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Meet Elliott Lyons of EnVision in Cherry Creek

Today we’d like to introduce you to Elliott Lyons.

Thanks for sharing your story with us Elliott. So, let’s start at the beginning and we can move on from there.
I have always had a passion for ‘going for it’ in life, not sitting idly by, not living a life that may end in painful regrets, but living a life that you truly desire. As I continued to learn and grow, this passion expanded to empowering people to create a vision for their lives, fulfill their potential and achieve and experience their vision in reality. I bring my passion up because it is a common theme throughout my story.

Most of my career journey, in the beginning, was in sales. I was very fortunate in that the sales organizations I was a part of focused on personal growth and achieving life goals. This helped to fuel my passion and led to me developing many successful practices over my years in sales.

Towards the end of 2015, my journey leads me to mobile apps and the business of mobile apps. I am sure I came to mobile apps in my life because it satisfied my other passions for business and technology. During 2016, I began to build my first app and joined a local mobile app development company. Throughout 2016, I worked nights and weekends to continue to build mobile apps and learn how the business and market worked. During this time I created an app called Sleep Aid Fan. It is very simple – all it does is play fan noise to fall asleep to from your phone. This is for people that like fan noise when they sleep and don’t have a fan when they are traveling or it is cold out. When I started Sleep Aid Fan I thought if I could get a few thousand downloads and it could make $300/mo that would be a huge win. Now Sleep Aid Fan has over two million downloads.

During this time, I had very specific success routines meditation, affirmations, goal-based planning and I was developing my visualization practice. There are so many personal development books that discuss visualization as a powerful tool for growth and change. I had also heard numerous stories of Olympians, celebrities and business leaders using visualization to create a vision for their life and achieve the levels of success they truly desire.

So it was clear this practice would be very impactful, but when I looked for practical resources on how to use it a success tool, the market had not provided them yet. What I could find were expensive performance coaches, complicated and abstract books that are hard to get anything practical from and scattered YouTube videos and blog posts of varying quality.

In April of 2016, while at a mobile app conference in Hawaii, I had the idea to do the entrepreneurial thing and build something that had not been built yet to solve a problem I had. I knew I had to combine all my passions (and real marketing opportunity) to build the visualization app. EnVision was born and on May 29th, 2017, the company was founded.

We have now spent over two years building EnVision into what it is today. We put together an incredible content team some of the best minds in visualization, meditation and internal growth. We created over 150 different guided visualizations. Our amazing product team built an iOS app for Apple devices and then more recently released the Android app. We constantly add new features, update and improve our app for the best user experience. Our marketing team has generated over 35,000 downloads of the app all over the world. To date, we have raised $405,000 in total funding and we plan to raise another $750,000 in Q2 of 2020.

Has it been a smooth road?
The road is never smooth the whole time! The larger our goals, the more obstacles and challenges we sign up for. There have been many challenges for us along the way, but the most important challenge and opportunity we have is how to create the best, most impactful content for our users. We are constantly learning and improving and thanks to our amazing content team we have been able to create powerful tools that help create real change in people’s lives. Thank you also to those users who provide us with feedback and ways to improve. This challenge will continue to be the most important thing to focus on for us and we look forward to continuing to develop new and impactful content.

A second major challenge is a capital – funding the business. To create a successful business you need to have a good idea, with the right timing and market opportunity, and you have to execute on building that idea and bringing it to market at scale. You also have to do about 1000 other things as well, but solving these challenges is daunting enough. On top of all that you need to have to capital to do each of those things. It can be challenging to run a lean startup and balance your time between fundraising and actually building the business. We raised a seed round of $345,000 in June and plan to raise a Seed+ round in Q2 of 2020.

Please tell us about your business.
EnVision is bringing the success tool of visualization to the world through an easy to use mobile app. The app offers 150+ 10-minute audio guided visualization sessions. Visualization is a successful practice widely used by business leaders, athletes, entrepreneurs, celebrities and speakers to increase their performance, achieve their goals and create the levels of success they aspire to. It helps all of us create a vision for the life we truly want for ourselves and our loved ones. We can then use specific visualizations to empower us to make that vision a reality.

Visualization is the process of creating images within the mind. This can be as simple as picturing where you left something in your house, and as complex as experiencing yourself achieving a goal in the future. While the process of creating and picturing images within the mind may seem straightforward, if practiced effectively and systematically with the proper techniques, it can have a huge and profound effect on your productivity, performance and well-being. It can positively affect almost all areas of your life.

There is a lot more to visualizing than picturing something in your mind though, especially when we want to use it as a tool for change. It is important to use the right techniques in the right way for the outcome you are looking to achieve. EnVision is unique in how we have put these techniques together and deliver them to our users.

What we’ve done here at EnVision is took the complexity of how to use visualization to create real change in your life, maximized its effectiveness and simplified it for you through a mobile app. Instead of hiring an expensive performance coach or trying to create your practice from complicated and abstract books, all you need to do is find the EnVision content you want and press play.

Our mobile app is free and we offer free introductory content for everyone. Our Foundation Series teaches the basics of visualization and helps people began to create a vision for their life, while they focus on achieving a specific goal they set for themselves. This series is for everyone, even if you have never visualized before. We offer singles sessions that help people address specific problems or outcomes, like preparing for a public speech or resetting after a stressful morning. We also offer advanced content and techniques through our EnVision Premium subscription. We offer series like self-appreciation and productivity, as well as advanced courses on goal setting and creating the full vision for your future.

I am most proud of the messages we receive from our EnVision members. Here are a few that we have received:

“This App is Phenomenal. I’ve never cared enough about an App before to write a review, but this app more than worth taking the time to let the world know about. Finding a good guided visualization period is super hard to come by. I had been using YouTube for the longest and then finally just recorded my own but I’ve since stopped all of that because this is beyond perfect for getting you to clearly define and see your goals and creating the right frame of mind for assuring you accomplish them. This app has helped me make leaps and bounds in my life and I want the world to know that this app is the key to making anything you want to come to fruition in life”

“Envision has truly been a blessing in my life. I use it 3-5 times weekly and working towards building it into my nightly routine. I now use Envision before any major events in my life (exams, interviews, athletic performance, etc.). Highly recommend for anyone interested in leveling up their life!”

“It took me a couple of days to get into my regiment, but the App helped me stay on the task of visualizing a better me. I had two very specific goals, one physical, and one more behavior. I took them on one at a time initially but now continue to see improvement in both goals simply by applying the visualization skills I developed by using this App. Thank you Envision!”

Let’s touch on your thoughts about our city – what do you like the most and least?
To me, Denver is the perfect blend of city and nature. I am from Chicago and for me, Chicago is the best pound for pound city – but all it has is a city (and terrible winters!). So to me, Denver combines an amazing city with the mountains and you can’t get a better balance than that. I love the people of Denver because they are simply happier and nicer here. I especially love the people in the startup community. There is so much that goes into creating a successful company that to have that community around me and supporting me means so much. What I like least about the city is that we do not have a Portillo’s restaurant yet (Chicagoans know what I am talking about).


  • The mobile app is free and has free content for everyone to use and enjoy
  • We offer premium and advanced content through a mobile subscription. There are two options – $59.99 per year or $11.99 per month.

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