practice, Axon Health, in September 2020. It was mid-pandemic and we had just quit our jobs for various reasons. We were now faced with a decision: do we find other chiropractic jobs elsewhere, or do we just jump in and start our practice? After each of us went for interviews at separate chiropractic practices, we quickly began to realize that working for someone else wasn’t for us. We decided to start our practice. The big problem was COVID. There was still a looming risk that we might get shut down or heavily restricted in our practices. We had no patients to pay our overhead. We were looking at spaces to call our clinic and the risk of taking on a brick-and-mortar practice just wasn’t sitting right with us. Read more>>

Diomira D’Agostino

In my early twenties, following an unspoken, internal call from Spirit, I began traveling to many places of power and mystery all over the world. It was as if I were answering a call or soul summons to uncover a deeper meaning to life and understand who I was and what my purpose was. During one of these pilgrimages of the soul, I underwent a profound initiation wherein I facilitated healing and liberation for the ancient faery energies and nature spirits of the land. I recount this story in depth in my recently released memoir Initiation: My Faery Soul Awakening. Following that experience, I spent many subsequent years studying, training, and mentoring with many spiritual teachers and lineages. Read more>>

Harry Glor

I’m originally from Boston, MA, and was a 4 sport Varsity athlete in high school. I then got my degree and played football at Georgetown University, before starting my career as a Sports Performance Coach. I began coaching in northeast Denver in January 2019, focusing on speed and strength development, working with college athletes, high school athletes, and even middle school and youth athletes. I also work with many wonderful adult clients looking to stay healthy and strong. In 2021, I applied to Doctor of Physical Therapy programs, but I ultimately turned down the opportunity and decided to open Primal Performance. In the end, walking away from my clients and the culture we had built together just wasn’t an option. I couldn’t be happier with this decision! Read more>>

Brooke Orist

I’ve wanted to own a bakery for as long as I can remember and have always loved cookies. A few years ago, I moved back to my home state, Colorado, and being surrounded by the support of family and friends decided to make my childhood dream come true and start a business. I knew I wanted to own a bakery where we made quality products, but I also wanted it to be more than just good cookies. I opened Sasquatch Cookies in 2017 with the hopes of it being a place that was fun, generous, and meaningful. Today we’ve grown to three locations in Colorado Springs, delivering all across our city and surrounding areas and shipping nationwide. Read more>>

Tyler Kaschke

I’m a chief lighting technician (aka gaffer) on commercial video productions in Denver and Boulder. I own a sprinter van full of lighting equipment that I bring to each project and work with a team of specialists to set up the lights on set. It hasn’t always been smooth sailing. I relocated my business from the Chicago area to the Front Range about four years ago. Freelance work is all about relationships, so I had to rebuild my professional network from scratch. A lot of time focused on emailing introductions and coffee meetings allowed me to get my foot in the door with a few production companies early on. I got lucky and found the domain name “” was available, so I get a lot of organic search engine traffic for projects as well. Read more>>

Victoria Tovar

I am Victoria Tovar, better known as Tory. I am a proud Latina born and raised here in the heart of Denver, Colorado. I have been a licensed cosmetologist for 8 years,7 years in hospitality, and going on 4 years in creating permanent Makeup. I have always had a love for anything artistic since a little girl. I seemed to always have a brush in my hand ready to paint. Amazingly, I can turn my passion into a career. The fact I get to make clients feel amazing and create art is everything to me. My goal for my business is to create a welcoming, calm, and excellent experience for each client. I want my clients to feel comfortable and at ease while sitting in my chair. Read more>>

Jennifer Ibbotson Rodriguez

The nitty gritty of my beginning is not that different from any other in my generation. Even though I was the muse of a classic country song written the weekend I was born. We are all simply riding the waves of the rippling tides set in motion more than a generation before. I just happened to be raised by a band of hippies, quite literally, at the top of the world where everyone was at Rocky Mountain High. I am a survivor of multiple traumas, including being under the towers on 9/11. I am the wife and caregiver to a recovering combat veteran of the war that began that day. I am a future-forward hypnotist who customizes 3-Step Roadmaps to empower the transformations of a lifetime. Read more>>

