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Life and Work with Savoi Ragsdale

Today we’d like to introduce you to Savoi Ragsdale.

Savoi, please share your story with us. How did you get to where you are today?
I am an author/speaker/empowerment coach. My most recently published book Rear View Reflections has earned 4.8 stars out of 5-star reader reviews on Amazon. My highly anticipated second book – Absolute Best! Change Your Mindset, Change Your Life is due out September 2019.

In my early 20’s, I desired to become a writer/author. I always loved English. Momzi taught English and so did my favorite teacher, Mr. Little in the 6th grade. He taught us how to diagram sentences. I loved it! I would take the newspaper and diagram sentences. I also loved to read. Self-help books became my favorite. I enjoyed treating what I learned as though it was homework. I loved seeing myself grow from one positive implementation to the other. I was hooked! While some friends enjoyed reading love stories, I found myself looking for the next self-help book that I would not only read, but emerse myself in.

So, I started a corporation early 80’s in honor of my desired writing business. I wanted to inspire others like I continued to be  inspired. I was so excited! I began writing and journaling almost daily. I was just exploring my new-found hobby.  Journaling is therapeutic for me. I enjoy checking in with my thoughts, my feelings, my desires and ultimately my greater self.

I am told that I am best known for my dynamic personality, encouraging speeches, and passion for life. Some of my colleagues and friends have said that my poetry, Rear View Reflections reminds them of the late American poet Maya Angelou. What an honor to even be considered in the same sentence with Ms. Angelou.

I have been a keynote speaker at the Women of Denver’s Badassery in the Boardroom event, guest speaker at Black Card Books Bookology Event, guest host on Re-Ignite Podcast, Queens Stand Up Radio as well as WMAP Radio, and a guest host on Monday Morning Motivation Podcast.

I am a fun-loving individual who embraces all of who I am and  continues to evolve to be. Simple pleasures is my motto in life. My hobbies include modeling, fashion, music, karaoke, dancing, and card games. Close friends tell me that I am the life of the party!
Raised in Longview, Texas, I currently reside in Aurora, Colorado, with my dog, Prince, who is named after The Artist.

We’re always bombarded by how great it is to pursue your passion, etc – but we’ve spoken with enough people to know that it’s not always easy. Overall, would you say things have been easy for you?
Instead of me following my dream in the ’80s, I became scared! Fear got the best of me. Every negative thought one could get, I got and then some. I really hadn’t expressed the desire to write professionally to anyone except maybe Momzi back then. It was my own little secret. By it being so, NOT doing it meant that I really hadn’t failed, you know? Life happened and I let that desire just be swept away and pushed under a rug, as though the thought, the desire, the inspiration never ever existed— poof! — Quicksand and suffocated.

In 2013, Momzi was diagnosed with cancer. I was fortunate enough to be able to be with her at all of her doctor appointments and chemo. Cancer was in remission! But then mid-December 2016, cancer returned with a vengeance. Momzi lost her battle with cancer not even a full two months after the latest diagnosis.

Losing my best friend and mother took the wind out of any sail I did have. I was numb, hurt, grieving just like all of us are after losing a loved one. It was my lowest rock bottom yet. I had lost my Dad a few years back and my seventeen-year-old dog named Latte’ a year prior to then. I now have what Brendon Burchard calls ‘mortality motivation’. Now I know that the clock is ticking. Tomorrow really isn’t promised. My loved ones may be gone, but I am still blessed to be here. I want to become ready to earn my blessing for still being here. I finally picked myself up after being down and out for many, many months grieving, and I finally got my first book published.

Ultimately,  I hit it! I hit my wall! I got fed up with me just existing and not truly living my best life. To others, it probably didn’t look that way, but only you know the fire burning inside of you. Only you know if you are playing full out or if you are holding back. You and only you know. And . . . I knew! While I was down and out, I heard three different nuggets that jumped out at me at different times:

“More of you needs to show up!” — Tony Robbins
“Strive to become the highest true expression of yourself ”— Oprah
“’ No matter who you are, all of us have something deep down inside of us that is shouting “I want to live! — Let me out!’” — T D Jakes

Mediocre, that’s who I had allowed myself to become over the years. For me, I had been riding the roller coaster of humdrum and numb enough to be okay with it, day in and day out, and before I know it, it’s Y-E-A-R-S later.

Sure, I had a few successes sprinkled in my life here and there. I have even been blessed throughout my banking and finance career to literally love most of my job(s). However, year after year consisted of mostly procrastinating regarding almost anything other than work. Of course, my motivation was, I have got to get paid, job-wise, that is. To be brutally honest, I became miserable at one of my jobs. I appeared happy, but deep down, I wasn’t. I was doing what I had to do while neglecting who I was supposed to become. Like I said earlier, only you know the fire burning inside of you. Only you know and… I knew.

