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Meet Victor Teran | Master Instructor Trainer (Taekwon-Do)

We’re so pumped about our conversation with Victor Teran. Victor is a Master Instructor Trainer (Taekwon-Do) and is also a content partner. Content partners help Voyage in so many ways from spreading the word about the work that we do, sponsoring our mission and collaborating with us on content like this. Check out our conversation with Victor below.

Victor, it’s been too long since we last connected. Thanks so much for taking the time to share your thoughts with our community again. Some readers might have missed our prior conversations, so maybe you can kick things off for us with a quick intro?
My name is Victor Teran, I am an 8th degree Master Instructor Trainer in Taekwon-Do. I am a three-time Martial Arts Hall of Fame, featured in Chuck Norris’s, “Who’s Who in the Martial Arts” autobiography. Award-winning children’s book author. Served in the United States Marine Corps for 8 years, later with the Federal Law Enforcement Agency; U.S. State Department in the Diplomatic Security Service, serving in Iraq for 10.5 years.

What is new with International Taekwon-Do Academy?
On 27 February 2021, two students from the International Taekwon-Do Academy, located in Arvada Colorado; participated in the 2021 Winter U.S. National Taekwon-Do Championship. These two young team members have qualified to participate at the U.S Taekwon-Do Nationals; which will be held at the MGM in Las Vegas, from July 4th – July 10th. International Taekwon-Do Academy may be new to Arvada, but not to the art. Team Spartan have been a very successful competition team in New Jersey for over 6 years, and since their recent relocation to Colorado; Master Victor Teran, an 8th degree master instructor; who has been teaching from his private studio will be opening his training facility Spring/Summer of 2021. “My students may only be 5 years old, but they have the heart of a lion. Their hard work, dedication, tenacity and their indomitable spirit is what has helped them achieve a National recognition”. Landon Teran, a yellow belt in ITF Taekwon-Do; is the son of Victor Teran, who is the Master and owner of International Taekwon-Do Academy. Landon competed in the 6-year-old bracket, bringing home a Gold medal in patterns and a Bronze medal in board breaking. Students from the International Taekwon-Do Academy have trained countless hours, days, and weeks for the opportunity to represent their hometown of Arvada at the U.S. Nationals. Being that this is the first time representing their new home State, Landon is now recognized as a U.S. National Taekwon-Do Champion. On Independence Day, Landon Teran, Kiran Barry (Colorado) and Arya Pachpute (New Jersey) will travel to Las Vegas to participate in the following four events: Point Sparring, Olympic Sparring, Patterns and Breaking. In addition, the Colorado team will be preparing to compete at the Junior Taekwon-Do Olympics in Houston, TX this upcoming August. This awesome young team is chasing their second U.S. National Taekwon-Do Championship title 2021. Go team Spartan! If you want to be part of the team and want more information, visit

When are you opening the academy? Where is it located?
We plan to open our Academy in the Spring, early Summer 2021. Our training facility will be a state of the art training center with over 2700 sq. ft, with future expansion to facilitate all of our members. We will be located in 7517 W. 80th Avenue in Arvada.

Any events and/or competitions coming up?
Yes… We will be hosting a martial arts team trial on April 10th at 11am in Westwood Park in Arvada. Our team is also training for the U.S. National Taekwon-Do Championship that will be held at the MGM Las Vegas, NV on July 4th through the 10th. In addition, our team will be participating in the Junior Olympics that will be held in Houston, TX from August 1st through the 6th.

Any recent awards?
5-year-old team member, recently represented our new hometown of Arvada; during the Winter U.S. Nationals, bringing home a Gold medal in patterns and Bronze medal in board breaking. Another 5-year-old team member, placed 4th out of 12 competitors. Both competed in the 6 and 7 year old bracket!

What goals do you have for your students this year?
Our main goal is to continue training and learning as a team. We are as strong as the weakest link, and with hard work we will all reach our goals. There’s no “I” in team, no matter the age; everyone trains the same!

You just got promoted to 8th degree. Does it have a meaning? What’s the difference between 7th and 8th degree black belt in Taekwon-Do?
This is a very good question. Under the International Taekwon-Do Federation, we become master at 7th degree. It gives us more time (Years) to understand why we do what we do. It teaches us patience and persistence. It’s about becoming a role model. So, let’s discuss this topic… 7th Dan – SahyunNim means, master of virtue. Which is basically showing high moral standards and excellence in everything we do. That is the idea… I understand that we are not perfect, but we continue to strive for it. As a 7th degree, we have to set the example for others to emulate. There’s a long list of virtues, but I’ll name a few qualities of what a master should always practice and guide those students to do the same. Courage, generosity, ambition, patience, righteousness, wisdom, justice, kindness, love and fidelity. These virtues are examples for us to flourish. To become better humans. And the title of SahyunNim in our art, should be just that. Which it bring me to the next topic… 8th Dan – SaDoNim is now my new title. Which means, master of life, DO in Taekwon-Do means the way of life… in essence, we are still substance of learning. We are still students of life… We become the source of values and virtues, as well as social code or example for others to follow. By no means, my road will not be easy and perhaps tested in many years to come, but nonetheless it is an Honor/title/rank, I must now learn to be. It is still my duty to continue guiding my students and those who are willing to learn. It is a journey, a long practice, a search for true dedication to what we do. It is another opportunity to ground our roots deeper into the earth, so we can cultivate fruitful and strong students, not just in our academy but in life! What we do today, shapes and affects us tomorrow! Our job is to promote health and fitness, family values, and assist our parents to raise honorable dedicated human beings in our community!

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