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Meet Becca Armstrong

Today we’d like to introduce you to Becca Armstrong.

Thanks for sharing your story with us Becca. So, let’s start at the beginning and we can move on from there.
While doing my internships in two very intensive, crisis environments, I discovered how urgent people were feeling and how desperate they were to feel better. The more we talked, the more clear they were becoming about the causes of their pain; however, while their understanding about their situation and experiences were increasing, nothing was ultimately transforming in their situations and state.

I wondered if there was something more potent than talk or behavioral processes, so I asked my professors for feedback and their recommendations. They pointed me in the direction of research being done on hypnosis and other modalities that we’re able to help access the subconscious mind to create lasting healing, resources, transformation, and success.

These protocols were demonstrating profound efficacy in the healing of an abundance of mental, emotional, physical symptoms, traumas, and conditions. Impressed by the research, however extremely skeptical, I enrolled in a Counseling Clinical Hypnotherapy certification program. During that first year of study and certification, I worked with about 20 clients a week and was amazed at how successful the modalities and protocols were in helping people to heal, develop resources, transform and start thriving in their life. This first-level certification led me to decide to specialize in working at the subconscious level, so I enrolled in advanced study and certifications.

In the year 2000, at 23 years old and inspired by my entrepreneurial family and driven by the passion I have to help people heal, achieve, and thrive in their lives, I decided to go into private practice and opened up my own office where I worked with children, adolescents, adults, couples, and families.

In 2003, I started to hear from some clients whom I had worked with and helped them heal a couple of years prior. They were thriving and wondered if I’d be able to utilize some of the same resources, combined with coaching protocols, to help them accelerate their success and achieve their visions and goals for success. Inspired by this request and my desire to help people create and live a life they love, I expanded my education and added individual and business coaching to the services I provide.

Today as a Counseling Clinical Hypnotherapist, Unlicensed Psychotherapist, and Functional and Integrative Coach for individuals, businesses, and Fortune 500 companies, I specialize in helping people transform their lives into greatness. As a master coach trainer – I have trained and certified over 3000 coaches in over 130 countries.

I am trained and certified in Psychotherapy and Counseling Clinical Hypnotherapy, NLP, EMDR I & II, EFT, and PSYCH-K. I am also a certified Thinking Into Results and LifeSuccess Consultant, Dream Coach, and WHY Coach who works with children, business CEOs, or entire corporations. I served as the president of the Colorado Hypnotherapist Association 2001-2004, was an Associate Instructor for the Colorado School of Counseling and Hypnotherapy Training, and is Co-Founder of Clearing the Chaos – a drug-free curriculum for children and adults that facilitates the healing of ADD/ADHD.

I am the creator of the Cooperative Integration and Psychogenic Transformation techniques, which allow people to rewrite their subconscious within 20-minutes. I believe that any complex situation has a solution and am passionate about helping people create success in their lives and business. As a part of my mission, in addition to consulting and coaching, I am an author, international speaker, and the monthly host transformation focused membership program called, My Time to Thrive.

Living with the foundation of Universal Laws and principles for my entire life, it was an easy (and exhilarating) step to take when Bob Proctor and Sandy Gallagher asked me to develop their international consultant certification programs for Thinking Into Results and LifeSuccess Consulting, and to be the Executive Director of these programs beginning in 2010. I also worked with Marcia Wieder to bring her powerful Dream Coach Certification to the virtual training space and was the Senior Mentor for Dream Coaches.

In 2014, I authored the Individual, Family, Leadership, Business, and Corporate WHY Coach programs. I also designed and built the online certification program, and became Chief Operating Officer for the WHY Institute – helping to certify over 130 WHY Coaches worldwide. Today I provided psychotherapy for children and adults, as well as, speak, teach, coach, and conduct programs and workshops worldwide from my home office in Broomfield.

We’re always bombarded by how great it is to pursue your passion, etc – but we’ve spoken with enough people to know that it’s not always easy. Overall, would you say things have been easy for you?
I feel blessed to have been continuously inspired by my passion for helping people heal, transform, achieve, and thrive in their lives. However, I don’t think there is anything smooth about being an entrepreneur, business owner, and creating the materials and programs I have created. You have to take action before you feel ready, continue long after the initial excitement has worn off, and figure things out along the way. You have to keep going until you succeed.

I have a wonderful husband and two beautiful daughters, now ages 12 and 17. My family has always been a priority to me; so at times, it requires creativity and flexibility. I’ve stayed up countless late hours or got up before the rest of most of the world to get things done. Persistence is a gift I feel I’ve accessed within myself repetitiously. I hope to have demonstrated some resourceful skills, mindset, and attitude as a businesswoman that empowers my girls to create and achieve their dreams as they grow and experience their life.

We’d love to hear more about your work.
According to my clients, my protocols and modalities are different from traditional talk and behavioral therapy processes. I specialize in helping people heal at the causal level and work directly with them at the subconscious level to get right at the cause. Here is a link to show you more about how I work with clients: I love the results. Transformation and healing can happen as quickly as 30 seconds. I loved hearing a client tell me, “It was like 20 years of therapy in 15 minutes.” The most important thing I want clients to know is that they are designed to heal. Just like when we sprain our ankle, it heals. There is a way to heal the mental, emotional, and experiential aspects of ourselves fully and completely and it is my pleasure to help them do this.

What were you like growing up?
I was a Highly Sensitive Person and Empathic kiddo with a significantly dialed in intuition, so I often felt like the weird kid on the playground. To top off my high level of sensitivity, I was extremely bullied in 1st grade through 7th grade. I have such compassion and understanding of the turmoil and horror of bullying. As an athlete, I was able to stop the bullying and change my social experience starting in 8th grade. I learned to love myself, have faith and trust in myself, and how to build safety and trust with others.

I started skiing when I was two years old and love doing all things Coloradoans like to do outdoors. Despite the bullying and sensitivity, I was a go-getter and enjoyed creating new things. I started my first business when I was in 4th grade, renting my personal books to other students, and was given an order by the Principle of my school to stop running a business on school grounds. It was a great reflection of my business’ success, even though I stopped my book renting business as a result. Today I continue to ski and play outdoors with my daughters, husband, and friends. In 2020 my husband and I became certified to sail and Captain Sailboats up to 60 feet in length.

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