Katherine Hanak

After graduating from CSU, I began my career in the elementary classroom at 22. I student taught in second grade and was able to get a long-term substitute position in the third grade at the same school for the spring semester. I thought that I was prepared to go it alone, but there was most definitely a learning curve. I was responsible for 33 students (yes, back then that was a thing) and teaching all of the classroom subjects. I was so glad that I had two supportive teammates as well as my mentor teacher to help me navigate the curriculum. Little did I know that in the next 4 years, I would teach two more grade levels at three other schools because I didn’t have tenure. Read more>>

Jenny Divitto

My initial love of candles started in high school. I worked at a candle store in the mall and learned a lot of information about candles. Flash forward a few years, to my mid-thirties when I discovered that the candles I was burning caused headaches, head congestion, and at times nausea! So I set out to make myself a clean version of my favorite candles. After many failures and frustrations, I developed a formula that worked for me. Candle-making remained a hobby for many years. When the pandemic hit, my creative juices kicked into high gear, and felt called to start a business of my own. It was important to me to develop a product free of all toxic chemicals and phthalates, so you could feel good about filling your home with a safe, non-toxic, clean burning scent. Read more>>


One day I was at work back in March of 2016, and I had a lot of downtimes, I just started daydreaming. I started daydreaming about what I could become and wondering if I could do something different other than a 9 to 5. I have always been artistic, into fashion, taking photos, and music. There are several other things I love, but those are the main four categories I love. I have also always felt since I started in the working world at age 16, that I could one day manage or run my own business. I had so many ideas running threw my head. The first thing I thought about was a merchandise line, I have several pictures I have drawn from scratch. I wondered how would I get people to buy my merchandise, and I thought about YOUTUBE!! I said to myself “I will do YouTube, and my supporters will purchase my merchandise!”. Read more>>

Dan Vizzard

My mind tends to race a lot and I’ve always had trouble sitting still. So when most people talk about the chaos of working in a kitchen, I have always found it weirdly therapeutic. There’s not much else you can think about when there’s a full dining room and 20 tickets on the rail. I’ve worked in restaurants my whole life. I tend to do everything ass-backward. When I saw everyone getting out of the restaurant industry due to the COVID shutdowns, I thought it would be a really good opportunity to get in. I spent the COVID shutdowns working on business plans and doing location research for restaurants. It was a very long and hard road but we eventually found our way into the space that is currently Revival. Read more>>

Erin Delander

I started in the interior design and construction industries over a decade ago after graduating from Colorado State University. My goal was always to start my own business so a few years ago I started my own design business. Read more>>

Jonathan Keeton

I studied watercolor painting in London while in college and theater in Paris, and worked as a schoolteacher, a waiter, and an actor. I then stumbled into the beginning of computer graphics in California on one of the very first Quantel Paintbox systems. That lead to thirty years as a pioneer in digital visual effects for television, commercials, and film. I left and returned to painting landscapes and night scenes, moving eventually to Santa Fe, New Mexico, where I lived for ten years working as a full-time artist. As a result of a large (4′ x 6′) commission, I started painting in oils instead of just watercolors, and mostly paint in oils now. Read more>>

Kadija Taylor

Hi, My name is Kadija Taylor. I’m a native of Denver, Colorado. After graduating from the University of Colorado at Denver, I began my career in property management, where I spent over eleven years in affordable housing serving many disadvantaged and marginalized populations in the city. Read more>>

Kate Milford

I’m Kate. A self-identified photographer since the age of 12 when my most treasured item – a cherry red Nikon camera – was never out of reach. In my 20s, a trip to Italy seen through the eye of my camera lens sparked the idea in me to build a career in photography. An adventure to South Africa not long after focused that idea even more: to visually tell the stories of brands and people who are giving back to the world. Today, that’s what I do and it’s truly my heart and soul. As a one-woman travel, lifestyle, and brand photographer and producer for more than a decade, I LOVE constantly refining my craft so that purpose-driven brands have beautiful, elevated visuals to not only tell their stories but grow their audience, deepen their impact and make our planet a better place. Read more>>

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