Who wins? Your half-baked self or your best self? It is my desire that you will decide to soar with your best self also. Re-examine your life. Does it resemble how you imagined your life to be or no? Or did your life take on a personality or a route of its own? Are you nowhere near what you could have imagined? Maybe it’s not your entire life that needs overhauling. Maybe it’s just one area that you would like to improve upon. You know better than anyone else. The ball is in your court. It’s never too late!

For me, it was fear and later to add to that fear, death had me stuck, but what is it for you? What has you stuck in your life? If I can inspire just one person, as the many self-help books I have immersed myself over the years have done for me, it will be all worth it! This journey has felt a lot like I used to feel as a little girl — so afraid and shy that I just want to cry. Instead, I am forcing myself to go to uncharted waters in my life. I now challenge myself to live outside of my comfort zone for the rest of my journey on this earth. Will you join me? One of my last promises to Momzi was to pursue my writing and speaking passions. I went one step further and named my business after her – Michelle Nicole Enterprises, LLC.

“I was doing what I had to do while neglecting who I was supposed to become.” — Savoi Rags

Excerpt from Absolute Best! Change Your Mindset Change Your Life — due out September 2019

Book Testimonials:

“No one can do the best version of you but YOU! Mastering the mind to break the chain of your limiting beliefs is just the starting point. Savoi Rags shares her passion to empower people one step at a time, to become closer to the highest version of themselves, soaring high and reaching their dreams.”

– Author Adeline Heng of  Doing Good and Doing Well

“There’s no other way but up! Savoi Rags will not take NO for an answer in this book. What she offers will push you to stop existing and start living. Become the very best version of yourself by becoming fearless: seize the day, no more excuses. Overcome self-doubt and BREAK FREE from a mediocre life!”

-Author Elizabeth Rentz of Reinvent

So, as you know, we’re impressed with Savoi Rags – tell our readers more, for example, what you’re most proud of as a company and what sets you apart from others.
As an empowerment coach, I help others reflect in their lives and celebrate their wins no matter how small they are as well as work on the areas that may have them stuck in their lives. I resonate with clients that have already determined that they have been ‘laying low’ in their lives, instead of ‘flying high’. They have already decided that they are fed up about living on auto-pilot. They realize that they have been just ‘existing and not truly living’ their best life. It’s never too late to realize this and begin to do something about it!

I enjoy not only working with online course groups and live interactive groups, as well as keynote speaking at different businesses, organizations and groups, events, as well as on podcasts,

A few testimonials:

“Savoi is truly one of the most amazing souls I have had the pleasure of getting to know. Good leaders bring out the best in others and inspire them to be the best version of themselves. This is exactly what Savoi has done for me. She has taught me so much about listening to your body, valuing yourself, work ethics and integrity. Anyone who has the pleasure of working with her in any capacity will walk away from a better version of themselves. Thank you for being you, Savoi!” – MEAGAN SMITH

“Savoi impacted me in a positive way. She really helped me with words of encouragement and nuggets to keep going and not give in to my fears. Operating out of fear, she reminded me that I was in control of my destiny, and when operating in fear, I am out of alignment with what I truly want to accomplish.” – BRANDO PIGGUE

“Savoi has taught me that we may never be perfect in our own eyes, but we can always work towards becoming our best self. Progress, not perfection!” – CINDY GROHMAN

“The wealthiest place on the planet is the graveyard because in the graveyard we will find inventions that we were never ever exposed to, ideas, dreams that never became a reality, hopes and aspirations that were never acted upon.” – Les Brown

Are there any apps, books, podcasts or other resources that you’ve benefited from using?
I have so many favorite books, etc. A CD I use daily came from  Get the Edge (now called Ultimate Edge) program by Tony Robbins. It’s called Daily Magic –

The Strangest Secret by Earl Nightingale –

The Greatest Salesman in the World by Og Mandino

The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho

The Four Agreements by Don Miguel Ruiz

Go for No!

Rejuvenation A Wellness Guide for Men and Women by Horst Rechelbacher

Co-creating at It’s Best! By Dr. Wayne Dyer & Ester Hicks

The Seven Spiritual Laws of Success by Deepak Chopra

The Game of Life & How to Play It by Florence Scovel Shinn


Marie Forle

The Universe Has Your Back by Gabrielle Bernstein

Memorized and recited regularly- Our Deepest Fear poem by Marianne Williamson




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  • Facing Your Giants (F.E.A.R.) Face Everything And Rise  6-week Course $497, Regular price $1997 Coming soon!

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