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Meet Ezra Stieglitz of Ezra’s Art in Fort Collins

Today we’d like to introduce you to Ezra Stieglitz.

Ezra, let’s start with your story. We’d love to hear how you got started and how the journey has been so far.
My love for art began at a young age. In preschool, we did the standard kid art. I still have one of my originals that I made in preschool. I was so proud that I had my mom keep this piece. She framed it and it has hung in my personal collection since the beginning. My nephew Silas, identified with this piece at the age of 3 and pulled it off the wall. This story makes me happy because it truly shows me that I did a good job of creating work for the correct audience at a young age. Kid has good taste, I still love this piece.

My love for art flourished under proper guidance in elementary school and some of my art focused talents were identified, my passion for drawing began. My teacher saw potential in me and what I was creating and regularly gave me extended deadlines for my pieces. In high school, we were able to choose some of our classes, I found interest and a sense of belonging in classes that were focused on the arts. During this time, I discovered many ways to strengthen my talents and a loving willingness to be open to new mediums. This is where and when my self-education in Photoshop began.

I attended a couple of different colleges before ending up at Illinois State University. I chose Illinois State because of the total amount of different mediums taught there. I ended up graduating with a Bachelor in Science with a concentration in Art, specifically sculpture. This is where I found a love for printmaking, both Intaglio and Lithography. These 2-D mediums broke down the way that I approached 3-D art. I highly encourage anyone involved in any of the arts to learn these mediums at some point. Unfortunately, I have not done any printmaking since leaving undergrad. In a sculpture class, my professor introduced a M.I.G. welder and all the proper P.P.E. to do welding. I ended up making some pretty righteous stuff. I wanted to further my education in welding, so I enrolled in a general welding class at the community college. I formed a true love for the manipulation of metal.

The next year I moved out to Colorado. I enrolled at Front Range Community College and received an Associate of Applied Science Degree for Welding Technology and seven certificates in welding. I involve welding in a lot of my sculptures and a majority of my commission work has been for welded items. In 2018 I learned how to operate and do programming for Robotic Welding. 2018 is the year I got into painting and I have been continually exploring this medium ever since.

I continue to self educate myself in Photoshop, painting, metalwork, and sculpture. I have clients in 17 states and two countries outside the United States. My work can be found on display year-round in the Rio Grande Valley in Texas and along the Front Range in Colorado. In 2016 I sold over 100 individual items. My artwork can also be seen on Season 16, Episode 11 – Girl Power Reno of House Hunters Renovation which was filmed in Denver.

Has it been a smooth road?
No. If anyone involved in the arts says that it has been a smooth road, kudos and want to exchange info?

Being part of a society where anyone and everyone is an artist because the “world is your canvas”. Cut down professional job titles much society? Anyone can bake a cake, does this make them a baker? Anyone can replace plumbing, does this make them a plumber? Anyone can stitch up a wound, does this make them a doctor?

Being asked: “What is good art?” Answering: “Whatever art you like, most people don’t even know what they like.” Then receiving dirty looks after giving my professional opinion.

Having the expectation that you HAVE to be a tortured soul or HAVE been going through something in order to make art and if you aren’t, you are doing it wrong. Why no separation of life and work, like every other profession?

Self-doubt is a problem, always.

Not having any sales opening night of a show is discouraging.

Dealing with bronze sculptors who claim they completely produced the presented work.

Please tell us more about your art, what you are currently focused on and most proud of.
I began Ezra’s Art in 2014. I am proud that my company makes art that is accessible to everyone, I offer a wide range of prices and mediums.

I love that my company offers many clients the opportunity for their first commissioned or custom artwork. I tell individuals if you have a piece of art in your head you can’t bring to fruition, I am the person to talk to. “You are the artist, I am your hands.”

I set myself apart from other artists by not giving you (the consumer/patron) some embellished fanciful anecdote of how I was feeling or me being a tortured soul when I made a piece. I will explain the process involved from beginning to end for how I created a piece. I am in the business of physical art, not poetry or personal storytelling.

I have also been trying to diversify what my business does, both selling/representing other’s artwork and trying to find new avenues of art/artists to support.

Let’s touch on your thoughts about our city – what do you like the most and least?
I love the amount of community events that occur in Colorado. You have to be a good neighbor to participate.
The amount of free activities offered out here is unreal. Coming from Illinois, I truly appreciate knowing that taxes are not being squandered. I love that Colorado has, on average, 300 days of sunshine. I love how clean the city of Denver is. I also appreciate the amount and varying types of energy this state produces.

What I like least is how tax revenue brought in from marijuana sales is not helping to pay teachers’ salaries. I also dislike the job C.D.O.T. is doing to mitigate the traffic everywhere due to population influx. I also dislike receiving falsified documents telling me that my household is using 400% more energy than my most energy-efficient neighbor, also surge pricing from the utility companies from 5 to 9 pm is some shady business.

What I hate is the trains that transport dangerous materials directly through Fort Collins. These trains dictate traffic flow and have become comical in length.


  • My paintings are acrylic and the prices are based off total square inches.
  • My metalwork pricing can fluctuate due to where/how I acquire or purchase the metal.
  • I always work within my client’s budget. I will not create something for someone without a price range to work within.
  • $12 long-stem metal roses
  • $100 long-stem metal rose bouquets

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Hannah Hovar, Ezra Stieglitz

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